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I don't think I could be an NPC. Gaia could get sued by Disney if I was. XD (Considering they own Star Wars and I'm a Star Wars OC.) ;3;
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Back in '07 my avatar was always dressed as my OC Damien who was a blacksmith, and I always imagined what it would be like if he was an NPC. He could have a shop that sold nothing but weapons and such, because there are lots of weapon items but it doesn't really feel like most of them are 'usable', so to speak. Poses for many guns seem limited, and the types of weapons also are rather limited in my opinion.

So yeah, that OC I think would make a great NPC, but I never dress my avatar like that OC anymore, so if there were a chance to make an NPC I'd rather be allowed to draw my NPC to enter or make a tektek instead of just entering whatever my avatar happens to look like, since I change my avatar a lot.

I'm Deadpool right now. xp
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Everyone's avatar becomes an NPC in a way, when we quit.

We can't actually become an NPC, considering it stands for "Non Player Character"

So in response to your question, no, I will not be Gaia's next NPC.
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Beast Henshin
I should be an NPC.

I could be the proprietor of a MANLY shop...

Or do beards better than Vanessa idek.

(An Official SDPlus doll would just have me as a companion pose. Ooh, it'd be neat if it changed depending on the gender of the avatar base, but that seems like a lot of work.)

The background of the shop is just Logan and Leon arm wrestling 24/7? xd
I think some users and staff would have room for you on a certain corner of their metaphorical hearts.
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Impulsive Button Pusher
Everyone's avatar becomes an NPC in a way, when we quit.

We can't actually become an NPC, considering it stands for "Non Player Character"

So in response to your question, no, I will not be Gaia's next NPC.

Fair enough!
They could give the "NPC in the making" user just an honorary NPC status so, not a real NPC but rather... NPC in title and by having perhaps one or two cameos in the comic and maybe if that far gone down the rabbit hole, possibly a shop.

Or maybe Stein's shop assistant.
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Of course I would want to, but that would mean I'd have to pick which of my lovely outfits should I wear once I win.

But to be honest, the only way I'd win the chance would be if it won the grand prize of the required 100 million Gold from Flynn's Booty and immediately blow it all on a ticket drawing to see whether or not my name gets picked out of the drawing.

That's right. I pay 100 million for only a chance to win, should someone else have the change to pony up for their own ticket.

I can dream, though...
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I can't be an NPC since I'm basically Zhivago with short hair.

But in my defense, my avatar/character existed before Zhivago. xd

You are his daddy!!!
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Yeah the only thing I would think about being an NPC is having an [NPC] tag on your name. Besides, what would they do if what they will put into a comic would be an avatar like mine? Or maybe somebody who still uses the Zombie juice, which turns you into a zombie?

xd What do you mean?
How they would explain a ninja with lightning eyes and or a polite zombie dude?

I think they wouldn't explain it, it would just be there.
Like the avatars of the ghosts from that Halloween event.
They are just there now, haunting us!
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I think I change avatars to often to become a distinct NPC.
If I did become one by a miracle, then I'd mostly likely appears on the customize page secretly stalking giving you suggestions on what items can match with the items you are using and allowing you to randomize your avatar.

Or I'll just open a shop that sells only pants. Including recolored poses from CI's
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xd I'd like to see a Kapre npc though (we already made his beard an alchemy ingredient, he wants to live near us in exchange)

xd It would be fun seeing some strange stuff happen on the trees in Barton and Gambino Isles in towns to spice things up.

As for who it could be...lots of hairy half human guy avis walking around here, I'd be darn happy if one of them is chosen
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That should be what they're raffling of for in their 100m gold sink!
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Man, I wish. But I don't have 100 mil, and even if I did, there is no guarantee that I would get it. Thus the stakes of NPCness would feel too slim to attempt such a thing.

But man. Imagining my beautiful snake head in comics, haunting people with its gloriousness would make me proud.
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I would be a horrible NPC. Other than the fact that I simply chop of the anything above the neck.. Nothing really distinguishable.
I mean there aren't any headless ones out there. But come on? Who would want a headless NPC lol Except for me that is.. Still waiting Gaia.. Still waiting..

The only RIG that would make sense for me to appear in would probably be Halloween related. Hell, if it's Sleepy Hollow then I'll be all over that. emotion_dowant
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I mean, my avatar in this form: a bitchin' cat-bird god thing who is awesome. ...But I don't know. Back during the Zurg event, some specific users were included in a manga update because of their activity in the plot and ... Well, to say that it didn't go well would be an understatement. AFAIR most of the users involved in the plot who were not (visually) included weren't upset about it, or weren't upset much. But there were lots of people who threw figurative shitstorms all over the place. The second time users (including a mule of mine) were in the manga was more subdued and got less backlash, because no one was named, I guess.

So, I suppose being an NPC would be a double-edged sword.
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I think I change avatars to often. I'd love to have an underwear shop though

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