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This sounds like fun. Can't wait to see who wins.
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I hope everyone had a great boxing day with lots of great buys xD! blaugh
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Yes! On BBC America biggrin My boyfriend and I watched it last night.

>.> cool. lol
Why do so many Americans love Doctor Who o.o

It's a really good show? =D Honestly, I don't know about other American's lol My boyfriend started me on Doctor Who.

Well loads of Americans I know love Doctor Who, however my friends over here don't =[ XD
Weird, huh?

It is a little odd lol I don't know many Whovians, either.

I meet loads on gaia O.O
Loads of people dressed up as doctor who, and with that TARDIS in Imaginary Friend <3
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Noow to get on toward New Year's Eve - oh wait, I work then took
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Flora Carrow
faerie graveyard
Flora Carrow
Hello, everyone! ^^

*Is worried about getting lost in the crowd* ^^;

You should be, I was just about to post about how I spaced out for a minute and fell back like 10 pages, omg!!

Lol Yeah I gotta feeling this threads gonna be pretty constant the whole time it's going on. o:

The thread is on a new page every time I refresh. It's amazing! I've never seen anything like it. o.o;;

Earlier when I first got here at page like 300 it was going like 15 pages every time I refreshed so it's at a much slower pace than it was earlier when I was talking to like 8 people at the same time while still quoting random other people haha.

It's down to like 2-4 pages per refresh so it's slowed down a bit. It'll speed back up when people wonder back. Maybe after the first reward is given and picked or before. Who knows.

Happy holidays btw. C:

Haha Maybe I just don't hangout in threads like these often, but I've never seen a thread move so quickly. I can't imagine how fast it was going when you first got here!

Who knows. I read the rules and instructions, but I'm not sure if I understand correctly. Is siskataya just picking someone out randomly from the posts? I figured there would be some sort of contest to get the prize. (If there isn't, that's lucky for me since I'm not very talented. xD)
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Ppt Slvn
ultra sand ninja
Ppt Slvn
ultra sand ninja
Hopefully everyone here had a good holiday! emotion_yatta

Love your sig art o.o
And your avi is sooo amazing! O.O

Thanks, it goes along with one of my outfits.
o.o Really? I just through something on. I just used a Gender potion, for a holiday gag, and just through something girlish on. But thanks again for the compliment!
:3 I really like the feathers in your hair too!

It looks amazing! O.O
Gender potion, really? Thats sooo cool c: [np ^-^]
Oh Daydream Catcher, I always wanted this item so yeah ^-^

O.O Thank you!
emotion_yatta It looks good on you.
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Mississippi Black Velvet

Yeah They Are WAY TOO GOOD!!!

They Look Like This.....

Its A Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Cupcake With A Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting emotion_drool

Holy deliciousness Batman. I just want to eat my screen now.
emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira

Man They Are So Freaking Good....
OMG Cookies And Cream Cupcakes Are Equally As Amazing emotion_drool
emotion_omnomnom emotion_omnomnom emotion_omnomnom emotion_omnomnom yum_cupcake
Man I Need A Cupcake Now emotion_facepalm
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On the first day of Siskmas, the best avi sent to me...
A Kitten Star Perched Up In A Tree!
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perhaps i just might, oh should it, maybe i should wait, or should i do it now, hmm decisions decisions
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Lupo Di Fulmine
That 70s Song
Lupo Di Fulmine
Hello? Can anyone read this?

Hello there! I just read your post emotion_kirakira
I just posted because these pages are just flying right by its all crazy

I know! A lot of people want to win these crazy prizes xD
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Anyone want to chat?
im pretty literate mrgreen
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Divine Punk

Baaaaby.. I'll give you everything you need. I'll give you everything you need, ohhh~

I know it's gonna be, I know it's gonna be, I know it's gonna be alright!
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Popcorn Jellybeans

I've yet to mention this, but your avi is precious. I love how it fits together. heart

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