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i remember playing this game when i was in high school.. i used to go to my favorite rental shop almost everyday just to play this game biggrin

my favorite characters were Bakuryu, Long and Shenlong biggrin .. RAWR!
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Simply put, Long (first and second games) was the tits.
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ℜinny says: I loved Bloody Roar 1 an Primal fury. Never played 2 though. I hated Bloody Roar 3.
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I remember it! Blood Roar 4 was probably the only game I played. Nagi and Uriko were my favorite characters.
just got bloody roar 2 on playstation network! busuzima is the only one I play as! great game!
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I love that series. They should bring Fox back. I miss him. crying
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I downloaded bloody roar 2 on my ps3 xD still a fun game
bakuryus my favorite....and always will be >_>
I love Bloody Roar and i have them all. Bloody Roar II, 3, Primal Fury are the best one's. The first and fourth are terrible.(Please don't get me started on 4 rolleyes ) I'm not saying the first is terrible because they upgraded with sequels, it just had too many typical errors and corny endings that did not give you the opportunity to read the subtitles. I'd love to see this series come back, possibly a reboot.
the last character i ever used in a bloody roar game was reiji the crow. xp
One of the most balanced fighting games ever imo.

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