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This thread is for people participating in Gaia Spirit Week and joined in 2007! If you're not sure what year you joined, you can check here.

Welcome one welcome all to the home of 2007 Gaians for Spirit Week! We are blue as our color. And proud cause we own the sea and sky!

I've decided that us o7's need a home like every other class so I came up with this much.

If you're looking for the main Gaia Spirit Week thread, you can find it here!

I r Spirit Week

07.10.10: It's the end of Gaia Spirit Week! It's true. We're really here. It's over.
Thanks so much for an awesome, amazing, fantastic year guys. We couldn't have done it without you.
Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the winners of the Gaian classes are...

First Place goes to 2007!
Congratulations, and here is your trophy
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07.17.11: It's the end of another year of GSW guys! It's sad, but here it is. GSW will come around again, and I hope to see all of you here next time. Join the guild to make sure you don't miss out on an GSW news~
Since we're here at the end, here are the winners!

First place goes to 2007!
Congrats guys!
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07.22.12: It's the end of another year of GSW guys! It's sad, but here it is. GSW will come around again, and I hope to see all of you here next time. Join the guild to make sure you don't miss out on an GSW news~
Since we're here at the end, here are the winners!

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Second place goes to 2007!

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This the official 07 thread, we've remade it with a mule so other mods can help out with the thread.
1. Must follow all rules!
2. Don't talk crap. Meaning: don't bash us.
3. Don't spam or flame anyone in the thread. It isn't appreciated.
4. Obey all of the ToS.
5. Must listen to all thread mods, but I'm god over all. So don't try to over rule me even if you are a mod.
6. No cybering.
7. No being rude or you'll be put on the blacklist.
8. Don't quote the first page.
9. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the thread or PM me.
10. Have fun!
Black List
~ iNova_King

White list
~ Hanatoria
~Tajiyo Zugun
~ Zalyana

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@Izzy Says Rwr ~Ello I was sweet_toxic_kisses on gaia back in o9,back in 1o I was Izzy Rawr Danny, Now I am Izzy Says Rawr,Though I'd pefer you can call me Lizzie, Liz or Izzy. I am a 18 years old.I can and will get a little grouchy. I love helping and meetings others. I have 1 year old baby girl named Hope so anything talking about Hope means her.. And I love Gaia and Of course I join in o7.I started the o7 thread on my main back in spirit week of o9.So this why I'm here today. ~ Pm me or Message me if you have any questins. ~ When on the mule I write in red heart

@Wrathofrealm ~ Have always been known as wrathofrealm, yes there is quite a funny story behind how this became my account name. If your ever interested in hearing it just ask. Been here since o7 (duh). Going to college for computer programming and minoring in communications. Don't let that fool you, i don't have a life and yes i am a hardcore gamer. I'm not a grammar nazi but i am superb in grammar and english and spelling and such so if i misspelled a word it was on purpose to add emphasis. unless its probably then i really did misspell it and forgot to let word check fix it. also i dont believe in the use of apostrophes, they slow me down, get over it razz Super hard core Otaku, yes otaku not wapanese or anything like that cause im into more than just anime but the japanese culture and everything as well, call me wapanese and you will invoke the wrath of wrath. On that note, i like to cosplay alot (hmm i wonder why i like GSW) went to a con last year loved every minute of it, finished my cosplay this year and plan on going to another con in november. if you have any more questions just feel free to pm me or talk to me in the thread here or GSW just dont be like creepy like izzy and stalk me on facebook (really izzy it freaks people out when you do that) Hellsing FTW. Wrath out.

@SheThoughtSheDid ~ Oh hai there. I'm Did. You probably remember me as SegaManiac though. I never know what to write in these about me things. I participated in the last two spirit weeks, this being my third. For the first 3 years being on Gaia, I didn't do much except come back for holiday events. I became legit active after the 2010 spirit week. Since I'm almost always on the internet, feel free to PM or comment me if you want to know more.


Looking For Mods 3 spots aviable.
Optonail o7 Blue Uniform out Fit.
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< Reseverd >

((quote is for next years spirit week))


Okay, okay. Here's what I thought about the uniform.
It's for people who don't have a lot of money, and don't feel like making an avatar/can't make an avatar. It's cheap and affordable for those who don't have a lot of money and can't splurge on all of the nice, expensive blue items.

