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Don't play RIGs
problem solved

I have bad luck
every RIG I've ever played I've failed at
They were usually bought with cash or gifted
so I took the hint and just stopped playing
and let me tell you, I've never lost any gold gambling since

Though I guess somebody's gotta play them to pull out items
somebody with a disposable income or lots of gold though
not me
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I know the feeling. I've managed to cut it down to 1-3 bundles a month, but my account worth once went from 35 mil to less than five mil, because I was trying to win a few things from Final Reign. (Haven't gambled away that much since then. xD)
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I havent played a rig in 2 years. No point in trying in my case. Why waste a bunch of gold and get items that you cant even break even with if you tried to sell them? Losing millions on trying to win a north kitten star showed me that its not worth it. Maybe some users are just gifted with amazing rig luck, since I sure dont have any. User Image I cant afford to go on a massive rig playing spree anyway. All my money goes toward buying and selling their bundles.
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Draconic Oni
Only if I can afford it, which is rarely, and only if I'm interested in most of the items in said RIG, which is rare too, and if I do lose money/gold/etc, I just go 'whoops, fudged that one' and take my losses.
(meant to be a run on sentence)
This alllll day.
I usually don't have too much of a hard time with gambling because I don't usually have the gold/cash to spend on rigs.
But I do art whore for rigs/rig money so I definitely do gamble.

I find the casino games boring.

and IRL I'd rather buy stuff than hope to get more :
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I'm sorry to hear it. 20 million is an amount I can hardly imagine.

Tbh I never played a RIG before. The one time I purchased a RIG was for the bundle, and I haven't thought about opening it. I've never been interested in gambling on Gaia or irl.
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Fortunately no :3 I just look at the items that come out of the rigs lol
Thats a bummer Easley, I honestly don't play the rigs anymore because I've only lost with them. Now I browse through the convenient item lists and see if there's even any items I would want then just buy them off the MP with gold.
Lesson learned for me. =)
Thanks for sharing
Milk Kittea
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For the most part, no. I don't have too big of a problem gambling on Gaia.
When RIGs first came out, I think I might have overdone playing them for about a week.
I learned my lesson & swore never to do that again! xD
(Luck on Gaia is scarce for me, heh.)

But. There have been times when my Mom (who also is on Gaia) & I have fun with RIG bundles.
She'll buy a ton & we'll open them all together. She has such amazing luck & is very generous.
I'll occasionally get some gold or pretty items when this happens.
Basically, I'm only a gambler if she enables me in some way with RIGs. Hahaha.
Aww, that's sweet!
I wish my Mom's like that

Very sweet <3
I spent $20 on this rig and now I have no money for food crying
Let's starve together
I do get addicted to the RIG's because I always assume I'm going to win big, This month it payed off as I got the RIG pet, but then I got over excited and wasted another 7-8mil trying to get other nice items D;

I just need to learn when to stop xp
1 word:

Kitty Gnar-Gnar
Gambling's only fun if you win. I never win.

Really, literally, never ever. I play a RIG and I get aquarium fish.

So, no, I don't have a gambling problem.

Me too

Bit dumb if you ask me.... :<
I got 40k items from the victories
Gaia hates me
Sand Dancer Shaka
I've never gotten out of control with RIGs before personally, real life, now that's a different story- those scratch cards are a killer to me, the lure of money is too great... =___=

I enjoy the RIGs if I get to a higher level even if it isn't a win, there's nothing worse than crashing out on the first stage where the fail rate is supposed to be 10% It's always like, why is it I never get it the other way and get the small percent later on? xd

I don't begrudge it though.
I'm a terrible RL gambler too
I once played a scratch card and won 1,000.00PhP
I bought cash cards with all the money I won and ended up losing another 100.00Php

i can relate to that xD
20m is nothing talk2hand i busted 100m on rigs, tyvm
Let's BE FRIENDS!!!!!

Let's hug this out
i'm so happy I am not alone

    i used to go through RIGs like crazy. i think i've lost about 5 million from them. not as big as 20 million but.. ;;>.>

    i don't use RIGs anymore, not at all. i learned from losing. D:
Good lesson learned
That makes the 2 of us
I'll try to lose as small as 5m a month next time

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