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I think that these prints in the latest page of the manga belong to the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, however you want to call him.

The Devil

The cloven hoof is also traditionally associated with the Devil. In works from Shakespeare and Sir Thomas Browne the association is very close and the devil takes pains to hide or disguise the hoof.


Cloven Hooves, it has roots going back through ancient deities like Cerunnos, a Celtic God who was often represented with antlers and cloven hooves - a personification of the forces of nature, he also led the Wild Hunt, which would shriek through the woods at night with packs of vicious dogs barking flames and destroy anyone they came across. He represented the forces of nature, which could be cruel and destructive, as well as nurturing and fertile.

copied from website at bottom:
"I don't know what it is with goats. You get my goat. Old goat. Scapegoat. Bible (well, New Testament) scholars will remember Matthew 25:31-33: "the Son of Man . . . will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left," the goats presumably headed for eternal damnation. The preachers say this is because sheep are obedient whereas goats are ornery and do their own thing. Also, goats have--one must speak frankly--prominent genitals. Sheep, on the other hand . . . sheepish? Sheep to the slaughter? Sorry, babe, but I'd rather be a goat.

All that having been said, the connection between Satan and goats is indirect. The goatlike features commonly attributed to the devil derive from the Greek pastoral deity Pan, who was half man, half goat. I have here a picture of a sixth-century Coptic ivory carving of Pan, and if you take away the pipes and give him a pitchfork, you're looking at the devil, complete with cloven hooves, hairy legs, horns, and beard. Oh, and prominent genitals, too."


Just a thought. Throwing it out there. Not on here too much, but saw the thread about the prints and wanted to point it out.

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Because the inclusion of satan would be intruding on sensitivities and adding an unnecessary religious connotation, I doubt it is the devil. Or at least I don't want it to be, and I don't even follow the plot anymore.
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Not to be an entire lamo but Nyx has cloven feet so I assume they're Nyx's foot prints. The story was exiting because they keep using tactics of suspense. For instance, when the battle between Dark Elf and Vampire occurred but we saw non of it. It really would have been nice to see some or any fight scenes from that battle. (Cordell doing some fantastic slashing action ect.)
Hopeful, we Will see Nyx or Overseer, orSentinal in action But Im not very optimistic about it...
I'm sorry but that cannot be Satan's footprints.

Because he's currently residing in this toaster.

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That seems a bit extreme to assume.
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I really doubt that it's supposed to be Satan sweatdrop Though it's definitely not a stretch to say that they gave Nyx cloven feet to evoke a similar feel (being evil and all). Though they could have just as easily included it to evoke the idea of older, more animalistic gods. After all, the Gaia universe seems to be polytheistic in nature.
I'm sorry but that cannot be Satan's footprints.

Because he's currently residing in this toaster.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I love this, you made my day. lol rofl
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To add satan and the devil and whatever else you were talking about (didn't read it) would just be a little bit much for Gaia. Besides, Gaia and Nyx are greek goddess so why would they add something christian...?

EDIT: I went back to the manga, and on page 5 you can see that Nyx has some kind of hoof foot.
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♥ ♥

If it was South Park Satan then .. that would be highly
entertaining, in my opinion.

Though I'm more on the side of it being Carl. Pretty sure it's that
Nyx guy though. But I'd like it if it was Carl. He's more badass than
Satan or Nyx.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Hey everyone lets make crazy over thought idea's about what it means! Yes exactly sounds like a plan.

God i love the Manga. emotion_awesome
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does that mean this music would be appropriate?
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. Besides, Gaia and Nyx are greek goddess so why would they add something christian...?

EDIT: I went back to the manga, and on page 5 you can see that Nyx has some kind of hoof foot.

Well, they kind of have -- Overseer and the Sentinel sorta represent our God and Satan, although they're currently powerless and earthbound in the story, and the implication has always been that they're newcomers to the game, and there are bigger, badder Godthings then them out there.

Anyways, it's freaking Carl, who we've always known there's something ******** up about.
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Krampus also has cloven hooves.

What's wrong with the devil anyway?
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Either Satan or someone pissed off Mr. Tumnus!
Could be Pan...

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