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Want Gaian Wepones??

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I say there should be Great Swords or just really big ones.
Gaia needs weapons to figure out disputes and god moding.
vr666 - Weapons wouldn't help god-modding. Just because your avatar might be stronger than another's doesn't mean your character in a roleplay is stronger than anothers. God-modding shouldn't happen in the first place, and as soon as it does, it should be ignored and declared with reasonable accusations.

ED would be a mess if they went about solving issues via the battle system.
Weapons HAVE been technically coming into Gaia, whether you wanted them to or not. The program for Battling is still under construction, so there's really no need to make a topic on Gaia Weapons. Especially if you're going to wrongly spell the word 'Weapon' in the first place.

ED would be a mess if they went about solving issues via the battle system.

I would love to see that... 3nodding Really.
EDerOne: HA! There's 5 paragraphs in yo FACE!

EDerTwo: ... *swats with cigarette*

EDerOne has taken 14 points of fire-based damage.

EDerOne: Oh snap yo! ><
I think that they should make something along the lines of a suggestion box..if their is one could you tell me.
i want arrows!
weapons will just be another way to make your avi more like yourself, more of your own style, of course we need em'... besides, gaia is anime based, name an anime with NO weapons/violence in it...

Prince of tennis...
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Anything u can grab is a weapon, even ur lil fat brother blaugh
Don't you worry. Gaia is working on a battle system and where there's a battle, there's gotta be weapons or nobody can battle.
I shudder to think.

think wat?
I would totally be posting alot in this thread but you piss me off.

1. You should type properly
2. You put your thread title in caps
3. it's been done before.

Get a life you ******** n00b stare
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why dont they open up a weapons shop?

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