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Oh, you're right o__o Time for gold shop update fun~

I really hope it's not just typical swimwear ; u; I hope we get some of the old unreleased items that kept showing up in announcements, like the shawl in one of the Petit Cherie evo announcements
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I wouldn't mind some variety for the gold shop update. I know the CrossStich may be putting some new stuff soon, and it is possible they will update other shops, too.
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Maybe a skateboard item?
Not that I'd Need one, but Gaia lacks Skateboards among other things.

This! We need skateboards Gaia! scream It would be a perfect update for The Jock Strap.

As well as knee and elbow pads, and more helmets! heart
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I am hoping for a summer wear update. It can be CS or just regular GS stores honestly. As long as we get lots of colors that aren't washed down.
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I'm expecting the usual summer/beach/swimsuit theme and CrosSitch.

I would like for there to be a gold shop shoes and/or accessories update. Headbands, anklets, wristbands, belts. It seems like it's been an awful long time since either of those things happened.
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I want simple different colored, well-made t-shirts.
Like the Macy's sponsored longsleeve one, but t-shirts.
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I think it's going to be crosstitch too. I wouldn't mind some extra summer items thought :3 Lacy parasols would be awesome too~ But I doubt they would add these in a gold shop sad
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          I would love to see some summery lacey parasols as well! We can never have too many parasols! More flower crowns would be lovely too.

          I am really excited to see which original characters win for CrosStitch!

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    I totally forgot about the Gold Shop update! sweatdrop Hopefully Crosstitch...
    I want a frigging backwards cap! (Mostly in black, but I would like it alot if they had them in other colors aswell like blue/red/green....and well, white)
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    we could use more bikinis! More colours of the sequined ones.

    I hope we get recolours!

    PS I hate the PMP.

    Hate it.
    this. all of this

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