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Usually after an MC release the items slowly trickle downwards in Price, usually cause people like it or feel like donating, filling Gaia with the same Item until the Supply overcomes the demand and pushing the price downwards.

Buts its hasnt today, its actually gone up in price. From about 14k around when they opened to 15-16k right now. Its very strange. Makes me wish I hadnt sold mine so early, these damm things are bloody popular.

August Letter and Items defying Economic Gravity? Will it hold on until the end of the month or will they be at 10k before the end of next week?

Yea, I think about everyone wants one xD They seem to be incerdibly well recieved.
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User Image User ImageIts still the first day it came out. Give it at least a week THEN it will come down like normal.
The MC artists really outdid themselves with this one, I must say :3

...*sort of questing for a book as well >>;*
Shivers right. After everyone donates and Gaia is flooded with the MCs, the prices will drop down to an acceptable prices. Give or take a week.
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    Gaia did good this time.
    I think all the Star Wars freaks are to blame, though. xD
Well thats neat. n___n MCs have only been deflating for the longest time. <33
Give it time. >.>
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They'll go down-- the marketplace is going to be flooded with the darn things before the end of next week, and they'll be down to acceptable prices by the end of the month, I'm sure.

But in the meantime, I'm taking advantage of these prices-- I only paid 10k for my letters, so I'm making a pretty tidy profit on them :3
All I know is, waiting is torture.
I know what you mean, I thought it was weird too that the MC's where set at 16K but apparently everyone wants them. Maybe I'll buy more razz
"The prices of the new 'MC' will go down soon."
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I wish they would, I sold my letter earlier today because I didn't like them, but now the GCD's worn me down and made me want a tome. Dx
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Light sabers are effing gay. rofl

I saw a Summoning Tome in the MP for 95K. O_O So absurd.
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All I can say is that I feel bad for selling mine for 11k. crying

Don't worry. Since the items are popular, tons of people will buy letters and flood the marketplace with them. The price will lower eventually. Everyone just needs to be patient. ;3

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