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Which style of music do you prefer?

Classical 0.45454545454545 45.5% [ 55 ]
Jazz 0.40495867768595 40.5% [ 49 ]
Blues 0.1404958677686 14.0% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 121 ]
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Jazz! Who doesn't love jazz? Dixieland is what I prefer heart
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I prefer Jazz if I had to choose though I love all three genres of music
I say, nothing gets my toes tapping quite like a lively little jazz number.
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Looks at poll
... Well gee.. I wonder who the one person who chose blues is?
I have always and forever will be a Bluesman, I honestly need it to function. To quote Matt "Guitar" Murphy: "I need them to soothe me, to ease my misery. The blues is my companion. they don't bother me." I go no where with out my healthy collection of classic and contemporary. That being said I also love classic jazz, Satchmo and Sir Duke being my favorite.
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Old school big band jazz all the way!
I like the style
I love Classical, Jazz And blues! =D
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Tipsy Lunatic

That's like asking if I prefer ice cream or cake. I like both.
I'm a huge fan of classical-style music, especially movie scores. I also played in band (bass clarinet, among others) and really enjoy playing it.

However, jazz is also a favorite. I love listening to 1920's and 1930's jazz especially, and then there's the Rat Pack.....

And Blues...Lead Belly, Robert Johnson, Baby Tate.

So basically, this forum is an orgasm for me.
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Liberal Genius

Personally, I LOVE jazz.
Jazz is really fun to play on the piano and saxaphone. I only chose jazz cause its fun to play, but I like to listen to classical
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I love you jazz but the blues still win
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It's hard to decide between Classical and Jazz. I listen to jazz more, but I really like listening to Chopin and Tchaikovsky.
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Sparkly Capitalist

Jazz is really fun to play on the piano and saxaphone. I only chose jazz cause its fun to play, but I like to listen to classical

Jazz is more fun to play on piano, but classical sounds more beautiful when you do play so yeah.
I say Jazz coz it makes me relax!

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