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I'm going to say that my leg is out the door but the rest of me is still on Gaia. Only reason I've been active again is for that Pony forum...

But really, I don't ever actually leave; I just lurk like a mofo'.

Speaking of GCD! Today I decided to visit and read some threads here and holy god some of ya'll just have the most fantastic avatars. I'd comment on everyone if they had commetns up~

I have my comments up.
Go ahead, tell me I'm pretty.

Yes, I have drifted from gaia before but never for long.
It's such a part of my life!
I log at least once a day and... that once could be for hours.
I can understand why some people feel they are being pushed away though.
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I've pretty much quit except to come to the GCD. Other than that I don't really do anything else on the site besides dress my avatar.
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The last year and a half I've found myself drifting away. Mostly from frustration over everything being so expensive. Even thought I've been here for so long I was never good at making gold.

Also find it hard to be interested in Gaia when I don't have any friends that still hang around.

oh and facebook. I'm on there a lot because I have a lot of cosplay friends and they all use FB to communicate.

I'm back though because I feel I can't quit Gaia after all the years I've been here and the money I've 'donated'. I usually dip out for a couple of months then come back for a couple of weeks.

yeah that was depressing. sweatdrop
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Sorry guys I couldn't get on for a while. Maybe I'm just getting frustrated with the site.
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I've been able to find myself content with my current avi for along time, so I don't mind getting rid of the rest. That way when I take a break or leave, I can always come back to something familliar. Sometimes when we return to a place, the thing that changes the most, is ourselves.
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ummm, I have become less active in guilds. I just kind of bounce around on here in between commercials or other things online. I would say I am less active, but I can't l.eave totally
I went through that years ago. I used to be super big into Gaia. Got all the MC's, beta tested ZOMG, Even worked my way to being a guild mod. Then life happened, and I just kinda fell out of it. What's hard is trying to get back into it, and with so many changes, updates, and events, it's hard to not feel "noob ish" sometimes.
I know my Gaia experience now will never compare to my Gaia experience then, but I hope it brings new experiences and friends comparable to the ones I lost when I fell out of it...
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I feal that way from time to time mostly when not much is going on... but then a new Ci or bundle comes out or something be it bad or good happens and I must vent...But alway I have friends on gaia all I vary happy to have. <3
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cąη γου нεąя τнεм‽ τнεγ’яε cοмιηġ.

вυτ ąs ι ġązε∂ ιnτo τнε vąsτηεss οf τιмε

I seem to be in a permanent state of semi-hiatus as of late.
Today is the first times I've logged on for a month or two...
I still enjoy Gaia, but I tend to get bored of it easier these days.

ι нεąя∂ τнε sουη∂ οf ∂яυмs

τнεγ’яε ιη τнε sιġηąℓ. τнεγ’яε ιη мγ нεą∂.
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I just logged in again yesterday after 16 months away sweatdrop
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I just logged in again yesterday after 16 months away sweatdrop

You sound like me earlier this year lol
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I've only been around since 09, but I've taken breaks for a couple weeks at a time, and for a few months when I had my daughter. Now I have very little free time and since Gaia has a lot more stuff to entertain me than say, Facebook, I spend a lot of my free time here.
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So lately I feel like I've been drifting away from gaia. I find myself here less and less, my funds have been depleted due to item deflation (And believe me, this doesn't help with motivation). Doing my best to get back into the swing of things though. Trying my best to get my funds back, catching up to the plot, looking at those missed items, etc. But what about you GCD? Do you ever start feeling detached from gaia? If so, what do you do about it? Do you say 'adios!' and go on hiatus? Or do you, like me, try to get back into it after so many years invested? And what about the opposite? Ever find yourself getting TO involved with Gaia? When does this usually occur for you? Events? Updates? Discuss things with me GCD!

No Spoons guys, you can all read : 3
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I can't say I ever feel like you do, but... Then again... That is one reason why I probably never will too cat_xd
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I don't get bored, I do, but it doesn't last long. mostly on Sundays where I find everything boring and go to sleep. xD
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Ah, life, that brutal thing.

I would have left Gaia long ago if it weren't for my guild and friends here. The items are nice and the plot is cool but all things I could live without, personally.

I found it exceedingly easy to leave Gaia behind for 40 days (Lent).

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