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Honestly,I do this because I'm bored.Anyhow,the comic would be better if I had a working scanner.As it is,I only have MS Paint.But,in this case,it is the comedy that counts.I'd love for any comments.


Raj is incapable of prodcing any more art.She can find the time to write the script,but between working,the fact she no longer has a mouse but just a laptop pad,and is somewhat ill,she needs a new artist.Anyone willing to help save the comic we all once loved so dearly.

If you are interested in working with creator 'Ella' to make RMR comics once more,PM her with this.

Why you wanna be artist:
Are you able to draw regularly?:

The first artist she deems good,she will make next artist and will allow your avi or avis (if you own a mule) to join the gang in the comic.

Chapter 3: Village Greens


You know the expression "First impressions are everything."?

User Image


I so sorry it took so long.I hate myself for not being able to get back.But I am.

The first reaction to having to beat gnomes?

User Image


Remember how you had to capture those plans from that quick little blue b*****d?Or,the 'smurf gnome' as I like to call him

User Image


A drawn apology and my last stance at trying desperately to save my comic...

User Image


A halloween funny that popped into my head...

User Image

Previous chapters

Chapter 1: The Sewers

Chapter 2: Barton


1. Why'd you make this comic?
For some reason,people believe I was inspired and had some sort of epiphany and began a spectacular montage of comic strips.Wanna know the truth?I got bored and had a window of MS Paint up.

2.Does this reflect how far you are in zOMG!?
No,as a matter of fact I'm way WAY past this point.

3.How often do you update?
I try to update often,but as of late I need to work on school.So it is slow going sometimes.

4.Can my avi be in it?
Are you a nice patron of the comic and socialize among the thread?

5.Finally,why do you use that crappy MS Paint?
Because I don't have photoshop,my scanner's busted,and it just happens to be the only thing I can use.

Raj: I thought you said you were done!
Person: Just one more!
Why do the avis color scheme or style change?
Because I'm a crappy artist on MS paint.Besides,usually when a new character is introduced,it might just be a concept of what I want them to look like.

7. What the hell?!This is not the beginning!Where in the world did you come up with these quests and crap?!

THE BEGINNING IS BASED ON THE ORIGINAL.I didn't know nthey changed it until recently,but this chronicles my experience...in a way.And I have no idea what the new beginning is so I ain't gonna stress it.


List of people to be in the comic (Comics will come randomly):

1. -Rue. akugo
2. necis falx
3. Outlaw-Wolf-Pup-Plushie
4. Miki Ishikawa
5. Silly RiRi
6. dilann
7. ChibiKawaiiTenshi
8. mgeamanx

More comics will be added to the thread if it still remains active.Hope you enjoy and comments and chat is encouraged!Thank you for reading ^_^
NEW! Fan Art Section!

Raj luvs her artsies *huggles to all donors*

Thanks to all who donated ^_^


From: Black Witch of Ra

User Image
User Image

From: Ryuu-anima

From: xX_Blind_Sora_Xx
User Image --Human Raj
User Image --Normal Raj

From: Haru Glory
User Image

From: The MoonsRenewal
User Image

User Image

User Image

From: SuperStarStella
User Image

More from Black Witch of Ra:
User Image

User Image

User Image

Generously made by the fans of the thread

--From the ever so awesome Arkyron!--
(He's questing for a sinister scarf.Help the poor dude out ^_^ )

User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image



User Image


User Image

]User Image

Artist Submissions (Hoping for at least 5 artist entries before I decide,or possibly just 3 if it takes too long) :

Name: Miki Ishikawa
Why you wanna be artist: So I can at least do one thing for Raj before I go off to college- and so I can finally be in the comic having a drinking contest with the boss Gnome guy.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
^^^Totally done in a hurry and without much effort...Avatar has changed since.
Are you able to draw regularly?: No, I'm going to college so I'll probably only be a guest artist. I probably can only do two comics at the most absolutely immediately, and I'll return for spring break and can possibly do one then. And summer I'm absolutely free for drawing.

---Guest Artists---

Black Witch of Ra
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Quotable Lunatic


. . .

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Wow... That, is hilarious! Arky gives you a 10/10, and demandz moar! D<

Seriously though, great job. Very commendable. I hope it sparks into popularity. ^^ I'll help spread the word via my sig.
I'm glad you like it mrgreen

And yeah,I'm working on the next comic right now and I should have one or more posted up by the end of the day ^_^
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Distinct Warlord

Except for the comments, I'm loving your comic. It's fun. heart

This comic is so epic!

I beg you to keep doing such a great work.

That was so funny XD
thanx you guys ^_^
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Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

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`If you open your h e a r t, love opens your m i n d.`


:: tumbles off the bed laughing ::
Hehe. That's great. Though I don't understand the bird but it's still pretty funny.

"S e x alleviates t e n s i o n. L o v e c a u s e s it."
'Cause every night I will save your life

Love it. I felt the same way when Frank disappeared on me. XD
Keep going! MOAR COMIX PLZ!

And every night I will be with you

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