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The Paris Opera House, circa 1881

(but wait, there's more!)

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… You've sampled the glamor of the glorious Paris Opera House, but what lurks beneath the stage? Where do they store such monumental sets? What happens behind, or in this case below, the scenes? The answer is found in the cellars.

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The Opera was built upon a labyrinth of cellars, much like the catacombs which run underneath so many streets of Paris. Scenery, set pieces, and controls for the workings of the stage take up most of the room on the higher levels. Lower down are the huge furnaces with workers continuously shoveling coal into the mouth of each grate. Other than the hellish red fire of the furnaces, light is generally sparse in the cellars. It mostly comes from people who've lit lanterns before you and left them laying around.

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If you manage to get as far down as the fifth cellar, it's mostly flooded by a man-made body of water created during the construction of the Opera House. At least there is some natural light down here, albeit filtered through the damp stone. One of the stone walkways actually leads to a street outside! You might happen to find a boat on the edge of the dark lake....

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Nobody ever goes lower than the fifth cellar. There are dungeons and skeletons down there. It was used during the most recent occupation of Paris as somewhere for the Communards to keep prisoners and supplies, and is probably cursed. And no one can hear you scream.


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PCT Guild

List of Cosplays

Please check this list before bringing in a cosplay so you do not bring in a duplicate.

Hello! Welcome to the PCT. Anyone can post here! Reading this entire post will make it much easier for you to learn how to enjoy your PCT experience.

This a joint role playing / discussions thread, but we speak in first person to make it easier on everyone. For cosplays/OCs/FCs, out of character speech can be designated with double parentheses, tiny text, brackets, etc. For everyone, actions can be designated with asterisks, hyphens, etc. Please scroll down to see definitions to help you determine what cosplays/OCs/regulars are!


Important: If you notice a cosplay has made a mistake by posting on the wrong account, please do not point it out in the thread. Doing so is extremely rude and unnecessary. Though we may be perfectionists, we are not perfect. Also, do not openly discuss who the cosplay's main account is. That sort of talk must be reserved for PMs. If it is the cosplayer's choice not to reveal their main account, that decision must be respected.

All the usual rules of roleplaying apply, even for regulars and OCs/FCs. Search the web for examples of good and bad RPing.. Such as: You cannot fatally or seriously injure someone, and you certainly cannot control another person's character, which is Godmodding. If you need help, you can ask anyone for clarification. Just because you're a regular doesn't mean you can provide magical, cure-all help or give yourself perfect fighting skills. Don't do it. When in doubt, follow the Daisy Code! Click the banner below.

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We like to keep this thread not completely "serious", but for everyone to have fun we ask that you follow good RPing practice, and don't chew someone out in the thread. If you have to give someone a nudge, do it politely in the thread or shoot them a PM.. Always feel free to voice your opinion, but if you feel the need to attack someone for their behavior or their opinion, do it politely through Private Messages... or not at all. And if someone attacks you, stand up for yourself. You can also PM me for mediation. This doesn't apply to cosplays, since they have to act in character and they might not be the friendliest sort. Just using your common sense will do wonders.

| | |

A word about the PDA (Public Display of Affection) threshold for this thread: We understand that for certain cosplays it is in-character to be romantic or sexual, or extremely violent. Gaia requires everything to be PG-13 or below, and we also request that you keep everything within tasteful limits and take things "off screen" to leave it to the imagination.

And now for a terminology lesson....

Definitions to help you categorize yourself:

- Cosplay: Playing a character from a book, movie, play, tv show, cartoon, video game, etc. that you did not create. Cosplay stands for costume + roleplay, meaning you must dress your avatar as the character (with exceptions, like no-pants-day or special outfits) and you must act in character. There are specific examples of good and bad RPing in the guild, but you can use your own common sense and any RPing guide on the internet to help you. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

- Fan Character: Playing a character that you created to exist in the universe of an existing book, movie, play, tv show, etc. You MUST have created this character separate from, and not solely for the purpose of this thread. They MUST have an established story and were not created "just because" you needed someone to play. You must abide by their own character laws. They are not just a way to give yourself powers.

