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I always make sure to check the marketplace and the graphs before I sell something.

I've noticed the increase in Marketplace trolls lately. )8<
I want my average price to be the way it is thanks.
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The average price can be a total pain. There are items out there that are worth so much more according to the average price, but they're going for less so I can't make any profit. Boo! Even when the lowest buy price is really high, if the average buy price is low, someone will come on and undercut, and it can be so frustrating!

Also, I saved and bought my NM Bustier and the Class Headphones when they were around 600k or so, and both dropped to practically nothing. = w= Not cool!
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єѕтуѕѕ єση мυттєяѕ:

Ugh, don't get me started on MP prices...


- goes and video-game-rage-gores on other computer. scream -
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This happens to me all the time! And it's never helpful when it does! I'm impatient, and it seems like I always buy items when they're high and sell items when they're low. =_=
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It's quite a shame, yes, but....Well, when you're going to buy that item, and you find the price is lower then the average buy price, it's definately a blaugh moment.

Yeah, that's true. That happened to me twice, it's definitely a WOOT! moment. lol

Wow, I figured I'd maybe get one or two replies with this topic. lol Seems like I hit on something that annoys others.
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I had a similar problem to that back in my noob days. I was going to buy a Ninja Hood and as any other Gaian, I went to Marketplace and searched "Ninja Hood". The Store Price said 2 gold but the lowest buy now price was about 10k or so. "Oh, I'll just get it for 2 gold instead of paying 10,000" I said. But, wait, what store? So I ended up getting the item through a very kind donation from my friend.
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That's cool that your friend donated it to you. 3nodding
I'm super pissed at the Monochrome Keido right now.
I sell it, thinking it won't inflate past 3.1m...

Last time I checked, its 4.5m..
And I want it back.

User Image

Damn, I wish I waited a little before I sold 3 of them.
User Image

Ugh, me too!
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Does any one know how the Marketplace Average is calculated?
From what I can tell it's just the last 24 hr that item(s) average selling price was. 24 hours isn't a Marketplace Average, its a short range trend. Please educate me if Im wrong.
A 30 day average would be much better and probably keep the prices more stable.
As with any statistic, you need to look at other bits of info before making your judgement. :]
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As I don't have the GC to buy the latest EI Bundle for the azuremella (and a couple other of the EI's being offered), I decided to go through my inventory and sell off some items that I don't use. Most aren't worth a whole lot, so you can imagine my surprise when I clicked on Lil' Gargy and read that the average marketplace price was over 1 million and rising. I was giddy with the thought that an item I've never used could bring me enough to not only get my azuremella but also leave me with enough left over to grab an item or two on my wishlist. I went from blaugh to gonk and then to scream when I went to sell it and found that the lowest buy price was 23,000! Should've known not to count my chickens before I saw the buy price. lol

So... has this ever happened to you? Is there a way fix the tease that is the average price?

I know this post is old, but theres an awesome fix to that problem
when you sell outfits, the site adds up all the averages, not the lowest price. So you can get away with selling items for like 1,000,000.
But sometimes the average is below the lowest and that's the only flaw I have with the plan.
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I say we take the Marketplace,
& push it somewhere else!
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LOL @spongebob.

That... would be catastrophic though. xD
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It's quite a shame, yes, but....Well, when you're going to buy that item, and you find the price is lower then the average buy price, it's definately a blaugh moment.

Though, when you want an item and it has a lowered average marketplace price... yet everyone lists for much much higher... waiting for someone to sell a little lower can be a challenge.

Then on top of that you have people who go into little 'wars' about price, dropping it by 50g each time someone get's lower then them. Its annoying.
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There is never a moment when this doesn't happen to SDPlus Alpha Girl
I mean WTF is this s**t?!
Look at the average price
then look at the only one listed >:c
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Its that damn AI. I've been trying to get a Meowl and the average is usually around 7 mil, but now the lowest is 20 mil. Now I'm no where near the gold I need.

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