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Did like the Last Air bender Book 1?

Yes 0.26086956521739 26.1% [ 12 ]
Kind of 0.065217391304348 6.5% [ 3 ]
No. 0.47826086956522 47.8% [ 22 ]
Poll whore (just because) :p 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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I know this is topic we all love to back up or rant about, but I'm trying to get a result of who actually like the movie and who didn't.
(Please note if you have seen the show or not please smile )

It was possible that they MIGHT be coming out with a Book 2 because M. Night Shyamalan wrote a script about it already and said it is darker and more elaborated ??

What are your opinions about the first book and the possibility of a second book coming out?

I'm looking forward to seeing your answers
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The first movie was really disappointing. I don't expect a sequel.

I'll be happy with The Legend of Korra.
The first movie was really disappointing. I don't expect a sequel.

I'll be happy with The Legend of Korra.

Thank you smile
Yeah I didn't like it either, but I am happy with The Legend of Korra
I hope they come out with a 2nd movie, just different actors and directors. Basically different everybody....
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They should remake the first one, get a different director and stick with the original story. I hate it when I heard that M Night Whateverhisface had screwed up the names, cut out most of the most important parts of the story and kept on adding slow motion to every scene.
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Most films Shyamalan made that were hated, I really liked. I haven't seen this one yet though, so I can't really say ...
It's unanimous that the majority of people hated it. Even the creators of the show didn't like it and there will be no sequel because of that. Maybe a reboot in the future.
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The money put into making that movie and waht they got back for it in return porbably gurantees there will be no sequel. It was pretty awful.
The movie really sucked. The names were totally off. They messed up the Haru scene by putting earth around them, which killed the point of the whole scene. If someone else directed it, I think it would be a lot better.
The more I watch this movie, the more I feel like it's so close to being good it hurts.
I actually like the visuals, and I'm not particularly disappointed with the races. The acting... on the most part... wasn't terrible, and there were some scenes that made me very happy. One being the part where the masked ninja busts Aang out of captivity. Almost exactly how they did it in the show.
Unfortunately, it's panned as a bad movie for a reason. The pacing is crap, there's some hilariously bad dubs for some scenes, and the dialogue in general is pretty lame too. The characters never stop spouting back-stories and important story points. I love how you said the sequel was supposed to be more elaborate. The first was a little TOO elaborate. Seriously, every scene was exposition. It was Avatar: The last exposition bender. Zuko's back-story? Could've been done in a dream sequence. Aang's back-story? Could've been a memory while thinking of his involvement with saving the world. I can't think of the others, but the first half of the movie is scene by scene story telling.
It's crazy that M. Night kept breaking all those beginner rules for movie making: show don't tell, don't make dubbed lines really obvious, don't forget fx if there are any, and try to avoid p***s hair.

It feels like someone should do a re-edit, and re-dub of some lines and stuff. Then, it'd be actually alright.

Well that's my two cents anyways. The movie disappoints me, but more than disappoints, it just leaves me feeling a little sad. It could've been an epic, but it failed instead.
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The first movie was really disappointing. I don't expect a sequel.

I'll be happy with The Legend of Korra.
i hate reading so unless i have to do a paper on it for a class i won't be reading it.

i loved the movie though! and i'm looking forward to a second movie!
Thank you for all your opinions! I really appreciate it.

Keep them coming if you want biggrin
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They're making another one?! But the first one looked so bad I didn't even bother wasting my time with it! They're most likely going to try pushing too much into another movie that is too short and end up ruining the Avatar series even more. Couldn't they just stop while they were ahead, like what Dragonball did? cry

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