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I am having the same problem. My main is having this problem and my mule has been hacked... So now I have 3 accounts. Oh Boy!

Internet Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox
Do you have remember me turned on: Never, that got me hacked the last time I had it on. So I always type my password in myself. And I know its right. Its the same as my Maple password and I can log in to there just fine.
Do you have any password autofiller on?: Never, as previously stated, I always type my password in myself.'

My main is ProperGamer, and I would love to get him back.
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my previous account Tora123124 seems to be having this issue. I try having my password sent to me, but it tells me that no account under that e-mail exists, then when i try to register an account under that e-mail, it says there is already an account registered. it wont let me log in using my facebook account either. please help, i want to go back to my old account

Internet Browser: Internet Explorer
Do you have remember me turned on: Nope, my sisters share a computer with me
Do you have any password autofiller on?: no like i said, i share a computer with my sisters.

Please get my old account back to me, i miss her T.T
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i have a problem with hackers
I've been trying all day on my main account! I kept getting the "Wrong log in!"

-I use Firefox
-I do have autofill on.
-I checked "remember me"
-I changed my password yesterday, and wrote it down, so I know it's right...
-I keep getting the "No email of this exists" thing too when I ask for my password.
-I'm the only one who uses my computer.

But, I checked my main account, and my name's been changed, and all my stuff appears to be gone! I don't know if this is a hack, or if it's another glitch.

The name of my main account was Minerva de Sade, but it got changed to KLN6S.

Is this a byproduct of the glitch?

I have filled out a hack report, just in case.
I am having a similar problem.

I have not been on Gaia in a few years, the other day I logged into my 2 accounts (this and another) and it asked me to confirm my emails. Well last time I was "here" I was registered and they were both under the same email, so I confirmed this account first at the shared email, changed my password for safety, and then proceeded to log into the second account. Again I changed this password and then tried to confirm the shared email. The site wouldn't allow the shared email.

So I re-logged onto this profile account and changed my email-confirmed the change, then tried to go back and confirm the old email on the other account to no avail. The site wouldn't send a confirmation email. So I logged off and figured I'd wait a while and came back onto this account.

Now I can't log back into my other account, I don't know if its password related (because I might have mistyped when I changed it), because I can't send myself an email it says "no account under that email" or something of that sort. Every time I try to log in with the other account I keep getting invalid messages.

- which browser are you using?
I primarily use Firefox 3.6.3, but I switched to Internet Explorer 8 because I was worried it was a Firefox problem.

- do you have "Remember Me" turned on?
No, not on either browser.

- do you have any sort of password auto fill turned on in your browser?
No, not on either browser for this website.
We're trying to track down this bug and haven't had much luck getting a reproducible case, so I'm hoping that someone on Site Feedback will be able to help me out.

Basically, it looks like some people are having problems with the "Forgot Your Login?" The problematic symptom seems to be:

- you ask for your password to be sent
- you click on the link in the e-mail
- it asks you to enter your password, and then confirm it
- when you try to submit, it says "invalid key"

I would love to find someone that is getting this consistently on one of their accounts; if you get this, please respond below and tell me:

- which browser are you using?
- do you have "Remember Me" turned on?
- do you have any sort of password autofill turned on in your browser?


My friend has tryed to log in one day and it said it was incorrect. She changed her password and it didn't work. She made about 3 new accounts and none of them have worked. Sorry, but I don't know any of the answers for the questions. sweatdrop Some of her usernames are mistthewolf, californiaartist,fwsmist, and some other ones. I tried to do it for her, but it said something like, "Nice Try". sweatdrop
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just posting 4 gold dont mind me
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- Firefox
- Yes, but its not the right info remembered ;<
- I dont think so

Yes I get this constantly, and it annoys me


Password autofill:Yes
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Hey I need help right now, I'm using my brother's account right now, and I can't access my original account, can you send my information to this email, eliparto@gmail.com, and my username is 11Double Swords11. Once you read and memorize this, can you delete this to keep my privacy.
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My problem is mostly plain forgotfullness. I forgot my password, so I went through the "Forgot login" and put in my email. I have done this several times and nothing. Only logging in from facebook for now. My email still gets news updates, etc., but no password change.
- Internet Explorer 8
-Remember me = No
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Hi,i hope you can help.i have made tickets but thay never reply,thay say 7 days someone told me to wate 3weeks. it's been longer than that for the first one;I've had an issue for a long time... I just can't remember my password for my main avi..katnoi @ the e-mail that i used was shut down so i cant even send myself a e-mail,yes it was stuiped to pay for e-mail when you can get it free..but at the time i did not know this..computer stuiped,thats me.. Haven't been able to for a long time now.. She still has some of my good items too.... Atleast.. I think she does unless she got hacked.. .it been almost a year ,i relly miss this acount... =( ..................................(katnoi is my original char.)please help.. crying

oop's sorry;Browser:internet exsplorer 8
Remember-me: no never
Password autofill: no never

i have no problems loging on but i made a post with other prob,s...
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Using - Google Chrome and Firefox

Remember Me - Off

Autofill - On


What went wrong.
I tried logging in to my main (Oo Leo oO) but it said "Oops wrong username or password" so I reset my password with my email. I set it all up and it said "Now try logging in with your new password" so I tried and then the " Oops Wrong username or password" thing came up again...

I think there is something wrong with my username (Oo Leo oO) and that is what is causing the problem.

If you can can you change my mains username to something else?
(Preferably then sending the new name in a PM or posting it in a reply)


I am the owner of Oo Leo oO.
I have never hacked, and never will.
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...... nope
1. internet explorer, firefox, chrome all of them didnt work until just know and i tried on all 3 of my accoutns.
2. none of them have it
3. only on the chrome

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