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Dear Gaia artists

I hope that you all still remember that you were suppose to post 3 new moga evos on the existing mogas. PLEASE don't tell us that you all are just concentrating on the biweekly chance item mogas only... You are just going to make people think that you all just wanted to get people to use moga cash for new mogas...

On the topic, most of the existing moga evos are such great art. My favourite one would be Sagithor. If the artist who created Sagithor is reading, great job on creating my favourite mythological creature. If you would pardon me, I would like to suggest a second level evo for knightaur complete with description and story:

One day, a trio of Sagithor brothers were strolling in a forest when suddenly a glowing emerald green meteor struck on them. When "they' woke up, "they" found that they have fused together into this image: a centaur with three pair of arms. "they" are now him only. He had 3x intelligent, 3x the muscle mass, the flames that exist were 3x hotter. With such a muscular body, no armours could be worn which will break with each flex of a muscle, letting us to see those bulging sinewy muscles on such magnificient body. Althogh he had become 3x stronger, he's much more cool-headed and for the first time we're able to his handsome face. His spiky hair now glows bluish green, the horse's fur now glows in an intense bluish white while the tribal tattoos now glows in green. Bear in mind that these colours represent the star colours which are extremely hotter than red. Such a creature made us feel so vulnerable in front of him (thus special ability is vulnerability). But do not to put up a fight with him. because all his six arms can both defend and attack at the same time (thus a balance moga). He might even contains poison on his body because of that mutation (thus random ability is poison trap or poison or disease or shield of thorns). But all in all, he's just a truely centaur and like his zodiac sagittarius, likes to be a free spirit.

This is what I imagine about sagithor getting evolve into. Hope the artist could consider this design.

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