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Want Gaian Wepones??

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We should have a battle system of some sort, but that could take away from Gaia's forum text-based RP style.. Otherwise, we can use weapons to make our RPing character fantasies more like our avies >.>
yes we need we want them eek
weapons will just be another way to make your avi more like yourself, more of your own style, of course we need em'... besides, gaia is anime based, name an anime with NO weapons/violence in it...

well there is hikaru no go, but yes gaia needs weapons
OMFGWTF!!!!!!!11 WEPONES!!11

Well, with a battle system coming out sometime in the not-so-near future, we will have weapons, won't we?
Kenoe - A battle system is currently being developed by the administrators, so there will undoubtedly be 'weapons' such as swords and spears and probably pikes and such. Maybe a demonic blade or something.
We are getting a battle system, well thats what I have heard.
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I could be a hero and protect the weak 3nodding
Swords, arrows, spears...daggers, whips, guns (not my fav, but hey, they can still kill ^^), and uh...some others. Swords is what I'm hoping for most.
I really think some kind of rapier would look good with my avi. I guess they'll make one with the battle system, seeing as they've got Musketeer clothing items. I hope the whole battling thing doesn't become too big because it could give rise to a whole new elitism within Gaia. The original being the ATers. No offence, and I really don't mean to group like that, but it's all I can think of... I don't know. sweatdrop
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Yeah, Somebody was saying that the battle system, was going to be like..I forgot the term, but like FFX, but i stopped listening to people. I just wonder how long until the battle system, will be up...months possibly, and I like the idea of a cigerattes(sp?) as a weapon.
I'm more of a Gun/Magic/Bard/Fisticuffs kinda guy. Or the speedy twinblade style like from .hack ^-^
Some cool weapons that gaia should have are swords, staves, axes, boomerangs, kunai knives, sheids, talismans, and shureikens.
There are elitists in every forums on Gaia. Heck, even I admit to being like that when it comes to Barton Town (DARN YOU THREAD MISPLACERS! >< wink But that's besides the point.

Oh but it will be big. It'll become bigger than fishing, most likely. Though I do think many people will over-hype the project and eventually start complaining about it when it doesn't function completely and utterly well. :b
bokkens would be cool...
we need ninja weapons

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