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Tay Lorien
Darc Nightgale
Tay Lorien
picked up the newest final fantasy theatrhythm game today.

Cool! I will try to pic it up tomorrow when I have to run some errands.

There are also 2 free dlc songs until the 30th. After that, there is like 50 songs at .99 each and at least 7 upcoming dlc characters... Might get a few, but the game already comes with 221 songs! That's way more than the first game.

The only problem I'm having so far is that when I started the game I chose the first four characters in a row, when I should have at least chosen Cloud as one of my starting characters... now I have to unlock him!

Ramza is great though. His art is what I based my first Tay drawing on. And Ramza starts with Knights of the Round! Which has a trophy just for summoning it.

Got the game today. I went to gamestop, and picked it up. I also went ahead and preordered 2 games as well.

That is a ton of songs. whee
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The Infamous One
Tay Lorien
picked up the newest final fantasy theatrhythm game today.
They made a sequel?

yeah, Curtain Call.

way more songs, although they got rid of series mode, and changed chaos notes to quest medley.

but now you can play it online too!

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