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Ancient mythology *A*?
I hope it's something gorgeeous *always thinks of Greece and Rome*
That or slightly horror related since it's Halloween XD

Swampy folklore on the other hand....the swamp thing? gonk

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Oh my god X_X!!
its the "fun fact" true?
oh my god X_X Dernier*Cri does have customers, i would say "take that SF" ;P
im so excited, we have been so spoilt lately xD

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Wow, I didn't have the less idea that so many people had bought the Dernier*Cri items User Image That's really excelent!
And now I'm excited for the MCs... might buy another letter.

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I've already kinda joined one of the cults I s'pose. Dx
Let's just hope they don't gut me if I change sides.

As far as the MC's go, if not for Orindae I'd say frog prince.
Looking forward to 'em as always!
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Wow. Seems like an awesome event so far.
*goes and buys letters*
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I bought two letters after reading this. It's so easy to lose gold here.

And I love cults heart
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I'm so excited for all of this!! <3 AH.
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OMG I can't wait for the Halloween Event x3
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Can't wait for the event!
Mythology as an MC concept sounds cool.
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I can't wait for the event.

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Cant wait!
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o 3o; Why am I thinking Grendel for the MCs?

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