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hmm... neutral
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sooo is this gonna be a one page a day thing. Kinda hard to discuss a manga just off the Akatsuki looking art >.<

me gusta Nicu dramallama
yall can't have my Nicu D:<
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whoa! i cant wait for the second page!! whee
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knowing what poeple say it gots 2 b good and the way it looks but u never know all of us will find out hope its just as good as people say it is (as good at it look on first page) tohru is out PEACE User Image
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    Reserving judgment for when the rest comes out . . .
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I love the cover art.
Sorry Reaper, but Ethe did a great job.

I like the more somber and mature looking Gino. Can't wait to see where this all leads.
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Whatever happened to the best character???? (Ladyhands) LIAM stare
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You know why Lady Hands is the best character?

Cause he's the one male character with a different body-type.

Good job o_8, you know your character designing.

It's okay Reapersun, keep trying. I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually.
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their outfits are like the akatsuki's but orange -.-

o.O those aren't outfits u twit thats a branch with leaves on it... xd
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Meili is cool (x
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I'm just glad the cover page of "Beast" makes the male characters look less... Goobly.

(Goobly: (n) A word I just made up meaning cartoonish, made-of-gelatin, or generally not flattering to a thing's character. Pronounced GOOB-lee)
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I care so much
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nice art it looks good
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Overdressing is a sign of insecurity.

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