That might not be what it was supposed to be, but that's what I thought about it.


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Gaia Spirit Week 2013

[ { Sunday the 7th } ]
[ { Back in Time Day } ]
We feel that in order to really feel back in time, we might just have to travel past the 1950's for this one. (Sorry, poodles skirts! We still love you!) You can dress up from the Roaring Twenties, Victiorian period, Edwardian, the Stone Age, and anything in between. This is also open to media that is set during these eras, so you are more than welcome to dress as historical figures, fictional or otherwise.

[ { Monday the 8th } ]
[ { This Mission is Top Secret Day } ]
This message will self-destruct in ten seconds. It is now your task to dress as those gatherers of intelligence that we couldn't live without. Spies, double-agents, ninjas, private detectives, and moles. Bust out those unassuming gadgets, suave attire, and hidden weapons and be sure to decode that information...or whatever it is your superiors want. [Boom]

[ { Tuesday the 9th } ]
[ { Gaian Town Day } ]
Basically, dress in the colors of your favorite Gaia Town; Aekea, Barton, Durem, or Isle de Gambino. Don't have a favorite town? That's okay, we're also opening this day up to the many NPCs here on Gaia Online! So you are more than welcome to dress like the shopkeepers, holiday characters that show up during events, or even ones from the games on the site.

[ { Wednesday the 10th } ]
[ { Cross-Dressing Day } ]
We heard your prayers; you almost voted for this day. Twice! And we realized, this needs to be a day. Dress yourself (or your avatar as the case would be) as the opposite gender; you can do this in a simple or basic way, or pull out all the stops and go all glitz and glam. Keep in mind not to do anything that would be considered offensive, though we would think by now that was a given. Or, if you don't feel like dressing as male or female, how about androgynous?

[ { Thursday the 11th } ]
[ { Sins & Virtues Day } ]
Pretty obvious; be a humanization of one of the seven Deadly Sins, or seven Virtues! For reference, the 7 Sins are: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride, and the 7 Virtues are: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility. If you want to go the extra mile, gather your friends and get a group of you all in your sinful or virtuous garb.

[ { Friday the 12th } ]
[ { Unknown Day } ]
One of our old favorites - Unknown Day! You pick what the day will be! You'll see we've posted a poll up above. It will close on Thursday to give you time to get ready. The options are as follows:

I. Right in the Feels Day: This day is dedicated to all those emotions we feel, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Make yourself happy as a clam or be as angry as...something angry. We'll also opening this day to various internet memes that we know and love...or maybe wish never surfaced. Ever.

II. Astronomy vs. Astrology Day: Love the stars? Awesome! Love the zodiac? Fabulous! This day is all about the Chinese and Western zodiac. What does this mean? Well, you can represent an animal or creature featured in these, or even the constellation they represent. You can even pick a group of stars not featured in the zodiac, if you so choose.

III.: Elemental Day: Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! [Go Planet!] This day is all about the elements. Of course, don't forget about the Periodic Table of Elements, since those are important as well!

IV. What Happens In Vegas...: ..stays in Vegas." Today we'd like to have avatars feature those crazy (mis)adventures that you never want to speak of in public. All evidence must be burned, any questions unanswered for fear of questioning either morals or mental health, and tigers returned to Mike Tyson. Don't even question the tattoo on your left butt cheek that you thought was a sweet mermaid, but really resembles Joan Rivers.

V. Video Game Day: In this day and age, it's neck in neck with certain systems winning popularity, but we can't forget to love their origins as well. Those hulking machines in the arcade, ancient retro systems that had cartridges you had to blow into to work, and discs that would scratch after one use. From the 8-bit relics to the HD I'm-going-to-blow-your-mind graphics, the characters that had you keep saving the princess in each castle, dogs that laugh at you when you missed a shot, and ghosts that ran away once you ate the blinking pellet. An ode to the gamer, you might say, so wear your achievements like a badge of pride.

[ { Saturday the 13th } ]
[ { Class Color Day } ]
If you are in this Thread more than likely your color is blue.

