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Shigure eased himself into an old wicker chair and sighed, leaning his head back. He was starting to get old, and was forty. Akito, his long-time partner came in to greet him. Then she stopped.
I know that look. She thought uneasily.
Shigure had a smile smile playing across his lips.
“What happened?” Asked Akito.
Shigure didn’t answer at first.
“Nana had her baby.” He said.
Akito’s heart froze. Nanna had been pregnant for seven months.
“Boy or girl?” whispered Akito.
“Boy.” Answered Shigure.
He looked Akito in the eye.
“And would you believe when the doctor handed him to Nana he turned into a baby monkey?”

Cursed people
Return of the sohma family curse of the zodiac

“Y-yes… I understand. I’ll tell him right away.” Tohru Sohma put down the phone, her heart pounding. But HOW?! She wondered in anguish.
“Kyo-kun?” she called.
A moment later, her husband, Kyo, appeared in the hall before her. He took her hand, brow furrowed.
“You’re worried.” He said quietly.
“That was Isuzu-san.” She said quietly.
“What, is Haru hurt or something?” Kyo relaxed. “I wouldn’t worry, he’s a fast healer.”
Tohru shook her head. “No. It’s not like that. No one’s hurt, but…”
Suddenly Tohru gripped Kyo’s hands tightly.
“I-it’s…Nana Sohma has given birth to a child who becomes an animal!”
Kyo stared in absolute shock. The atmosphere in the hall changed drastically.
Kyo tried to cheer Tohru up. “At least we don’t have anything to worry about.”
They had one son, Kazuma, named after Kyo’s adoptive father.
Tohru said nothing and looked down. Their gold and white cat butted it’s head on Tohru’s calf. She picked him up, still refusing to look at Kyo.
Tohru finally looked Kyo in the face. She looked near to tears. He stared at her, a sudden overwhelming fear overtook him. He held tightly to Tohru, very, very, afraid.

“I thought I would come to you on the matter.” He explained.
Kureno nodded.
Yuki stood before him, staring out the window that dominated the wall of Kureno’s office.
“If Machi or Uotani-san were to become involved with the curse…” Yuki left the thought unfinished.
“What about Ritsu?” asked Kureno. “After all, Mii-chan would probably have a harder time with this than either Arisa or Machi-chan.”
Yuki turned to Kureno. “That did occur to me, but I don’t think Ritsu or Mii are planning on having children.”
Kureno looked at Yuki. “And you assumed Arisa and I…?”
“No.” Said Yuki sharply. “But how would I know?”
Kureno was silent for a moment.
“What about Kagura? What are her relationships like?”
Yuki smiled and chuckled gently. “Kagura insists on chasing after Kyo still. As far as I know, she doesn’t have any interest in anyone else.”
Kureno smiled a little. “And Momiji?”
Yuki smiled wider. “The only woman in his life is little Momo-chan.”
Kureno sighed, slightly relieved.
“That settles it then. Those hearts will remain unbroken.”
Suddenly, Arisa Uotani, Kureno’s partner burst into the room. She beamed.
“Tohru is pregnant again!” Uo cried.
Yuki and Kureno stared in alarm.

“Yes.” Said Tohru from the other line.
Ayame Sohma replied “THAT’S ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT DEAR TOHRU! BRILLIANT! TothinkonedayanothertinypairoffeetsharingKyonkichiandYourgeneswill scurryaboutthebamboofloorsofyourlovelyhome! OH! KYO! SHAME ON YOU, YOU NAUGHTY NAUGHTY MAN!”
“B-bamboo floors…? But Ayame-san, we don’t have bamboo floors…”
“THEN WE WILL HAVE TO FIX THAT DEAR TOHRU! Ican’tbelieveevenoneascruel asKyonkichiwoulddeprivesuchalovelywifeofeventheverybest * INHALE * OH KYO, SHAME ON YOU!”
“Oh, but, Ayame-san, I like our floors.”
“REALLY? MymymymymymyMY! It seems like Kyonkichi has pulled through for our Tohru AFTER ALL!”

“Huh, so she really likes that Kyo guy after all?” asked Kakeru.
Yuki, his best friend Kakeru Manabe, and his wife, Komaki, were seated in the living room of the Manabe apartment.
“So it would seem.” Chuckled Yuki. “But really, couldn’t you have figured that out when they had their son?”
Kakeru shrugged dismissively. “So how’s Leader?”
“Nii-san… needs to calm down. He’s older now, it’d be better for all of us if he grew up.”
Kakeru thought about that for a moment. Suddenly he jumped up and punched Yuki in the head.
“W-WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” shouted Yuki.
“For making me remember something I forgot! Remember Kimi Todou?”
Yuki blinked. Kimi…?
Then he remembered. “Oh yeah…How could I forget her?”
“Well, I was talking to her the other day-“
“Wait - how?”
Oh, I kept contact with everyone from high school! Nao (after I drove him crazy stalking him for his phone number.) Kimi, you, and all the guys who idolized me!”
You say that like you’re telling me what toothpaste you use… thought Yuki.
“Anyway, Kimi said one of the guys she’s dating right now has the same last name as you! And I thought, ‘maybe “Yun-yun” and this guy are related!’ She also said this guy is hot, just like everyone in your family.”
THAT caught Yuki offguard.
“Wait – what? What’s THAT supposed to mean?!”
“Oh you know! So, anyway… What was that guy’s name?”
Kakeru stared into space.
“OH YEAH!” Komaki and Yuki jumped.
“Do you know a Momiji Sohma?”

Kisa Sohma smiled quietly in her little bubble of happiness. Here she was, sitting cozy and warm watching her favorite chick-flick with the guy she loved more than almost anything. His hand was wrapped firmly around hers as she leaned against his shoulder.
“Wow it’s late.” Said Hiro. “Are you tired yet Kisa?”
“No, I’m fine.” She sighed.
The truth was she didn’t feel like moving away from Hiro just yet. But the hope of staying there was shattered when the phone rang. She immediately got up to answer it, leaving Hiro seething that someone had interrupted their time together. Trying to control himself, Hiro listened to the conversation in the kitchen.
“Moshi-moshi.” Said Kisa. “Yes…Yes…Oh, no, not at all!... Ah, yes… But then…” Silence.
Meanwhile, Hiro steeled himself on the couch. Reaching into his pocket, he fingered the small round velvet-covered box. He swallowed. In the kitchen, Kisa said goodbye and hung up. She was coming. Hiro got ready, but every thought of his plan was wiped away as Kisa appeared once more, looking worried.
“Kisa, what’s-“
“It’s nothing.” She said quickly. “Um, Nana had her baby.”
Hiro did the math in his head. Seven months. Two months early…
“Kisa?” asked Hiro in alarm.
She nodded.
“Which animal?” asked Hiro quietly.
“It was…I’m not sure, I didn’t ask.”
Hiro said nothing for a long time.
“Kisa…I know now you’re worried, but still…”
Kisa blinked and looked up. Hiro approached her as he rummaged in his pocket. He knelt and opened a small box covered in blue velvet. Inside, there was a silver ring fixed with a beautiful topaz that he knew would match her eyes.
Hiro held the ring box out to the breathless Kisa. “Kisa…will you marry me?”
The movie played on, the only sound in the silence.

