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Art Contest: Which Entry is Best Entry?

Entry One 0.67123287671233 67.1% [ 49 ]
Entry Two 0.3013698630137 30.1% [ 22 ]
Entry Three 0.027397260273973 2.7% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 73 ]
This poll closed on March 18, 2013.
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Gamine's avatar

Tricky Treasure

Those boots are pretty hot but I'm going to wait a few evos before making up my mind.
Matty Dogars's avatar

TehChich's Husband

Healing Spirit

19,750 Points
  • Team Rina 200
  • Converting 1 item 100
  • Conventioneer 300
Lets see what we get today!
I can't wait. emotion_kirakira
d y z t o p i a's avatar

Apocalyptic Raider

16,200 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • The Wolf Within 100
  • Hive Mind 200
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

i purchased one for my mule. so far i like it but wow those feet are super small.

was hoping for big platforms, sleek, more futuristic looking, ah well i still like it. xd
kurl's avatar

Lonely Bear

I hope we get something cool today.
Winter Hue's avatar

Formal Informer

*wrings hands* Come on two wig evo~ Come oooon O u O
The Prince Soubi's avatar

Beloved Foe

User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

The boots grew on me since I tested them out again and
they don't make Soubi look as stumpy as I first thought.. XD

;3; I hope we get something awesome. Then maybe I'll have to buy
another one. I'm glad this is going to be a very good EI day.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
Sifen Yamishi's avatar

Apocalyptic Deadeye

20,100 Points
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  • Seasoned Warrior 250
  • Conventioneer 300
Coat and hair for tonight's poses.
Spyrite's avatar

Attacking Spirit

I like the coat. Slater's hair is awesome. He must be the baddie... I think. Anyway, so going to love this REI.
Jacob is awesome's avatar

Adored Sweetheart

I thgink the wig is ugly, but maybe it's just me.
I like the jacket though, but it's nothing spectacular.
StrawberryZ0mbie's avatar

Inquisitive Bibliophile

Love the hair and coat. emotion_kirakira so far, this is turning out better than I thought it would when I first saw the purple sword...

SuccuViv's avatar

Demonic Lover

That hairstyle's really really nice! C: love it so far~
I can't wait to see the girl's hairstyle * O* and maybe some punky makeup with Lucie lips > O> <333
Jessuma's avatar

Tiny Pumpkin

Nice guy hair.
Chimera Cross's avatar

Ruthless Raider

17,450 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Partygoer 500
  • Ultimate Player 200
Ooh, is Slater the antagonist? Either way, loving the guy hair. emotion_kirakira

and I like the angel wings on the back of Knox's coat. They're cute.
creme buns's avatar

Shy Baby

Both the hair and jacket look amazing. emotion_kirakira
The Prince Soubi's avatar

Beloved Foe

User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

I love that the jacket has little white wings on the back.
I always have hair in the way so it wouldn't be seen. ;3;

But if it said "PROPHET" in white on the back I would have chopped
Soubi's hair off. And I would have shat myself. LOL.

I don't use male looking hair so I am not one to judge that. I'm
glad we got another article of clothing though. I always like more
black jackets and such.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are

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