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Has anybody else noticed that Gaia just loves putting things on our heads? Especially things that don't belong there like sushi, cornucopias, or giant rainbow snails? Basically every animal item on Gaia lets you put that animal on top of your head. I'm wondering if anybody else is finds this as funny as I do. Out of the many things our avatars could potentially do with these things... we attempt to balance them on our heads.

Any input?

- What do you think the weirdest/funniest items you can put on your head are?

- Why do you think Gaia enjoys putting things on top of our heads so often?

- What do you want Gaia to adorn our caps with?
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They really like giving us multiple head poses for the Coal Sprite ninja
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xd ive always found those poses useless and weird as hell hahaha
i dont thinkive ever worn my dog or my cat on my head
ive tried with a parrot before but its not comfortable
poor avis :c
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It's okay, he doesn't weigh much, and he keeps my head warm. heart
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- What do you think the weirdest/funniest items you can put on your head are?
The sushi is odd!! Um the teacup hats are really cute and I think the weirdest thing you can have is no head at all!
- Why do you think Gaia enjoys putting things on top of our heads so often?
Its a great useable space for more colour and cute things.
- What do you want Gaia to adorn our caps with?
flowers, glitter, candy and other cute things!

The biggest part of my invo is stuff that goes on Cookie's head. I dont know why really but it just is. I love head items.
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I never liked the poses like that
They seem so bulky and awkward
Other people can pull it off
But it is not for me.

I have to say teh weirdest thing I've seen is that pudding thing
From the ticket shop
Would it not make your head sticky???
Oh and the simbiotic parasite
Yuck, head crabs
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Putting animals on your head is so... random. I mean that in the "OMG SO COOL RANDOM YAY BUNNIES CAKE PANDABEARS WITH CUPCAKES ICECREAM STEAMPUNK HIPSTERGRAM" way.

I would like to see just plain old headbands. Not with bows. Not with lace. Not in an odd spot. Just plain headbands or ribbons in plain colours.
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I like to use head poses when I want to use a companion item, but don't have anywhere else to put it. My current avatar, for example. If I had a companion on the ground, it would either get blocked by or clash with the items my avatar has. She's holding something in both hands so holding the companion wouldn't be an option since I want to keep the bag and the staff.
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Putting this snail on my head was a pretty [********] awesome decision if you ask me.
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Distinct Explorer

some people would rather not take up valuable hand pose space? Maybe that's why Gaia gives us so many opportunities to but some things we'd carry in our hands, on our head, instead?
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Now that it's mentioned, that seems really cute. My favorite is 'flower on my head' item. Followed by ramune and tapir.

I want to put a dancing tapir on the head of a dancing tapir now. User Image -runs off into the distance while doing the cha-cha-cha-
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The world of Gaia must be an interesting one with the people walking around balancing the oddest assortment of items and animals upon their skulls while trying to live their day-to-day lives.

What about jobs?
"Would you like fries with that?"
"....That cat on your head isn't going to leave fur in my food is it?"
"You wouldn't be the first."
"OH. GOD. I'm leaving."
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I don't do it, I don't have enough gold to just buy an companion to put on my head.

I would love to see an animated companion on your head like maybe a kitten yawning or a dancing little man on top of your head that would be cute.
one word...

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