Haru Sohma woke in the darkness. He immediately heard the short sniffs and gasps behind him.
“Rin?” he mumbled.
Isuzu Sohma was sitting up in their shared bed rubbing her eyes. Wet cheeks glimmered in the darkness.
“Rin…” he whispered, trying to console her with a single word.
He sat up and wrapped his arms around her.
Haru kissed her gently. “Nightmares can’t hurt you when I’m your protector.” He whispered to her.
Rin nodded. “I was…worried when I went to bed.” she said. “I guess that’s why.”
“Why worry?” He asked her.
“Well… It was Tohru. She said that she was pregnant when I called today. For all we know her baby could be born cursed now. What doesn’t make sense is why the curse came back after eleven years.”
Haru kissed Rin again. “Well, all I know is that this time Akito doesn’t have control of it.” Mumbled Rin.

A week later, the former zodiac members met with Akito. Yuki, Haru, Kisa, Momiji, Hatori, Hiro, Ritsu, Ayame, Kureno, Shigure, Kagura, and Kyo assembled. Nana Sohma came with her husband who was holding a baby boy with dark brown hair in his arms.
Akito came forward. “Some of you may already know that there is a reason to fear Nana Sohma’s son. Some of you may not. If you don’t…” Akito nodded to Nana.
Nana took her son from her husbands’ arms. Imediately, a cloud of smoke issued forth. Momiji, Ritsu, Ayame, and Kagura uttered sounds of surprise. Sitting in Nana’s embrace was a dark-furred baby monkey. Ritsu cried out again.
“The curse has returned. From now on, any rules we had eleven years ago have been reinstated. Unless completely nessecary, do not tell anyone who is ‘outside’.”
Some of the former zodiac looked worried. Akito turned and left into a back room where shigure followed. Nana and her family left. The former zodiac members slowly began to converse. Suddenly, there was a high-pitched scream from a corner. Kagura was crying and viscously hugging Kisa and Hiro.
Haru gazed at the scene. “I suppose that would explain Kisa’s engagement ring.”
“Eh? Engagement?” asked Yuki.
“Reminds me of when news got out about us.” Said Haru.
He stuck his arm around Rin’s shoulders. Rin glowered. She hadn’t wanted to get married before they had, but Haru had convinced her.
“Just to make us official.”
Rin was still bitter about it though.
“Geez, all of them frickin’ pairing off like the curse is still broken.” Grumbled Kyo.
Yuki knocked him to the ground.
“WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” Kyo shrieked.
Yuki didn’t answer. He headed to Momiji who was listening to something from an ipod.
“Momiji?” Yuki waited for him to remove his ear buds.
Momiji pulled an ear buds out and looked Yuki in the face.
“I heard from a friend you were dating a girl named Kimi Todou.”
Momiji blinked. “Kimi? OHHHHHH! KIMI! I went on a date with her. Lots of energy, right?”
Yuki nodded.
“Yeah, we went out, but I’m not really interested in her. I haven’t heard from her in a month. I have someone I care about, but…” He smiled sadly and looked down.
“I get it.” Said Yuki. “That’s all I needed to know. Thanks.”
Momiji smiled and pushed his ear bud back in.
“What were you asking him about?” asked Haru when he returned.
“It’s not important.”

To be continued...
Wrong area to post in dear. Goes into fanfictions
I write for the amusement of myself and others, not to be corrected and be reduced to "dear". One question: did you just click on this to ridicule me, or do you actually know anything about "Fruits Basket" besides what is written here?
Later that night, Akito was with Shigure alone. She was kissing him hard and trying to untie his kimono when Shigure pulled away.
“What?” she asked, surprised.
“you know how much I’m enjoying this, but I had a thought the other day.” He explained. “I was wondering, if your not doing anything in the next month or so, you and I could get married?”
Akito shrank back, appalled. “WHAT?!”
“I had a feeling you’d be against the idea.” Smiled Shigure.
With that he headed away and slept away from her. Akito was left alone.

“Hey, I thought I’d surprise you tonight.” Said Kyo as he was greeted home by Tohru and Kazuma.
“Eh?...Wa… KISA-SAN!!!” Tohru threw herself at Kisa who was right behind Kyo.
Kisa hugged Tohru and Kazuma happily.
“Onee-chan…Look.” Kisa held out her left hand displaying a beautiful topaz ring.
“UWAAAH!!! HIRO-CHAN PROPOSED?!” cried Tohru, head spinning.
“Y’know…Hiro is kinda past the whole ‘chan’ thing. He’s twenty-four now.” Sighed Kyo, stretching.
“Ah, your right.” Said Tohru, blinking. “Hiro-SAN is an adult now…”
“And you’re not?” asked Kyo.
“AH! You’re right!” cried Tohru. “Everyone is much older now…”
As living proof, seven-year-old Kazuma tugged Tohru’s skirt. “Ma, I’m hungry.” He whined.
“Ah, yes!” cried Tohru. “Kisa-san, what would you like?”
Kisa thought. “Umm, chicken pitata… Is that alright?”
Kyo couldn’t help but smile. She picked something Kazuma and I will eat. I swear, she’s the next Tohru Honda.

Hiro answered his door to find Haru standing outside, hands in pockets.
“I’m coming in.”
Haru entered the house casually and seated himself on Hiro’s couch.
“I saw the ring Kisa had today.”
“Oh, I gave it to her.” Mumbled Hiro.
“I’m proud of you.”
“It takes a lot of nerve to propose to the one you love. Twice as much as it takes to buy the ring. Kisa said you knew she was down and you took your chances anyway. You were brave. Braver than Me, Kyo, Yuki, or anyone had to be. We waited until our girl was happy, until we knew she wouldn’t say no.” Haru said it casually, like he was talking about baseball scores. “I’m really proud of you Hiro.”
Hiro felt his chest swell and his throat lock up. “Thanks…Hatsuharu.” It was the first time Hiro hadn’t called him “Haru nii-san”.
“I did have a question to ask.”
“Have you become a man yet?” asked Haru.
Hiro turned red. “What?!”
“Have you had sex?” Haru said bluntly.
“NO!!!” yelped Hiro.
“Just checking.”
“Will you please leave now?!” cried Hiro.

“Oh, hello Hatsuharu-san, Isuzu-san let me borrow this CD and I came to return it.” Said Tohru the next morning.
Haru directed her to the kitchen.
Rin was hunched over the sink, throwing up.
“WAH! ISUZU-SAN! ARE YOU SICK?!” yelped Tohru.
Rin gasped and shook her head. “Worse.” She croaked.
“EHHH?!?!?!?! WHAT’S WRONG?!” cried Tohru, still panicking.
“Nothing!” She snarled, then gagged. “It’s all Haru’s fault I’m like this.” She growled before retching mucus.
“Be quiet, my head hurts.” Groaned Rin and wiped her mouth with a paper towel. “I’m not sick. I’m just pregnant.”
“Shhhh.” Moaned Rin and rubbed her temples. “And what are you so happy about? Now the curse is back and our kids could be the next ones in for it.”
“Ah, yes, but I would love to have a daughter.” Said Tohru cheerfully. “That would be wonderful! I don’t mind another son, but I would enjoy a little girl to name after my mother!”
Rin rummaged through the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of aspirin. “It doesn’t matter what I get I guess.” She sighed. “I’ll just be a terrible parent. Probably break its heart.”
Rin leaned sorrowfully against the counter. Tohru watched her.
“Haru is going to be the best dad ever, I know that. Kids love him. But me… How would I be able to care for a baby?”
Rin looked genuinely sad.
“Isuzu-san…” Rin looked up. “I think your child will be very lucky to have such a beautiful mother! One day I’ll tell them ‘your mother loves you very much! She was worried if she would do a good job taking care of you, and now look! She DID!’”
Tohru beamed. And Rin smiled gently.
“You’re a little stupid, you know that?”