Remembrance Week

We decided to do something a little bit different, something special this year. After Gaia Spirit Week, we'll be hosting one extra week to bring back some of our most popular themes from past years! We hope everyone will stick around for a trip down memory lane (or welcome some of you in to days that you might have missed before you joined us), but if not, we hope you enjoyed this year's Gaia Spirit Week! Here are the days we'll be bringing back:

[ { Sunday the 14th } ]
[ { Cosplay Day } ]
Dress up like someone from a various form of media, be it a video game, movie, anime, comic...you see where we're going with this? Are you a closet fan of something you wouldn't admit to offline? Perfect! Show your love for your favorite character (or characters, since you don't have to pick just one cosplay throughout the day) and see if anyone else can guess just who it is you are dressing as.

[ { Monday the 15th } ]
[ { Twin Day } ]
The hallmark of high school Spirit Weeks everywhere, Gaia Spirit Week is bringing backTwin Day. Or more-than-twin day. Dress identically to someone else, or multiple someone elses. This can go as far as the same skin and hairstyle, or can mimic the poor job of matching most high school friends do. Don't have any Gaian friends to match up with? Check out this thread! We're sure you'll find a willing volunteer.

[ { Tuesday the 16th } ]
[ { Pokémon Day } ]
What kind of pokémon are you? How do you do the things you do~ Mimic your favorite pokémon! We've all got one, so we want you to dress like it! This can be a hard one since your avi isn't really pokémon shaped, but there are enough items on Gaia, we've got faith that you lot can do it successfully! Need some help finding a good Pokémon? Bulbapedia can help; you can even search by color. Or, if you aren't feeling the whole pokémon thing, you can dress as a trainer, or even one of the other people you come across on your journey!

[ { Wednesday the 17th } ]
[ { Accessories Day } ]
The only rule is that you may only wear accessories! Simple, right? Wear anything you want, so long as it came out of the accessory tab in your inventory. Have fun!

[ { Thursday the 18th } ]
[ { I Am Day } ]
The rules are simple: dress up only as an item that has an "I Am" or "You are" pose! Don't know what items have these options, click this for a list of the items.

[ { Friday the 19th } ]
[ { Favorite Past Theme Day } ]
For this day, we're letting you pick for yourself what theme you'd dress for today. This is open to not only days from the past years, but this year's Spirit Week as well. You don't have to pick just one, but you also don't have to prepare a bunch of outfits. Remember, just have fun and experience (or for quite a bit of us, re-live) this blast from the past.

These are the past themes we've officially had:
'08 - Nighty Night Gaia Day, Rainbow Day, Cliche Day, Dress Like A Whore Day, Flaunt Your Wealth Day, Cosplay Day
'09 - Grayscale Day, Animal Day, Holi-Day, Bondage Day, Twin Day, Formal Day
'10 - Flag Day, Pirate Day, 80s Day, Professional Day, Pokemon Day, Kinky Cosplay Day
'11 - Music Day, Eco(nomically)-Friendly Day, Techie Day, Favorite Item Day, Monster Day , Accessory Day
'12 - British Invasion, Just Be Yourself Day, Myths and Legends Day, Risky Business Day, End of Days Day, "I Am" Day

[ { Saturday the 20th } ]
[ { Rainbow Day } ]
This day isn't about class competition, but about unity. Instead of a traditional class color day, we're opening it up for everyone to dress in ALL THE COLORS! That's right, as in more than one color, in fact, all of them. At least, all the ones that have a place here in Spirit Week (And maybe some that haven't). Need help on finding a rainbow item to wear? Use this handy, dandy item list to see what all your options are.
07 Art

07 Meet Up Spot:

Friendchat: Here

password: gsw13

Each day at 7pm eastern time The class of o7 will have class screen shots.

Some times class of o4 will join us.
Town Pictures for 07
07 Guild

This is the link to the guild ~ Guild Link ~

The Class of 2007 now has an official tumblr! You don't need an account to view or submit pictures. If you just want to look around, visit by clicking here!

To submit pictures to the tumblr, click here.

At the moment, SheThoughtSheDid and LeNoire are running it.

We (along with some other people) are also running the Gaia Spirit Week tumblr! If you have ANY screenshots throughout spirit week, feel free to submit them to us! They don't have to be class related, we'll accept any. If you want them to show up on the front page of the official Gaia Spirit Week thread, send them to the I r Spirit Week mule. Even better, submit to both the tumblr account and to the official GSW mule.

If you DO have a tumblr, feel free to follow both of the blogs.

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