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It had been a few days since Zodia and Naga had been at the tavern. There was something about this place that drew her to it. Coming up to the doors of the establishment, she takes in a deep breath before looking to Naga who had chirped at her. She nods softly and reaches for the door. Once she pulled it toward her, she slips in and allows the door to shut behind her. She stands there for a few moments, allowing her eyes adjust to the change of lights. Sighing softly to the chirping once more that came from Naga, she wanders toward the bar. Once she picked her seat, she sits down, looking about for anyone to be around.
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[Guess what has two thumbs and a newly repaired computer? Give up? *points to self with thumbs* This guy!]
(Haha, Nice Morgan.)
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I wont give up on you...

Shinsuke sighed as he stared at the sky, seemingly counting clouds from the spot he had stolen on the roof the tavern. He smiled to himself then, remembering that he used to sit on this roof with Cassidy.

"your wasting your time shun." the words played through his head, making him frown as he closed his eyes.

((meh post))

So don't give up on me...

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