Two months passed without anything eventful happening. In no time, members of the Sohma family were receiving invitations to the wedding of Hiro and Kisa Sohma.

When the date of the wedding arrived, the full former zodiac was there, even Ayame who Hiro couldn’t stand. Kyo’s family carpooled with Kazuma, their son’s namesake and Kyo’s adoptive father, along with Uo and Hana, Tohru’s best friends, and Kureno, who never left Uo’s side. Tohru and Rin were starting to show, their bellies slightly extended. Yuki arrived with Machi, Kakeru, and Komaki, the two Manabes and Machi had never been on Sohma grounds before and were awed. Kakeru, of course, forgot that immediately as he saw Ayame with his wife Mine Kurami. Komaki, Yuki, and Machi tried to ignore him as he openly worshipped him, Mine blinking confusedly.

Kisa was beautiful. There was no way to descried the wonderful dress she wore as she walked down the isle. Her father was sick, and her mother was a bridesmaid, so on her arm was Hatori, looking incredible in his tux. Kagura, Tohru, and Kisa’s mother were the bridesmaids. Haru, and two friends Hiro met in college were the groomsmen. When Hatori headed back to his seat, Yuki thought he saw a tear sliding down his cheek(which of course, Ayame and Shigure bothered him about for twenty years afterwards.). Hiro looked sensational. Tohru cried through most of it, Hana’s eyes teared up, and Uo was handing tissues to both of them. Kakeru, for some reason, became very emotional and sobbed hysterically until Hatori kicked him out and Komaki went to check on him.d
“I JUST LOVE WEDDINGS!” He sobbed. “SO BEAUTIFUL!” (Machi socked him after the reception for “EMBARRASSING EVERYONE AROUND YOU!”.)
The kiss was, without a doubt, perfect. When it happened Tohru cried harder.
“THEY’RE IN LOVE!!! UWAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!” She sobbed.
“We already knew that!” hissed Kyo.
Of course, no one kicked Tohru out. Afterwards, there was a dramatic shower of cherry blossoms, which was especially beautiful because they were out of season, and Hiro and Kisa walked down the aisle in a whirl of flowers. Meanwhile, Kakeru outside had just gotten himself together, but when he saw the now married bride and groom appear in a dramatic cloud of unseasonal flowers, he lost it all over again.

The reception was a fantastic party held on the beautiful grounds of the Sohma property. A large, thick canopy had been stretched over the houses on either side so the guests wouldn’t be cold. Momiji headed out to his favorite area, a zen garden. Sitting there, he felt a little sad.
“Mind if I join you?” asked a voice.
Momiji turned, and smiled. “Not at all.”
The two sat in silence, when the snow began to fall. Momiji’s companion smiled.
“That’s even prettier than cherry blossoms.” Whispered momiji.
“Yeah, but cherry blossoms aren’t cold.” Pointed out his companion.
He smiled at her. “Are you cold?”
“A little.” She admitted.
Momiji stripped off his suit jacket and laid it over her shoulders. The two sat in silence for a while.
“You’re right.” She said quietly. “Snow is prettier.”
Momiji touched his hand to her cheek and leaned his face close, “But I have you all year long.”
She closed her eyes, feeling his warm breath waft over her cold face. Gently, Momiji pressed his lips to hers.

“Where did Momiji-kun go?” said Tohru suddenly.
“Momiji?” asked Yuki beside her. “I think he was doing the bunny-hop a second ago, but I don’t see him now.”
“Which one is he?” asked Machi.
“The blond-haired boy with chocolate eyes.” Said Komaki.
“He went through there.” Said Machi pointing toward a door far away from their table.
“Ah! The zen garden.” Said Tohru.
“I needed to ask Momiji something too.” Said Yuki getting up. “I’ll be back.” He promised Machi and kissed her gently.
“Momiji-kun showed me this place before. He said it was his favorite place.” Explained Tohru.
“In that case, I can’t wait to see it.” Said Yuki smiling.
Tohru and Yuki emerged into the zen garden, and saw it was snowing. Tohru smiled. She turned to Yuki, about to say something, but he was staring wide-eyed at something further down the walkway. Tohru looked.
Sitting close together, Momiji was kissing a familiar girl, his suit jacket on her shoulders.
Momiji broke away immediately and looked in shocked fear at Tohru and Yuki watching him and the girl. The girl turned around to look at the too.
It was Kagura.

“You wanna dance Machi?” asked Kakeru.
“Dance?” asked Machi blankly.
“Yeah, come on, it’ll be fun! You and me, brother and sister!”
“Go on Chi-chan, I don’t mind.” Urged Komaki.
“Besides, Don’t you like this song?” asked Kyo, suddenly appearing.
“Hey, how would you know that orange-head?” asked Kakeru.
Kakeru listened to the moaning girl on the loud speaker. “You like this crap?”
Machi flushed. “FINE! I’LL DANCE WITH YOU!”
Awkwardly, Machi headed out on the dance floor. Kakeru swaggered after her. He took her hand and put his other on her waist. She gripped his shoulders, trying to hurt him. Kakeru took a few steps, Machi feverishly followed. Kakeru grinned and took a few more steps. Machi followed again. Then the two were dancing. Machi suddenly really enjoyed this feeling. She relaxed, and she started to enjoy herself. Soon enough she was grinning and Kakeru was laughing at her. When the song ended, she clapped with the rest of the crowd and started toward the table again.
“Oh, no no no!” cried Kakeru, grabbing her hand. “You, my friend, are staying with me for the next song!”
“Wha-? But I…”
“No buts! Just dance! Come on, have a little fun!!!”

“K-kagura-san…and Momiji-kun?” asked Tohru quietly.
Momiji rose and walked away. Kagura glanced from him to Yuki and Tohru.
“Wait! Momiji-kun!” cried Tohru.
She thumped after him and grabbed his arm.
“Momiji-kun, why is it you hid it from us? If you love Kagura-san, I’m happy for you.”
Momiji shook his head. “Kagura and I…I don’t know.”
Tohru let go of his arm. “What?”
Momiji shook his head and walked away, head down.

To be continued...
“Machi-chan and Kakeru-kun are such a wonderful dance couple!” said Tohru cheerfully to Kyo later.
“What was it Yuki was asking Momiji about earlier?” asked Kyo.
“EH?! WAH!!! N-NOTHING!!! NOTHING AT ALL?!” cried Tohru.
“Why does that sound like a question?”
“Look, it doesn’t matter. Are you tired?”
“Eh? Yes.” Said Tohru.
“Alright. It’s late. I’ll put Kazuma to bed, you can go get yourself ready.”
“Ah, no, it’s alri-“
“Tohru, give me Kazuma.”
Kazuma was asleep on Tohru’s lap. She carefully handed him over to Kyo who cradled his son lovingly. Tohru watched him head upstairs.
Kyo-kun…Is such a loving father. She thought smiling. Shishou-san did a wonderful job raising him. Maybe someday Yuki-kun can carry his son to bed. It will also be fun to see Hatsuharu-san play with his children. Tohru paused in front of a shelf holding a tray of zodiac figurines with a cat off to the side. The Sohma family is filled with such kind people.