- Original Character: Playing a character that you created from completely original material. Like fan characters, they must not originate from this thread, they must have their own set of rules so you can act in character, as well as their own story. Source material need not be completely finished, but you must have established how the character acts, what they can do, etc. so that you can be IC. Again, this should never be used as a way to just give yourself powers or abilities, it should not be yourself at all.

**New FCs and OCs will be required to fill out a form (and PM it to me) detailing their traits/personality/story for our edification. The form is here. If you fail the little test, you might be asked to develop the character more before RPing here**

- Regular: This is you, just your main account and/or mules. No powers, no special abilities (within reason, this is a fantasy place >> ), just as if you were accessing any normal forum. You can play around and RP with the characters here but please don't expect to be able to piss everyone off with no repercussions. Treat people nicely and be yourself. Regulars need to respect one another, even if you don't like someone's ideas or values, you should treat them as you would want to be treated.

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-- Created by our friend Julie

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Erik will try to curtail his desire for public floggings.

If you've posted often enough for me to recognize you, you will be considered a "regular". For regulars, more chances will be given before I ban you from the thread. Violations that lead to the banhammer are things like being chronically annoying, a bad RPer, posting nonsense (above and beyond our tolerable nonsense threshold), or committing some other atrocious act.

For people who are new or just passing through and won't read this anyway, you are officially NOT ALLOWED to post: advertisements, arena entries, quests, bumps, gibberish, RP requests, picture requests, porn, page-stretching images or text, or meaningless posts. They do not contribute to anyone's enjoyment of the thread and they are essentially the same as bumping. I delete these posts and add the person to my ignore list, making them unable to post here anymore. I do not give warnings for this.

PLEASE do not quote spam or other nonsense, as it contributes to the problem and creates more posts for me to delete. Do not be rude to spammers/bumpers/etc unless you are telling a persistent person to stop. It just.. makes you look rude.

This thread is open to anyone, we welcome you and thank you for visiting us.
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IT'S OVERRRRR!!!!!! I cried. ;_;

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Link us!

Attention performers: NEW DATE! Sunday Feb. 17th, 7:30 eastern.


We are ready to start casting for the PCT's own production of Phantom! Performances will be in Erik's house (1 Barton 001209). Rehearsals will be either in Erik's or my house (link here). Both will be scheduled around your times, but please be flexible. We will not be holding auditions unless there are too many people who volunteer. Please don't volunteer if you can't get into Towns and/or you have no time whatsoever. Anyone who volunteers (and fits can-do criteria) is welcome. We will be using the cosplayers if there aren't enough people. Oh, and you need to provide the costume on your own avatar, but you can ask for donations and borrow-ings if necessary.
Here is the link to the script.

Erik: Elanchana
Christine: Rhyala
Raoul: haleybob (mule: Raoul in the Making)
The Persian: I am the highwayman
Mme. Giry: Phantom of the Forum
Carlotta: -DancngThroughLife- (mule: Carlotta_Cosplay)
Richard: cosplayer
Moncharmin: cosplayer
The human chandeliler: PhantomoftheComputerLab

Determined: My two Erik costumes (normal and Red Death)... any suggestions? Edit: Replace that tie with a neck ruffle.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
(Note: I'm borrowing the red scarf from Erik)
The human chandelier
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Keep it subtle. The headdress is the chandelier.

Christine's masquerade
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Something like that. I tried to get the domino look.

Raoul's masquerade
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Bleh...I tried. Well, you get the idea. Something white with spots of black.

Erik has provided me with semi-permanent sets.
Set 1 Before the masquerade scene, includes Erik's room, Christine's dressing room, the managers' office, and a go-between center area. (The upper left wall is going to be moved over.
Set 2 Starting with the masquerade scene and before the torture scene, includes Christine's dressing room, the managers' office, the masquerade area (grand foyer), and the go-between center area.
Set 3 Torture scene only. Includes Erik's house (is that supposed to be Christine's room or what?) and torture chamber.

Congratulations. stare
I have arrived!
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Hurray! A new thread! <3
So glad to have an official thread. Bonsoir à tous.

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