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I'd probably only tell the people I know, maybe put it in my sig. As for my stuff...maybe I'd sell it and then go buy a bunch of arts. I know for a fact my friend-whose-name-I-shall-not-drop would ask for it, but...eh, I dunno.

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I'd probably be mad and type,
"Bye Gaia!
I want all those years of wasted internet time back!"
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I probably wouldnt post anything I'd just leave, maybe pm my friends and tell them I'm leaving but thats it I dont see the need to make a big fuss.
I've been on hiatus before and I usually just kinda wander away, I don't say "I'm leaving this site." If I'm leaving it's because I'm bored, so I kinda just wind up forgetting about it for awhile.
I'd probably be really bored with Gaia or angry with it for being a sellout.

You never loved me. </3.
"I'll start up 2.0!"
Bye Gaia....it wasn't meant to last forever.
Lady's and gentlemen take my advice- pull down your pants and slide on the ice .
I'd have to:
1. Ask a mod to lock my thread.
2. Hand my guild over to someone worthwhile, who would actually take care of it.
3. Give all my items to my dearest friend, assuming they are still on at that point in time.

Then, lastly, say:

"Peace & Love Inc."

Within my charming thread.
"I hope I see you all in hell"
"I'll buy that Halo for 10k."

Chances are I'll just leave at random without knowing about it beforehand. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a reason to leave.

XD That would go down in history.
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Either I'll quote HhGttG and post one final time in the black hole that is the CB with the words:
"So long, and thanks for all the fish."
Or I'll quote Pancho Villa's last words:
"Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

If I HAD to leave, and if I had time, I'd sell all my MC's and finally do that Art contest I've been meaning to do...

Then afterward I'd post up that really raunchy Gam/Ed drawing in the GCD in the hopes to be banned and never come back, thus temptation makes me want to start again and re-earn all my stuff! sweatdrop

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