“Congratulations.” The doctor Smiled at Tohru. “It’s a girl!”
“UWAAAAH!” cried Tohru staring at the ultrasound.
Hana and Uo were nearby.
“See Tohru? You got what you wished for!” said Uo cheerily.
“Congratulations Tohru-kun.” Said Hana.
As they left the clinic, Uo proclaimed “As a celebration treat, KURENO-SAN WILL PERSONALLY BUY US ALL LUNCH!!!”
“Can Megumi come? He’s been wanting to see Tohru’s stomach, he thinks hearing a baby kick is exciting.” Said Hana.
“Oh, it is exciting! Here!” Tohru took her friend’s hands and pressed them to her oversized belly.
Uo shook her head. “That’s like…being able to see the future!”
Hana nodded and sighed. “I don’t know if this feels the same on other pregnant women, but on Tohru-kun it’s very exciting. Megumi will definetly want to come with us.”
Tohru pulled a cell phone from her purse and dialed. “Kyo-kun?...Yes… We’re outside the clinic now…Yes!...Yes! Very! It’s a girl!”
In Uo’s car, they picked up Megumi, Hana’s younger brother, before dropping by Uo’s house.
“Guess what Kureno-san? On behalf of Tohru’s ultrasound, YOU are buying us lunch!”
“Thrilling.” Said Kureno, smiling.
They stopped by a nice but cheap resturant, and Megumi got to feel Tohru’s belly as much as he wanted.
“Ah – I didn’t call Isuzu-san.” Said Tohru halfway through lunch.
“OR Kisa-san! Would you mind-“
“Go make your phone call! Spread the news!” yelled Uo.
Tohru smiled. “Yes!”

“Hello, Haru and Rin Sohma’s house, Rin Sohma speaking.”
“Oh, Tohru.” Said Rin, rubbing her head. “Why are you calling again…?”
“Ah, we just came from the ultrasound, It’s a girl!”
“Really, that’s great. Now please go away, your high-pitched voice doesn’t help my headache OR stomachache.”
Rin hung up pulled her blanket further over her shoulders.
“That wasn’t very nice to Tohru-san.” Said Haru coming in to the bedroom.
“Tohru can go and-“
“Rin.” Haru kissed her.
“Dammit Haru! You RUINED my train of thought!”
“I know you’re just cranky because you feel sick. Tohru really cares about you, but how do you know she’ll forgive you like I do?”
“Forget it, she forgives Tornadoes for knocking her house down as soon as they apologize. Besides, it’s YOUR fault I’m holed up in bed every day you know.”
“You make it sound like a crime.”
Rin pulled the covers over her head. “Go away!”
Haru lay down on the bed and draped his arm over the shape that was her body. “I love you Rin.”
“Shut up.” She sighed and got up to puke.

“Onee-chan! How was the ultrasound?”
“Exciting! It’s a girl!”
Kisa grinned. “I’m so happy for you!”
“Yes! Ah, but I just called Isuzu-san and she didn’t sound very happy. She also said she felt sick.”
“Onee-chan, haven’t you gotten sick?”
“No, not like Isuzu-san has…Not even close!”
“Tohru-chan?” came a muffled voice in the backround.
“Ah! It’s Megumi-kun! I have to go!”
Kisa listened to the dial tone then hung up. Everyone had seemed so happy lately, especially Hiro. One day she was cooking something and he just walked in and kissed her then left without a word. Everytime she saw him, she loved Hiro even more.

Yuki was home early from work that day.
“Machi?” He headed in to the kitchen, to find Machi staring absently out the window.
He sat at the table across from her. “Are you alright?” he asked.
She nodded. “I’ve never been one to follow the crowd.” She said quietly. “And now…here I am.”
“Machi? Are you alright?”
Machi turned to him. “I can’t be a mom.” She whispered desperately.
Yuki’s heart stopped beating. “What?”
Machi sobbed. “I’m pregnant Yuki – I’m pregnant!”
Yuki stared in disbelief. “Machi…”
“I don’t know what a good mom is! I didn’t learn anything positive from my parents! How am I supposed to figure this out on my own?! How?! I just CAN’T DO IT!”
“Machi,” Yuki took her hand. “You show me something by crying and worrying that you’ll be a good parent. It shows that you really care about your kid, even when it isn’t born yet. That’s a sign that you are going to be a terrific mom.”
Machi stared tearfully at Yuki.

“KYO?!” called Tohru frantically.
Kyo appeared. “What’s wrong?”
“Where’s Kazuma? Get his coat on. I have my bag.”
“Wha-“ Kyo’s eyes bulged.
He pounded downstairs.

The doorbell rang at Yuki’s house. When Machi opened the door, she saw a frantic Kyo with Kazuma under one arm and a stuffed backpack in the other.
“wh – Kyo-kun?”
“Quick, take Kazuma, his bedtime’s at eight-thirty, he has pajamas and toothbrush in the bag.”
And Kyo was gone.
“Uh…” said Machi, blinking.
“Machi, what happened?” called Yuki from the other room.
“Kyo-kun just dropped Kazuma and his over-night bag off with me.”
Yuki stopped dead in his tracks.

Tohru heaved a breath and cried out. There was lots of hurrying around about her, but she was barely concise of anything but the pain.
“K-Kyo!” She gasped.
Kyo brushed a sweat-soaked strand of hair out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. “Shhh…” he whispered.
There was a stinging sensation in her spine, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the other pain. But wait – the other pain was fading. She was so tired…

Tohru was asleep now. The doctors were finishing up. Kyo stroked Tohru’s forehead, and went to help the doctors. There was a shrill cry piercing the air.
“All through!” called one of the doctors.
A crying, bloody, damp baby was lifted into the air. Kyo cut the cord.
“Kyo?” A weak voice said.
Tohru was staring blearily at the baby the doctors were washing. Hatori was among them. He held the baby flat on his palms as a nurse wrapped the baby in a blanket, which was handed to Tohru. Tohru smiled. And cradled the bundle, now asleep.
“Kyoko…” she whispered.
Tohru turned to Kyo and offered him little Kyoko. Kyo gingerly took the bundle and held it close to his heart. A cloud of smoke issued forth. In the chaos, Kyo hadn’t realized the baby was two months early.

“Ready to go?” Machi asked Kazuma. “Your Mommy says your new sister Kyoko is excited to meet you!”
Kazuma beamed. When they arrived at the hospital, Yuki, Machi, and Kazuma met Kyo in the waiting room. Machi and Kazuma went on to meet the baby. Kyo looked down.
“Two months early, huh?” asked Yuki.
Kyo said nothing.
“I’m sorry Kyo.” Yuki whispered.
He started to follow Machi when Kyo called “Yuki.”
Yuki turned. “I think you and Machi should take care of our kids if anything goes wrong.”
Yuki stared at Kyo. “I promise, I will.”

Tohru was sitting up in bed looking happy as ever. In her arms in a pink bundle was Kyoko Sohma, sleeping soundly.
“Tohru-chan, she’s beautiful!” cried Machi. “She was named after your mother, right?”
“Yes! Would you like to hold her Machi-chan?”
Machi eagerly took Kyoko from Tohru’s arms.
“Can I hold nee-chan?” asked Kazuma.
“AH! Um, when we get home, I promise.” Said Tohru frantically.

