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IB...I know of this evil program. D= I was in it for a little while, my spiral 1(algebra 2/geometry) teacher was teaching the class wrong and I failed the first half of the year so I was like, ughhh forget it. But one of my best friends is going into her Junior year of it this upcoming school year. It's a looooot of work. gonk

Which leads me to ask, xD, why would you take on drawing art of people which would only make you more busy than you already were, when you've got a plateful of stuff already? ;o

People that have a lot of stuff to do, IB or otherwise, and can balance their lives make me feel like I can too, since I don't have so much stuff. So, thanks. ;'3
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Lol, evil is an understatement. D:

Yeh, my Physics teacher isn't too good with the whole..teaching thing...I failed the AP test miserably because of that. D: But it's whatever, I just gotta study my a** off this year to make sure that I pass the IB test. ;____;

Ah, yeh. Well...when I had started it, I wasn't really working on my summer homework. And I figured "3 a day? That's not too bad!" But then I started cracking down on my work and I was like "woah, that's....dang.." ;~;

But balancing my life, haha. It's pretty much. Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate (i.e., get on Gaia, haha). Then when the deadline starts coming close, work like a crazy person and avoid Gaia as much as possible. Which is why I still have so much work to do on my commissions as well. xD;;
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Am I Durem coloured enough for this?... xd
Procrastination rocks my socks. x3 Lol.
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Yoshiki-san ; You've got the flag, that's good enough. xD Epic name, btw. <3

Negative Zero ; Yeh, I keep telling myself that I'm going to stop, so I'll stop being so stressed out. But lol, I just can't seem to quit it. Procrastination and I go together like Earth&gravity. <3
LOL. Good analogy. xp
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I'm a Physics kid, what can I say? xD

I almost typed gravy instead of gravity, though.

Draw Me Please
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Woah! That is an interesting avatar you've got there! <3

Also, your signature made me laugh, out loud.
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High-functioning Shoujo

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