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Like OMIGAAAAWWD, I have a HUGE Hangover from Friday and Saturrrrdddaaaay. -hic.-
No more partying for meeeeee..but I'll just have a few more drinks today, maybe one. <3
Bring me another drink...wait...he's gone, --shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit son-- he better get me my shot of whiskey.
So anyways.
I-unno, I'm still poundin' them drinks boo....ya'know what I'm sayin'? -HIC-
Ohh lookie-huuuurrrr, my favorite sooonnggggg<3
-In a drunken slur, she attempted the fist pumping, making an 'x' with her arms and pumping them into the air. After a while, and a few more drinks, she was seen sprawled out on a couch. In an unflattering position, she smelled like cigarettes, booze, and lots and lots of guilt/regret of the night before. It was a terrible smell, but there was one thing known about what this party had done to her. Once she was out, this party was over.-