Rin put down the phone and leaned against the table silently.
Haru was seated nearby, reading a magazine. “What’s wrong?”
“Tohru.” Said Rin quietly.
Haru looked up.
“She had her baby.”
Haru sighed and leaned back, eyes closed. “This was the seventh month, right?”
Rin said nothing.

“Kisa, phone for you!” called Hiro.
Kisa appeared and took the phone. “Onee-chan?...Ah! I’m…But…Oh…”
She stood silently.
“Kisa?” asked Hiro.
Kisa put down the phone and shook her head.

Momiji owned a music shop not far from Sohma house. He offered violin lessons, and was currently teaching his favorite student.
“Put your fingers here… No, keep your chin rest straight…”
Momo Sohma, who was in her late teens was struggling to follow directions. It really was a very difficult hold…
“Ready? Begin.”
Momo ran her bow delicately across the strings. A beautiful sad note came forth.
“Momo.” A man appeared in the doorway.
Momo said nothing, and started to pack her instrument. Momiji smiled and bid the two farewell. Once they were gone, Momji took his own violin and began to play. Anyone listening may have been able to distinguish words flowing from the strings.
When you wish upon a star…
“I love that song.”
Momji looked up to see Kagura standing smiling in the door.
He continued playing. “When you wish upon a star, all your dreeeams, come, truuue…
Kagura smiled.

Haru owned a shop as well, but it was very different from Momiji’s. His wasn’t far from Ayame’s, because Haru sold accessories hand-made, while Ayame was still making his outfits. Rin was often accompanying Haru behind the desk, but this morning she was home sick again. It was a few weeks after Tohru had baby Kyoko, and Rin was on edge as she hovered around the seven-month point. That night, Haru went home without much business done. Rin was seated in bed, looking angry.
“What’s that look for?” he asked her.
Rin said nothing.
“Fine! Tohru and her stupid cursed kid showed up today!” snarled Rin.
“Why are you so angry?” asked Haru.
“BECAUSE! She acts like it’s no big deal that it turns into an ANIMAL!”
“Maybe to Tohru-san, It doesn’t matter.” Said Haru quietly.
“It matters.” Hissed Rin.
“She pulled the covers over her head. Haru shrugged and went over to her side.
“Rin, come out for a sec.” he said.
Rin’s flushed face appeared, glowering. Haru touched her forehead.
“You’re hot.” He announced and took up the bedside phone. “Hatori-nii? Could you please come over? Rin is having a baby.”

Tohru cradled Kyoko in her arms. She was so happy!
“Kyo-kun!” she called as he passed her. “Do you want to feed Kyoko tonight?”
Kyo shook his head. “You do it. I know you love it.”
Tohru’s face dropped. “Ah…but I thought you might like to…”
“Not right now.” Mumbled Kyo.

Rin was exhausted, sitting up in bed holding a baby girl with a full head of black hair streaked with pale silver.
“What do you want to name her?” asked Hatori casually.
“I don’t care.” Grunted Rin.
“Rin…” said Haru.
Rin flushed angrily. “Sh-Shinji!”
“Shinji?” asked Hatori blinking. “Isn’t that – “
“Fine, fine.” Mumbled Hatori.
Shinji Sohma yawned in her mother’s arms.

To be continued...
“Isuzu-san!” cried Tohru rushing into the room.
Kyo followed behind, towing Kazuma as Tohru held Kyoko.
“Why didn’t you go to the hospital?” asked Kyo.
“Ah, but, Isuzu-san can’t stand hospitals!” cried Tohru. “Isuzu-san, what did you name her?!”
Rin looked down at her daughter. “Shinji…”
“Wait, isn’t that a boys’ name?” asked Kyo.
Rin glowered. “Tohru is a boys’ name.” she snapped.
Tohru’s eyes shimmered. “Isuzu-san…”
Kyo sighed. Haru entered the room.
“Do you want me to take her?” asked Haru.
Rin hesitated. “We haven’t seen yet if –“
“Now would be the time then.” Said Haru quietly.
Rin hesitated further, and handed Shinji to Haru. To everyone’s fear, a cloud of smoke issued forth. When it settled, Kyo’s eyes widened. Sitting in the bundle Haru had was a small, cat with gray-and-brunette-swirled sides and a white chest and socks.

“Akito, I thought you might be interested to know Isuzu had her baby born under the curse of the cat.” Said Shigure.
Akito blinked in surprise. Three now, the monkey, born to Nana Sohma, the cat, born to Isuzu Sohma, and then Tohru’s daughter…
“What animal was it the Tohru had?” asked Akito.
“Ah, Tohru-kun.” Shigure smiled. “Apropriately, Tohru had the tiger.”

“The curse will take full effect a few days from now.” Explained Hatori. “Before then, we need kyo’s beads re-strung into a bracelet once more.”
“Ah, y-yes…” said Tohru, looking down.
Kyo was still frozen, staring at Shinji now back to human asleep in Rin’s arms.
“Kyo, which animal is Kyoko?” asked Haru.
Kyo looked up. “What?”
“Ah! Kyoko-chan is the tiger!” said Tohru.
Rin noticed for the first time that Kyoko’s hair as a golden-brown-auburn and deep brown eyes matched Kisa’s perfectly.
“What about Kazuma-kun?” asked Hatori.
“Can he keep this a secret?”
Silence. Kyo knelt before his son.
“Kazuma, you love your sister, right?” he asked.
KAzuma blinked and nodded.
“Do you want to stay with her?” Kazuma nodded again. “Then you can’t tell anyone unless we say so about how she turns into a tiger when you hug her, okay?”
“Okay.” Said Kazuma.
“And same for cousin Shinji, don’t tell anyone that she turns into a cat.”
“Okay. I promise.”

Machi was agitated about being pregnant. Yuki was trying desperately to convince her it would be fine. While having this argument, the phone rang. Yuki answered.
“Yuki, this is Kyo.”
“Yeah, why are you calling?” sighed Yuki.
Kyo was silent for a moment. “Rin had her baby and… It was the cat.”
Yuki didn’t move. The dial tone sounded on Kyo’s line.

Inside the Sohma family, the curse was back full blast. First the horse was born, then the dog, sheep, cow, snake, dragon, rabbit, boar, and finally the rat. Everyone relaxed at first, but the newborn sheep suddenly took sick and died at two months old. Immediately, everyone was agitated once more.
“The zodiac members are all being born at once.” Said Momiji one day. “Even last time they weren’t this close in age.”
Kyo, Yuki and the others shifted and murmured. It was another meeting of the former cursed. Kyo went home full of anxiety. He only side-hugged Kazuma and pecked Tohru and Kyoko on the cheek. He went to bed without dinner.

What is it…
A… cat?...
No…This one…This one’s different than Shinji…
Wait…Shinji? Who’s Shinji?...
Oh yeah…
That other girl…

Kyo woke up, startled. Kyoko was crying loudly in the other room. Tohru was up hurrying down the hall. Kyo sighed and got up to follow her. When he arrived in the nursery, Tohru was bouncing Kyoko lightly on her arm, looking concerned.
“She isn’t hungry and her diaper’s clean…” Tohru looked upset.
“Tohru…” Tohru blinked and looked up at Kyo. “If you want, I’ll take her and you can go back to bed.”
Tohru’s face brightened. Secretly, she had been worried that Kyo was rejecting Kyoko. Now she hoped this was a sign he wasn’t.
Tohru handed Kyoko to Kyo, where she immediately disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving a baby mewling tiger in her place. Tohru smiled and left Kyo. He bounced the little tiger absently, and sat down in a stuffed armchair near the window.
“Kyoko…” he said quietly.
The mewling dwindled, and died off. Kyo looked in surprise at the tiger kitten, who was staring at him expectantly.
“Can you… Understand me?” he whispered.
Kyoko gave no response. Kyo sighed.

