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I've managed to get to lvl 13 without Gaia cash
This is also only my second time even opening the game
Got to level 14 and ran out of moves ; ~ ;

I really enjoy this game, but it's seriously put me to sleep, ahah. Or maybe it's just cause it's 4am.

I loved the music, it was very fun, but by time I got to level 11 I had to turn my sound off. :C I couldn't take it anymore. xD

I like how they added more moves for each new level this time around, good job Gaia! :}
very slow version of candy crush in my eyes, I will try it biggrin
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I gave this game a chance this time even though I remember
everyone complaining for the Halloween event. I should have
gave it a chance then too.. oh well. I got to level 12 without
powerups. That's where I end. I started losing brain cells
after level 7 or so.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are

level eleven atm without powerups

Same here without powerups and extra moves
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I hit level 14 (no powerups) before I ran out of matches. v.v
I made it to level 16, but I couldn't beat it to get the gun without using Gaia Cash. I don't want to spend GC on this game though. I guess I'll just have to keep trying for the gun.
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This is a nice way to work in a Halloween event. I wish I could get that hat and skirt. D:
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I'm currently on 14 without having used cash
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heart Thanks for the info and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! ^.^ heart

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This is so much easier with the extra moves per level they've added, I'm really happy with it. c:
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i got to level 15 without using gc, that was nice. now i have a belted hat. awesome! i will try again soon. it may be possible to get past level 16 after all *crosses fingers* w/o gc.
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Oh wells..This is actually my first time playing switchem o-o & I got to lvl 15 on my first try without power ups before running out of switches -.-
But one thing for thats for sure, this game is so laggy I almost fell asleep playing it xD Also, the powerups are too expensive for me :p I don't think I've ever had 99 GC on any of my 3 accounts in the past 3 years on Gaia D: poor me

I don't know if it really helps, but I always mute the sounds and music in the game -- hoping they programmed them in a way if they are "mute" they don't load which should technically make the game lag less.

Ohh really? I'll be sure to try it out then biggrin Thanks emotion_yatta
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I wish I'd bought it when it was down to 850k yesterday.
I just thought it'd keep going down for a little bit.

I was talking about the musket. It went down a bit a while ago.

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