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Many may not read this due to blah balh blah... But I bought Hermes Moon 11th generation in the gAia cash shop... and it wont let me switch to different stages like it insistes it does!! Do i have to wait for my hermes to evolve or what??

Yes... as with all evolving items, if you buy one that's a later generation you only have access to that generation's current form until it's due to evolve again... and you only have access to ALL the poses once the item has finished evolving. So the first gen ones are done now, but 2nd gen onwards are still busy evolving. 3nodding
Me Llamo B
I'm just working on all the broken links and pictures, adding evryone to the fanlist and some more art, then Im done..

Bye bye thread! crying

Im thinking about doing a similiar one for the beaa, whatcha think?


O.o What is that?


I dunno what happened there! =S
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I wish I was rich enough to afford it. gonk
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I'm in love with the little moonbunny. I even changed my avie for the first time in about 8 months...
Does anyone know is Inari's Beads are by Superphi?
Does anyone know is Inari's Beads are by Superphi?

You could always ask a dev. I asked pepper-tea who made the Hermes' Moon. 4laugh You could ask pepper-tea, Meriko... *shrugs*
I love this thread heart
who drudged this old a** thread up?
who drudged this old a** thread up?
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Meee D;
Well since it was you I will let it slide 3nodding

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