Yuki paced in the kitchen. Seven-month-pregnant Machi was resting, but that’s what worried him most.
Like the quiet before a storm. He mused.
Every Birth in the Sohma family for about half a year now had been a member of the zodiac. Now Machi was at the point where in a heartbeat she would need to be informed of the curse. Yuki was worried though, because he felt something from Machi. Kyo had been visiting with Tohru, and said he felt it too. Something important to the curse would be born of Machi, and it would be something the Sohma’s had never seen before. Yuki paused, considering something Kyo had said that day.
I can feel something…but barely, it’s familiar, like I was exposed to it for years at a time.
Yuki had asked. To me it’s so clear, but it feels like I hated it once, but only slightly. It’s slightly familiar, but… I’ve never felt anything like it…It’s very difficult to describe.
Yuki would have thought this over more, but at that moment, Machi called him, and in no time, Yuki’s role in life was forever changed.

“Wah! Kyo-kun! Did you really spend all night here?!” yelped Tohru.
Kyo lifted his neck stiffly. He was still in the nursery? Kyoko the tiger was fast asleep in his lap.
Kyo rubbed his face. “I guess…”
“Do you need some coffee Kyo-kun?”
“Uh? No. I’ll wait till Kyoko wakes up.” He mumbled.
Hearing her name, Kyoko yawned and stretched, kneading Kyo’s lap with her paw pads. Nimbly in tiger form, Kyoko lept from the chair and leaped back inside her crib, where she lay down and went back to sleep.

At noon, they received a call from Yuki at the hospital. Around eleven-thirty last night, Machi had gone into labor and rushed to the hospital with Yuki. The baby, a boy, was long-since born.
“I called now, since I’m not sure how early Kazuma and you get up Tohru-chan.” Explained Yuki.
“Ah, yes! We’ll be there!” said Tohru and hung up.

At the hospital, Tohru, Kyo, Kazuma, and Kyoko found nearly all of the former zodiac, all pale and shocked-looking. Yuki met them in the waiting room and led them to Machi’s room. Machi was looking rather haggard, and staring absently at the bundle in her arms.
“Machi?” asked Yuki quietly.
Machi looked up, tired. “I suppose they’re here to see too?” she asked dully.
Yuki nodded. “Kyo was the cat.” He replied.
Machi shifted the bundle. Inside was a small, patch-coated creature. For the first time in Sohma history, there were two cats.

To be continued...
Eventually, all the zodiac was born. Years passed quietly throughout Sohma house and family. Before everyone’s eyes, Kyoko grew to be five. On day her father was visiting someone inside Sohma grounds. Kyoko was making herself busy jumping off rocks and tree branches when a voice came from behind.
“You’re Kyoko-chan.”
Kyoko tripped and fell face-first into the dirt. Sneezing, she looked up into the face of a boy her age with shoulder-length black hair.
“You’re tiger-chan, right? I’m the horse.” Declared the boy.
Kyoko blinked, still unsure of this stranger.
He extended a short-fingered hand. “I’m Soshi-kun. Kisa okaa-san and Hiro outo-san are my parents. My mommy was the tiger too, but now she’s not.”
A leaf crunched behind them. Soshi spun around to see a boy with white hair and a strange birthmark around his eye, like the patch on the coat of a cat. Soshi frowned. The white-haired boy’s eyes widened and he darted away.
Kyoko spoke. “Who was that?”
“That’s Koga-kun, he’s ‘the unlucky white cat’.” Said Soshi, furrowing his brow. “Wonder why he ran away…?”
Kyoko blinked. Strange boys… she thought.

Koga carefully stepped through the maze of trees near the back of the apartments. They were really bamboo he knew, but they were tall like trees. He avoided the sounds of people, and carefully headed to a small courtyard where Yuki stood.
“Koga, where were you?” asked Yuki, surprised.
“I…” mumbled Koga.
“Louder.” Encouraged Yuki.
“I…I saw Soshi-kun and Kyoko-chan talking… So I came to say hello…”
“Then what happened?” Yuki coaxed.
“I…I got scared and came back here,” he mumbled.
“That’s fine.” Whispered Yuki.
Taking Koga’s hand, the to headed home.

“Let’s be friends!” declared Soshi.
Kyoko blinked.
“Soshi-chan!” called someone.
Turning to yet another newcomer, Kyoko saw Kisa Sohma standing patiently for Soshi. She knew Kisa as only “Kisa obaa-san”. When Kisa had visited, she remembered vaguely her mother saying Kisa obaa-san has a son your age! Would you like him to come visit you Kyoko-chan?
Kisa smiled warmly. “Kyoko-chan, are you here with your daddy?” she asked.
Kyoko nodded.
“Do you need me to wait with you, or are you fine by yourself?”
“No…Daddy might be done soon.”
About twenty minutes after Kisa and Soshi left, the window in the apartment behind her slid open one inch. A peculiar-looking eye surveyed the unaware girl jumping off rocks and such. Then the window closed.

Shinji had grown up very aware of Kyoko, unlike Koga and Soshi. Often the energetic tiger came over to grin stupidly every second of the time she spent there. Shinji also found herself shuttled over to Tohru and Kyo’s house just as often. She had heard stories of her double, Koga, “the unlucky white cat”. Hatori had come over when she was about three, solemn to talk to her mother Rin and her father Haru.
“It seems Koga has be labeled with a learning disability, and we wanted to take Shinji-chan to see if she has a problem as well.”
Haru agreed easily, while Rin hesitated. Shinji was taken in to a doctor’s office, where two different people at different times asked her questions and made her do activities, like putting plastic blocks into a pattern. Hatori later told her parents that Shinji was completely mentally normal, and very intelligent. Koga, on the other hand, was known among the Sohma as autistic, very shy and he often was unable to control his anxiety in crowds. Koga kept himself away from other people, afraid of them. Besides all this, the reason why all Sohma called him “unlucky” was because he was the cat who inherited the true form.

To be continued...
“Welcome home Koga, Yuki.” Said Machi when the two arrived home.
Koga extended his arms, Machi smiled and hugged him, turning him into a cat. Yuki, used to this, gathered Koga’s clothes from the kitchen floor as Machi wandered off to cuddle her son.

Across town was Kyo, fast asleep on the couch holding Kyoko as a snoring tiger. Tohru paused and smiled. This was her favorite thing in the world to watch, a true loving moment between her true love and first daughter. She smiled and punched off the T.V. before retrieving a blanket to drape over them. Tohru leaned over and kissed Kyo on the lips, and as if he knew she was there he tilted his chin up, holding her there. She gave one stroke to Kyoko’s ears and left the two, tiptoeing silently away.

