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For boys:

5) Zidane
4) Tidus
3) Auron
2) Cid
1) Vincent

For Girls:

5) Riona
4) Terra
3) Aerith
2) Yuna
1) Claire ((It's Lightning's real name. Look it up!))
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Aerith. I would name a child Aerith.
Irvine Kinneas is a badass game.
- zanical
Irvine Kinneas is a badass game.

game? i assume u mean name....
but yeah irvine is kinda cool
Irvine is so pimp, he has his own game.

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>MFW There is no Wedge or Biggs in the list
You start new family tradition,
Name your son Wedge or Biggs,
and tell him he must name is son the other,
(if your son is wedge, your grandson biggs and so on)
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Not necessarily. Names are names, and it's up to you to name your children. I don't think it's wrong at all to name your children after someone else, fiction or non-fiction. Some parents choose to name their children after something that had a great effect on them. I'm pretty sure that the parents who would be naming would love their children just the same and possibly even more if it reminded them of something they care for.

I would name my son Delita
or my daugther Ovelia

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Delita and Ovelia respectively =)
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but other than that I don't know because don't get me wrong it would be neat being able to call your child your favorite character. However knowing that they have to go through school with that name.. it makes me think other wise. '^' although if I didn't worry about that I would totally name my daughter Yuffie and my son Squall.
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My boyfriend actually loves the name Ramza due to a personal experience, and Tactics is my favorite game of all time, so it works out. I actually love the names Alma, Ovelia, and Freya for girls. As far as boys, Irvine, Auron, and Vincent are all good.
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For daughters:

For son:
Dr Geo
I work with a guy who named his son Auron.

That little guy is awesome.

I'm thinking of naming my future offspring Auron, Jecht and Braska.

that's if there's 3 of them, and they are male.

unfortunately, "Braska Belcher" sounds kinda stupid.

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