Hello everyone!

We've noticed an increase in people posting in misplaced threads and we thought we'd give everyone a reminder about not posting in misplaced threads:

  • Posting in Misplaced threads is considered Spamming and this can actually get you warned.
  • Posting in Misplaced threads is disruptive. This is because it keeps up bad threads, clutters the forum up and makes it hard for new content to get noticed. This makes it really hard for people to get the help they need.
  • Depending on the circumstances you may actually be violating the Rules and Guidelines in the Computers and Technology forum (you can find them here). Specifically the rule about not posting in threads you reported. This also carries the potential of a trolling warning.

These are not the only issues with posting in misplaced threads, but are the more common issues.

The big issue however is that it is Spamming and that is a violation of Gaia Online's Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines and you can very well be warned for posting in a misplaced thread and even banned in extreme cases and we really don't like to ban people. So please, don't post in misplaced threads.

We thank you for understanding and hope this has been informative for everyone.