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Who do you think will come out victorious in the finale?

Desmona - Her nefarious plans shall come to fruition! 0.125 12.5% [ 35 ]
Annise - Good always triumphs over evil! 0.11428571428571 11.4% [ 32 ]
No one - They're both gonna diieee 0.18928571428571 18.9% [ 53 ]
Mephiste. Sneaky b*****d. 0.57142857142857 57.1% [ 160 ]
Total Votes:[ 280 ]
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Fire 0ak
Master Kenshin Ryuu

Maybe his rival is Nox??? I'm not sure I got the name right, but it's the evil god Kuro is allying himself with. Seeing Mephiste show up to duke it out with him would be fun.

That would be awesome! Maybe we could even get a conclusion for the Kuro Gang storyline out of the deal too.

Yeah, the story seems to have stalled out after Christmas and nothing new has been heard.
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I like how this one finished. I personally got this because I loved the hair and it was a last minute purchase. I think this will force me to try and make a more seductive avi, I want to see someone really bring out the brown hair as I am having issues with it being so big.

Is there good cream items to match with the dress and shoes?
I am enjoying a haircut version of the black wig.

I hope we'll eventually get a REI or EI based off of Mephiste. He deserves a full-blown EI.
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Thanks for the lovely poses diagram!! I didn't know the jellybao acted like another agape. eek heart

Ahh, I'm contemplating if I should buy this. I didn't expect to like it, but I think I do now. The shoes, clothes, and the annise eyes are tempting...

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