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One thing we want you to be aware of is this: We've heard your feedback, and the focus moving forward will be even more towards our Gaia Online community, and working to continue maintaining and growing this amazing site. We've made the decision to put less focus on multiple game titles, and the consolidation of teams (such as Heralds of Chaos) is what happened last week. While we aren't going to say that we'll never work on other off-site projects again, the focus is back on you, our loyal Gaia community.

At first after reading this, I was like "ROCK ON BRO" but then I really thought about it. While it looks like any major game projects are off the table for now, I still don't see the company keeping a focus just on the site for long.

From what I can remember, we have the new inventory arranger being worked on, the community pages, and the summer event being developed right now. Codemonkey is also adding some of the old rooms to VH. The new alchemy system has been put to the side for now. And housing for towns 2 is going to be out "soon."

Which is all good and fine but I just feel like what is going to happen is after we get all these new things pushed out, the site is going to go back to facebook games or whatever. That could just be the multiple years of resentment since all of this started.

Will all of this really help the community feel better though? So many people have mentioned that they're quitting or stopped donating to the site. Will a promise of giving the site attention cause these users to invest their time/money into the site again? I feel like this focus might come a little too late and if they're not going to market any of it, what is the point? Yes. We all like new things but figuring out how to get new members should be part of this.

If all of these upgrades to the site happen, I'm curious to see how the zOMG and HOC communities take knowing that none of this new attention will be towards their games. I can't remember if any dev has mentioned us getting new mini games either.

edit: Other things that were mentioned and I missed are new achievements (some that are connected to zOMG) and mini games are being upgraded.
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Well it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out, there will probably quite a storm of rage either for or against all these new updates. I think its a good thing, Gaia is more then just facebook like games.
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wait ...huh... but i was thinking we are getting new mini games this summer O_O now what
i sure want to see more attention to the site but ...in the right place ..may be they will work a way around the meebo upcoming problem question
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I just want to see the facial hair system finally become a reality since they're focusing on the site. emotion_donotwant
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I agree that we need to pull in (and keep) new members. And keep the old ones, of course. Hopefully those in charge are finding good potential ways to do this.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the upcoming updates and to the summer event. I hope Gaia really does turn attention to the main site and takes a break from Facebook games and the like.
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See, because HoC is ON the main site and gives you Gaia gold and you don't have to go anywhere near Facebook to play it, I consider it an onsite game.

If they really are going to stop making a bunch of Facebook and iOS games, then that's awesome, though.
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Sounds fine to me. I honestly don't mind off-site projects, after all, branching out into different things can help a business stay alive and thrive. I just dislike the direction they went in and how... poorly things were done. Seriously, freemium FB and smartphone games were already on the way out when Gaia made the decision to get in on that, of COURSE they were going to fail!
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This is really bad news for gamer's like me who aren't interested in the forums, items or the manga.
After quitting zomg, I was searching for a place on gaia where I could go next. I got invited to play HoC and got instantly hooked. And now the main reason for me staying on the site is gone. I will probably spend less time on gaia now...nothing else to do here.
Will have to find another challenging game to play somewhere else emo
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I guess they spread themselves too thin with too many fingers in too many different pies and some of them had to turn stale.
Let's hope the result of this sort of 'back to the roots' announcement will be positive.
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❝ The game they make are cute, but they're never anything that can keep my attention long enough- or rather, they are lacking that redeeming quality.
I think the only game they came out with that I really liked what the Monster Chaos game where you would catch monsters, but it was hard to get balls back once you ran out.. so I dropped that game quickly.

They should really look into some cute games that really work if they want to work with games, other than that, they shouldn't work at making games too much if at all.
And it's good to hear they're focusing more on us. ❞
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The games that are ON the site do need to kept up. The older ones do also need an upgrade. Inventory arranger...

These are the issues I consider to be of importance as well as the constant Events and manga/what (need to finish up and/or continue existing stories too) and Gold Shop updates.

I hope they do the Alchemy update sometime this year. emotion_donotwant
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From what I read last night they are still planning to add Achievements to zOMG! (and other Gaia Games), I just hope they are the kill badge related ones..
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Well, if they do add achievements like Lei is talking about...I kinda hope they hold off on ones for the newest expansion area. For the time being. Till a way can be found to make it more accessable the most. As it stands, not everyone can devote the time to farm dark orbs to run it right. Where as the main storyline, you can play that pretty much straight and get it fine.
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I'm bummed that they have no commitment, but I'm glad they stopped catering to FB.

I hope they focus more on fixing gaia on the go app and zOMG glitches.

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