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This is the second time he's gone AWOL! Should we allow the "Dan" to make manga again?

Why not. I do want an update 0.88789237668161 88.8% [ 198 ]
No way. I lost faith in him long ago >:( 0.11210762331839 11.2% [ 25 ]
Total Votes:[ 223 ]
I'm going to tomorrow. Me and a friend want to test them out.
If you're on at the time i'll invite you :3
@Dan-I can try and think of one. xD;

@Pie: I can handle that. o:
As long as there's no twos involved.
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Pie: Thanks but I think I wont be zOMG-ing on Christmas day.

@ Kaku: Alright PM me if you have anything thought up.
I'm rather sleepy so I think i'm off to bed. :'D

Sweet dreams everyone!
I'll be back in the morning.
Uhh..later in the morning. (:
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Romantic Stalker

I'm rather sleepy so I think i'm off to bed. :'D

Sweet dreams everyone!
I'll be back in the morning.
Uhh..later in the morning. (:
Good night. See ya later.
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Hey Dan, I just wanted to let you know I will not be on today or tomorrow.

Today is my brother's birthday [as well as Christmas Eve] and I am going to my grandmas house. She doesn't have a computer. And tomorrow, of course, is Christmas, I am going to my cousins house. So if I do not comment or bump, please do not penalize me. :3 I will post like..100 times on friday for you.

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmahonukwanza!
Merry Christmas Eve.<3
haha to boring speach biggrin dam, so true. im afraid to get on my mules and start zomg with them because of that stupid train scene >.<
I kinda just tuned him out and clicked for dear life out of his speech. xD;

Doesn't everyone do that? XD
True. x]

Oh man. Poor guy. Talking all the time and no one caring. xD
lol I'll try and make him more credible in my manga.

that's just about the only scene he is in......threw out zomg right? i havent made it that far do to 104 error....... i basicly only get to play zomg 3 times a week if im lucky emo

Actually frank does make a return ninja

Just. Not as frank.
how often are you going to update your comic?

EDIT: nevermind
Read the front page.
Next update is Friday.
For some reason I imagine that characters starve in the game.
'Cause the pizza man never stops. D:
Inconsiderate b*****d pizza man ;_;
Coco wants his frickin pizza.
Then he will enslave the pizza man.
I bet he doesn't even have a real pizza.
I bet he's not even a pizza man!
Just a boy with a box of emptiness. D:
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I'm free from work!! Yaaaaaaay! It was horrible. gonk

What's going on here today?

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