Momiji had kept his secret romance with Kagura going on for a long time, but as far as he knew only those who had stumbled across them at Kisa and Hiro’s wedding knew the relationship existed. At that moment, they were locked together on her couch kissing deeply, short of breath. Then something happened that had never occurred before. Kagura pulled open Momiji’s shirt. Momiji stopped kissing and looked down at his bare chest, blinking, confused. Kagura looked concerned.
“Momiji-kun?” she asked warily.
Momiji looked at her silently. Kagura faltered.
“Oh, ah, I’m sorry! I just…I thought…I’m sorry.” She flustered and fidgeted, pulling herself off him.
Momiji caught her wrist. Kagura’s heart skipped a beat as Momiji pulled her toward him once more.

Nearly half-an-hour later, Kagura’s shirt was long gone. She panted and pulled away.
“Kagura-chan…? Did I force myself on you?” Momiji asked quietly.
Kagura turned her back to him and nodded. The couple said nothing for a while. Momiji laid his arms around her middle and kissed her shoulder.
“I’m sorry.” He murmured. “Should I go home?”
Kagura was silent, unsure of how to react. Momiji picked his shirt up from the floor and headed for the front door, leaving Kagura alone.

Shinji laughed and giggled as Haru tickled her belly viscously.
Shinji shrieked and kicked her legs and flailed her arms. “NO! DON’T TICKLE!” she squealed.
Rin flew through the air and tackled Haru’s side. She immediately attacked Shinji tickling any part she could reach.
“AIEEEEE!!!” Shinji squealed.
Rin hefted Shinji into the air and swooped her precariously about the living room. “WHOOOOOOSH!!!” cried Rin.
Rin passed off to Haru who tucked Shinji like a football under his arm where she immediately transformed but continued to shriek and giggle. Haru ran as fast as he could up the stairs into Shinji’s bedroom where he dumped her onto her bed. Rin followed in hot pursuit. Shinji was still laughing hard as her parents panted and grinned.
“Okay,” sighed Rin, wiping her forehead. “time to settle down, no more airplane for tonight. Bedtime.”
AAAAAAAAAAW!!!” cried Shinji indignantly. “No fair!”
“Yes fair.” Grunted Haru, flopping down beside the kitten. “Mommy and Daddy need to rest.”
“Then rest and we can play again when you’re done!” Insisted Shinji.
“No, bedtime.”
Shinji pouted and flopped angrily onto the pillows. Both parents sighed quietly and kissed her between the ears before heading out of her room and closing the door behind them.

Koga didn’t handle stimulation the same way as Shinji, so his parents put him to sleep much more gently.
“That reminds me,” said Machi looking up from Koga. “Koga’s about ready to go to school soon, I think.”
Yuki turned to her. “You think so? What about –“
“I think if he goes to public school, he’ll learn to interact with people outside of the family easier.” Machi cut off.
Yuki considered this. “Maybe…let’s start with daycare or playdates before the summer is over.”

Akatsuki Sohma was none other than the rat. His mother had been unmarried, and no one knew who his father was. She didn’t need a child “that turns into a rodent every time some girl gets to close!” because of this, she dropped him off at Akito’s apartment without a word and flounced away. Akito let him live with her son, Kaname, who was as much a brat as Akito had been when she was his age. At this moment, Akatsuki had wandered too far into the back apartments of Sohma property; it was a place he didn’t recognize. He sighed and plopped down against a wall, waiting for someone to find him.
“Lost?” whispered a voice.
Akatsuki blinked. Akito? He wondered.
Looking above him, he saw a window he hadn’t noticed before. Standing inside it was an old woman. Her face looked sinister as she gave him a knowing smile.
“Hello little Akatsuki.” She whispered in Akito’s voice.
As the rat, Akatsuki was well-known to many people inside Sohma house, even those he hadn’t met. Of course, being young he didn’t know this.
“What? Who’re you?” asked Akatsuki, surprised.
The woman smiled yet again, still sinister. “I am Ren-san.”

“Where’s Akatsuki?!” shouted Kaname.
The house servant tried to calm him. “I don’t know young master, please don’t raise your voice.”
“FIND AKATSUKI!” He screamed.
The servant nodded and gathered a group of other attendants to the young god and they quickly spread out to look for the missing rat. Kaname glared.
They probably won’t find him. I’ll go look, and I will find Akatsuki.
Kaname stepped into his sandals and slipped out the back door. Bending close to the ground, he found tracks of sandals, still very clear with no other tracks around. He took off in that direction, near the back apartments. Kaname looked up and saw Akatsuki staring into an open window from wich stretched to pale hands trailing a shawl.
AKATSUKI!!!” Screamed Kaname who immediately tore towards the now-startled rat.
Kaname threw himself in front of Akatsuki and glared at Ren. “GET AWAY!”
Ren frowned. “What’s this little Kaname? My own daughter has poisoned the mind of my grandchild. Really, what has she told you this time?”
Kaname’s eyes blazed. “Whatever it was, she’s being a better mother than YOU ever were!”
Ren stared casually at the young fuming god. “And I suppose Akito told you that the Inari are real as that ‘bond’ you believe so strongly in?”
Kaname’s eyes widened. Ren smirked.
Akatsuki peered at Kaname’s face, wondering. Inari?

If the person reading this is wondering along with Akatsuki, Inari?, Inari is most commonly known as the Inari fox, the Japanese rain god. Antoher name for “sun-shower” is “The fox’s wedding”. Akatsuki later looked into the meaning of inari and found only this information, also that the favorite food of inari foxes was inarizushi, which he had never eaten. He looked for something that connected the inari with the zodiac, but nothing showed.
“Thank you Shigure jii-san.” He said bowing to shigure who had read him everything.
“Just one question before you go Akaa-kun.” He called. “Why is it you’re so interested in inari all of a sudden?”
“A woman named Ren-san mentioned it.” He replied.
“Ah… ‘that woman’.” He smiled. “So you’ve met Akito’s secret shame?”
Akatsuki stared blankly at Shigure.
“Akaa-kun, it would probably be best if you don’t meddle with the curse.” He said quietly. “Last time, whoever tried ended up in the hospital.”

To be continued...
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Coming up on cursed people...
Akatsuki continues his search into the mysterious Inari...
Momiji and Kagura's relationship hits a brand-new level of drama!...
We meet yet another member of the zodiac - Koga's new playmate! And you'll be shocked to meet her father...
Something terribly tragic grips Kyo and Tohru's home...
And if that's not enough, Kyoko is injured in a terrible accident...
True love occurs...
All next time on chapter seven of Cursed People!
“Just what are you doing?”
Usagi Sohma dropped her crayon and turned to face an extremely disapproving Hatori. She pulled her shoulders up to her ears defensively.
“Making a picture for you Daddy.”
“That’s what paper is for.” Groaned Hatori. “Not the wall.”
“But my ideas are THIS BIG!” Usagi sretched her arms wide. “The paper wouldn’t be big enough.”
Hatori sighed and dropped on one knee. “Even if you give me the smaller version I’ll still love it.” He kissed the top of her head. “Listen; cousin Koga is visiting in a few days, you haven’t met him before.”
Usa tilted her head to the side. “No…Daddy, does Koga-kun know about the Inari?”
Hatori pressed his lips together. “No, so don’t mention them.”
“Okay!” Said Usa cheerfully and pecked her adoptive father on the cheek.

