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Fidelis Noctua
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I've had this game for like ever and I -STILL- to this day cannot unlock Feral Chaos. I just suck too horribly at this game I guess. Still love it regardless though. xD

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lvl 100 yuna with the bahamut hp attack is an effective way to pull off a victory against feral chaos. wink
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If I weren't so lazy to train her I would. xD All the characters from the first Dissidia are 100, while the newcomers are still pretty low. |D;;; But I'll have to keep that in mind when I decide to tackle him finally.

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Tis a fun game to play. I love beating Kefka up so much. Sometimes I will spend hours with different characters making that stupid clown miserable.

My favorite good guy characters to play as:


Favorite bad guys:


That Jump spam was annoying but it is only a one hit move and I found it easy to evade. Now Cloud of Darkness and her multi-hitting attacks.. grrrrrr. *Rage* *sleep* *Rage some more*
Honestly, it's more fun to play as Kefka. Though I don't understand why I get satisfaction in playing as Sephiroth, and beating Onion Knight to a pulp...
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So, Dissidia [duodecim] 012 Final Fantasy came out yesterday - so a lot of people must've gotten and played it by now.

To those who haven't heard of the game, here are the main differences (really, I don't know all of them):

-Five new story characters: Vaan (FFXII), Yuna (FFX), Lightning (FFXIII), Tifa (FFVII), Laguna (FFVIII).
-Two new secret characters: Gilgamesh (FFV), Prishe (FFXI)
-Gabranth and Shantotto are unlockable from the start for 100PP each
-Each character has 2 Alternate Costumes - so (for example) Cloud has his standard Final Fantasy VII attire, his Advent Children attire, the original concept design and - for those who preordered the game through Game Stop - his Kingdom Hearts I attire.
-The new assist system - allowing you to "summon" a character to aide you in battle.
-A new party system - that allows you to swap out one character with another in your party. Say Yuna is defeated, she is swapped out with Tidus and the battle continues from where she left off.
-There is now an open world to explore in story mode.
-You can transfer your save game data from Dissidia Final Fantasy (such as characters unlocked, levels and abilities) to your Duodecim game.
-If you have save game data from Dissidia [duodecim] 012 Prologus Final Fantasy and transfer the data from that, you get Aerith as an assist character.
-New abilities (such as Ragnarok Blade (Laguna's ability) for Bartz).
-EX Revenge (when you are taking damage and your EX Gauge is full, it will slow down the opponent for 6 seconds - or when you hit them with a HP attack)
-New stages (such as Orphan's Cradle from Final Fantasy XIII and the Sky Fortress Bahamut from Final Fantasy XII)
-EX Cores don't give fill the EX Gauge as much as they used to (a "full" EX Core now only fills the EX Gauge half of the way)
-New Round-Robin battles in Quick Battle involving parties you form.

I know about one more character - but I really don't want to spoil it.

So, what do you guys think about the game so far? I find it epic beyond epic. I love playing as Tifa and whooping Cloud's butt XD It's also fun playing as Yuna and Lightning. Laguna's attacks are pretty decent and I have yet to play as Kain.

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Thanks to Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy everyone is supporting Vaan X Terra shipping even me. I wish I have a psp and this game.
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Really? Vaan and Terra? I liked it as Onion Knight and Terra.
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Yep I even read a fanfic were Terra starts to remember Vaan who she loved and Cosmos after the battle sends her to Vaan's world.
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Interesting to say the least.
@Billie Jean
Well, since the game's been out for a long time, I think it's safe to say that Feral Chaos is a playable character if you beat him. I haven't actually completed the labyrinth yet - and I just barely defeated the mannequin - but he has a boss theme song. "Cantata Mortis and God in Fire" is awesome. I thought Chaos and Cosmos were amazing, but that song just beats them all.

@About the shipping

I can see how people would ship Vaan and Terra, and Onion Knight and Terra, but I see Onion Knight and Terra as siblings, not a romantic relationship.
I think Vaan and Terra is interesting...but I'm more of a fan of Cloud and Terra.
Then again, I also really like Firion and Lightning. In some of the side stories, I swear I saw something growing between those two.
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I love the game. The labyrinth mode is a big feature. The game has so much content

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