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Wow, I just realized mi inventory is insanely organized sweatdrop I sell back or trash daily items daily or as often as I can, so they never accumulate

- animated items
- head accesories (subcategories like hats, wigs, helmets, hairpins, etc.)
- ears
- tops (robes and coats, long dresses, short dresses...)
- bottoms (pants, short skirts, long skirts...)
- stockings, legwarmers and shoes
- accesories (gloves, earrings, necklaces...)
- animals (cats, then dogs, birds...)
- holdables (umbrellas, boxes, eggs...)
- backgrounds (by style)
- weapons
- food
- instruments
- dolls
- small miscelaneous, then big miscellaneous

I... feel so creepy right now ­O_O

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I sell back the stuff I get as the next step after getting my daily chance. And I love all that free gold heart The stuff that isn't worth anything I either vend for the couple gold I can get out of it or trash if it's only worth 1g and doesn't sell anyway.

As for inventory organization, I have 15 pages of stuff and it's REALLY organized. It's not that hard to do if you just keep up on it.
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My inventory is a mess.
Idk how to organize. emo
I have 85 Amigo pants, 30 Ocean Summer Tops, and 10 Black Silk Boxers. I also have some large numbers of game items, like 7971 Brown Ink and over 80000 Tokens.

My current inventory organization is currently stuck between two modes. My old style of doing so was to group clothes by worn "sets", or groups of items I wear together. My new style is trying to organize them by clothing type. Right now, some of the sets have been taken apart or used in two groups of outfits, so there are about one dozen random groupings of items before a large number of sorta-organized clothes.

From there, I have my game items/non-wearable stuff, holiday stuff roughly organized, and a mass of junk I've picked up an never organized.

I'm working on it.
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My invo is a somewhat mess. The only order I have is

EIs (with recolors the first one)
Cash/RIG items

And then when I feel like it I arrange item sets and event items. But I have too many items and invo arranger is just too blargh to do some serious arranging to it :<
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I give my DC junk to a friend who collects them. I don't know what he does with them, he just likes those useless, redundant items.
I question those people(s sanity), I knew some one who collected trash and bugs never turning them into anything just collecting them.

I do that. .____.;

And as far as the items from DC go, I've made it a daily routine to go through them all and go straight to my inventory and sell things I don't want. Same with my mule accounts that I log onto.
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I already gave up on organizing my inventory. What's sad.
I end up selling the useless junk that is worth some gold? The rest I shove anywhere else or sell too.
I used to have a terrible influx of Amigo pants. And those swimsuits. Geez. Almost every day I got them?? This reminds me I should do a clean up on my invo.
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I don't really keep my invo organized. Usually, I just keep crap in there to have something to look at, because there's not much in there, to begin with. I only collect gold shop items, and those get released slow as hell, and I make gold even slower, so I can't fill up my inventory with as many GS items as I'd like to, so most the junk is from the DC. XD I'll usually only clean out my invo if there's an item in there I know for certain I won't ever wear or if someone gifts me a cash shop item.
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    I organized my inventory by type -- hats, tops, bottoms, etc. Every time I buy something new I organize it and I give all my Daily Chance items to a girl on my friendlist that collects trash.
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Only 14?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
No lie, after I posted that I found 3 more pairs in my storage.
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I don't bother to organize my inventory, except to move accrued alchemy components I'm not yet ready to use into storage. Daily Chance items I don't want get sold off, but otherwise, my inventory is a lump of stuff.
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If I every find that time to clean up my equip inventory, I will. Because it is messy... clogged with free stuff and clothing that I never actually wore... hmm.
My Closet isn't much better... though I did try to keep it organized by what year the event items were gathered.
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I don't organize my invo . . . as items accrue in it, that's where they stay. I used to sell extra DC items as I got them, but then I decided to let them pile up just in-case an event rolls along that calls for an item dump (usually the Christmas cheer things). It's messy, but then I don't have to look for items to buy/give away when the event starts.

Also, I have to say, I laughed quite a bit when I got the burning pile of summer tops item from the DC last week. xd
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I sell off pretty much everything I get from DC that I wont use.

I organize my inventory by colour, such fun.

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