“Shishou, Tohru and I where thinking we would go on a trip in a little while and wanted you to either come with us or take care of Kyoko and Kazuma.” Said Kyo as he turned the stove burner on.
Kazuma Sohma, Kyo’s adoptive father and his son’s namesake looked up. “What a surprise. Hmm…I think I’ll choose to leave you and Tohru-san alone. Besides,” Shishou smiled. “I’m getting on in my years, might as well enjoy my grandchildren while I can.”
Kyo’s shoulders tensed. “DON’T JOKE ABOUT THAT!” he whirled around. “IT’S NOT FUNNY!”
Shishou laughed quietly, but suddenly grew serious. “Kyo…” He grunted and slipped off his chair, gripping the front of his kimono.

“Calm down, he’ll be out of the hospital sooner or later.” Mumbled Kyo.
Kyoko lay alone, staring at the dark ceiling, thinking of her Shishou jii-san. Her parents were concerned in their bedroom, but she could hear them from here.
Jii-san… Thought Kyoko.
She gripped her pillow and started to cry. A knock sounded at the door. It was Kazuma.
“Kyoko-chan, don’t cry.” He hissed and padded into her room. “Jii-san is fine. It’s just a heart attack.”
“I’m scared for him.” She sniffed. “Jii-san…”
Kazuma plopped onto the edge of her bed. By now he was heading towards his thirteenth birthday and carried the genes of sohma family; A beautiful face, clear complexion, and slender build. Kyoko was to young to understand beauty, but she loved her brother.
“Onii-san, will you stay with me tonight?” she whispered.
Kazuma nodded. Then he sang.

I was so happy when you smiled; your smile breaks through the clouds of grey,
far from the sunny days that lie in sleep.
Waiting with patience for the spring; when the flowers will bloom renewed again,
knowing there’s more beyond the pain of today.
And though the scars of yesterday…Remain…
You can go on living as much as your heart believes,
You can’t be born again, although you can change.
Let’s stay together…Itsumo.

“Where did you hear that?” gasped Kyoko.
Kazuma shrugged. “I wrote it.”
“I liked ‘Waiting with patience for the spring; when the flowers will bloom renewed again’.” Said Kyoko excitedly. “And ‘Let’s stay together Itsumo’! Wow Kazuma, when did you write it?”
Kazuma stared at the ceiling. “Just now.”

Akatsuki was seated the next morning at a library computer. He highlighted a text about the Inari and clicked “speech”.
“The Inari fox is known to the Japanese as the bringer of rain. In fact, another name for ‘sun shower’ is-“ Akatsuki cut off the mechanical voice and sighed.
This wasn’t anything he hadn’t heard before, so it didn’t matter to him. He typed ‘Inari zodiac’ in the search engine and tapped enter. To his surprise, he recognized a phrase out of the links.
Sohma age-old curse
Whenever hugged by a member of the opposite sex, thirteen members of the prestigious Sohma family transform into animals. The twelve animals of the ancient Chinese zodiac and the cat…The Inari also play a crucial role in…
Eagerly, Akatsuki clicked the link. Could someone inside the family have started a website about the curse. The old computer hummed and started to load the page. A heavy hand weighed down Akatsuki’s shoulder.
“Snoops get hurt.” Snarled a voice behind him.
Akatsuki’s blood turned to ice. The last thing he saw was the flash of peculiar eyes beneath the shadow of a hooded jacket. Then he felt a pain in his neck and everything turned absolutely black.

“When you see Jii-san, don’t jump on him, he’s still recovering.” Instructed Kyo.
The family of four was lead into a sterile-smelling hospital room where Shishou lay contently propped up by pillows watching a program bashing various celebrities. Kyo and Kyoko went in first and greeted Shishou, made quick small talk, and then allowed Tohru and Kazuma to enter. Kyoko leaned against the wall and Kyo made conversation with a nearby doctor. Kyoko peered into the room nextdoor. A small still figure lay behind a curtain, its silhoutte illuminated by a nearby window. Kyoko cautiously approached. The figure was a boy her age, covered in bruises with a heart monitor nearby giving a slow, shrill rythym. His hair was silver, his eyes violet. Almost like…
“Are you the rat?” Kyoko whispered.
The boy’s head turned. “What?” he wheezed.
“Are…Are you a Sohma?” she asked.
The boy wheezed and nodded. “You…you’re Kyoko…” He mumbled.
“Yeah…you look like Yuki-oji. Are you the rat?”
The boy nodded again and leaned forward, supporting himself with an elbow. “Listen.”
He breathed. “Something to do with the curse is happening. Something called the Inar-“ He broke off and his eyes went wide with fear.
Kyoko felt a presence behind her.
“I thought you had learned.” Came a deep voice.
The last thing Kyoko heard was the boy scream as glass shattered around her and wind rushed by as she plummeted three stories.

Akatsuki stared in horror at the broken window. “You-“
The strange monster that couldn’t be human silently turned and disappeared. A moment later Tohru and Kyo rushed into the room. Akatsuki squeezed his eyes shut as Tohru screamed Kyoko’s name.

Kagura heaved a breath and turned over. Momiji lay nearby. Both sat silent for a long time. The only sound was the panting and the pounding of their hearts. Both had finished kissing each other, and felt… strange. Momiji shifted. Kagura rolled over to face him in the dim light. Suddenly, he was over her. He held himself poised, but untouching. Kagura stared. They held there for a long time.
“Kagura…” He breathed.
His lips met hers. Kagura lost track of time. Both were only vaguely aware of the loss of their shirts. Then the moments were only touching, breathing, and the rythym of being together. Time passed. The two were absorbed in the game, the game no one won or lost. Time passed…

Akatsuki was in shock. He was afraid of the thug that had attacked him and Kyoko. He looked at her, motionless behind the curtain separating them, her parents hovered nearby and some doctors huddled together and muttered. Kyoko’s eye lashes lay softly over a bandage on her cheek, her elegant face battered by the surprise attack. Akatsuki couldn’t stand it, he looked away, eyes squeezed shut. They snapped open, staring at the ceiling as Akatsuki came to the shocking realization. Why was he concerned about Kyoko so greatly? The answer rang so clear that it was ridiculous.
I love her. I loved her from the moment I first saw her. Akatsuki’s monitor beeped quicker. She has to love me too. She has to!
Tears leaked from beneath the lids of the rat’s closed eyes.

To be Continued...
Coming up on Cursed People...
The true meaning behing Kagura and Momiji's relationship is revealed!...
Yuki seeks out the new rat...
Rin and Soshi are locked up by the mysterious thug...
Tohru slips into a frightening condition...
Haru goes "black" and seriously injures a family member...
All next time on Cursed People!
Hello everyone! this is the author speaking. I want you (If you have read this far) to submit a picture of your favorite character. It can be found online or hand-drawn, just post it here! the contestants for this competition are:

Akatsuki (The rat.)
Kyoko (The tiger.)
Soshi (The horse.)
Koga (The white cat.)
Shinji (The other cat.)
Kaname (The new god.)
Usagi (Whose zodiac animal will be revealed shortly.)
or any character ideas for the other members of the Sohma clan!
The characters can be submitted at any age throughout the story or a look into the future.
Oh, sorry, no prizes for entry. crying
Entries can also be by PM or profile comment if you wish. heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This could be Shinji

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
One of these could be little Kyoko.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This could be Koga carrying Yuki's girl-like features. (The picture is supposed to be a girl.)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This one could be Kog's cat form.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
These are much older Kanames

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
You could show a few characters together

Please play along! xd

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