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i`m going to draw it and never show any of it to the world, if that`s okay with you. XD
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i`m going to draw it and never show any of it to the world, if that`s okay with you. XD

Just as long as you show it to me! Don't worry, I'll never tell.
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I actually made a test page for this 2 weeks ago, but then decided I didn't have enough time for the whole thing. emotion_awesome

ANYWAY. if you're interested in seeing the one page here's a link.

If not, I was never here.. -mysterious hand movements-
I think you have established your characters well, reminds me of Matthew Riley's books from the way the characters are shown. I would just suggest having a little more interest and hook to keep the viewers reading. So far it seems a little plain because of all the conversation so I think it would benefit from being written a little less novel-like and more like a comic script.
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Thanks so much for the input!
I think that part of the reason for all the talking is just because I want to get more of the character's personalities out in this one, though you're absolutely correct, there isn't a ton of action to hook in new readers. I am actually in the middle of writing a second script that takes place in a more populated area and involves some more action than this one.
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Man, instead of bumping this thread constantly, I should probably just learn how to draw.
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There is hope yet my friend. biggrin
I still sort of want to do this, yet in a way I feel I'm really an amateur at making comics. D: I know it seems silly, but I dunno, the other people on this thread seem more knowledgeable about comic'ing in general. Especially that IronSpike fellow. He/she/it scares me. gonk

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