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Help Lord Maligseph Get His Hat!

Donate fishing/towns cans to his dream avi quest 1 100.0% [ 601 ]
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I am back from Vacation!

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Banner by The_Lion_Demon ^

The Horns I currently have on are not mine... They are Jerzeeboiis. He let me barrow them wile he is at boot camp. I hope to have my own pair by the time he returns some time in December.

Lord needs cans for his dream avi so me and a bunch of regulars here are side questing to help him out. please if you plan to help make your donations out to me and ill be sure and get it to the proper people. that will be a whole lot easier for all of us

Thank you everyone that has clicked on my thread! I am currently questing for Horns of the Demon at a cost of 250,000 gold stressed . It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out. If not please bump!


This is a discrimination free zone. Know that all types of diversity are welcomed and wanted her at my thread. If you have a problem with anyone I suggest you either stay silent about it or get the ******** out. Those that are on the list of important people are also subject to my law. Do also understand that I will not stand for people using my thread in a sick twisted way because I state that it is discrimination free. I do reserve the right to hate you flame you and blacklist you if you disobey me. Thank you.


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^Sign my petition^

post 1: Introduction
Post 2: The Quest
Post 3: Updates
Post 4: Donators
Post 5: Important People
Post 6: Contests
Post 7: Links out
Post 8: Links in

Horns of the Demon

Market place price as of 7-29-06: 300,000 gold
currently saved to this quest as of 7-29-06: 10,000 gold

Nightmare Headband (complete)
rin sold me a pair for 200k crying
sient loves his rin heart

Can Count For Lord
(minus cans sent already, check moonie and lords sig for the complete counts)

cans as of 7-6-06: 1,419 cans

* * * * *
Future Quests

Black High School Wide Bottom Pants ? 1,000 gold
#FF0000 complex shirt M ? 6,131 gold
Helm of the Vikings - 1,000 gold
Soldad midnight officers cap ? 19,000 gold
Prism Butterfly Mantilla - 9,000 gold
Dorsal Fin - market price (2.5k as of 4-27-06)
Green Head Fins - market (5k as of 4-27-06)
sharp fish teeth
Gutar of the demona ? market price
all of the fish eyes - market price
Canary Yellow Pimpin' Cane - 5,000 gold
Gold Pocket Watch - 1,500 gold
Chairo Cache Shades - 3,750 gold
Jacked up Cape - market price - about 9.5k^
Horns of the Demon - market price - about 230k^
Kandy Korn Hat - market price - about 200k^
Nightmare Headband -210,000 gold<--- (current Quest)

Dream Avi's
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7-29-06 ~ nitemare headband quest complete
7-9-06 ~ Began reconstruction of the important peoples post
7-9-06 ~ Switched quest from kandy korn hat to Horns of the Demon
7-6-06 ~ sent 344 cans to Lord making it a total of 1,419 sent
7-5-06 ~ Jerzeeboii has signed off for the last time till December as he heads to basic training. We miss you already John! Good Luck! gonk crying
6-18-06 ~ Put up a new banner moonie made me, re organized the links list, and began revamping the important peoples list
6-16-06 ~ Officialy started kandy korn hat quest
5-28-06 ~ sent 964 cans to Lord to make the total sent 1,075!
May 25, 2006 ~ We reached page 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5-20-06 ~ Kyo9 donated a new banner to me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
5-16-06 ~ nitemare headbands have jumped 30k over the last week and a half crying
5-13-06 ~ Invested 69k in a demonic pitchfork to be sold later sweatdrop
5-7-06 ~ I have now completed over 50% of my quest
5-7-06 ~ italian wannabe donated 75,000 gold eek gonk crying heart
5-5-06 ~ sent lord 111 cans
5-1-06 ~ Began on super long Nitemare Headband Quest
5-1-06 ~ completed butterfly wings, fish teeth, dorsal fin, and green head fin quests
4-26-06 ~ Fairy Wing Quest Complete

4-25-06 ~ 20% complete
April 25, 2006 ~ We reached page 500!!!!!!!!!
4-23-09 ~ Quest for Fairy wings begins
4-23-06 ~ Angelic Pendant Quest Complete
4-11-06 ~ My quest is now 35% complete^^
4-10-06 ~ Blue striper hemet sold for 25k in the market place^^
4-10-06 ~ Lord MaligSeph donates707 gold, Icy Tuna Helmet, Frozen Rainbow Helm, and Blue striper helmet ^^homg thanks
4-8-06 ~ my quest is not approximatly 20% complete^^
4-8-06 ~ ripout donated 1,000 gold to my quest^^
4-7-06 ~ Ive been smexed up by a donation from shay arnt i uber smexy with my combover blaugh she also donated 600 gold^^
4-5-06 ~ Bai-Yun donates a whole bunch of stuff - we shall miss her greatly as she quits gaia
4-3-06 ~ Got a Blue Box and sold it for 5.2K
4-3-06 ~ Vilith Stend donates 25k to my quest dies*
4-3-06 ~ Quest for an Angelic Pendant Begins^^
Do not PM these people asking for donations... you wont get any stare
I have recently become aware that people are in fact begging my friends and donators. Be adviced i will begin asking those on my donators list to report your names imediatly. i will not stand for beggers!

Vilith Stend ~ 25,000 gold +17,000 gold eek crying gonk heart
Bai-Yun ~ Pine Peacoat, elf style shirt, 2 g buckels, pumpkin ghost mask, elf style pants, jack uniform pants - shirt - coat, and jacked belt ~we shall miss you from gaia bai-Yun
Shaylinx ~ 600 gold + newspaper combover + Thank you letter for may 2006 + fly suit + 1,400 gold + 350 gold + 1,000 gold + Lunar Cloak (sold for 16,500 gold) + 1,001 gold + holly jolly boots (sold 195 gold) + some stuff that im to lazy to list but ill list once there sold^^ + 1,000 gold eek crying gonk heart
ripout ~ 1,000 gold + 800 gold + 600 gold + 1,000 gold + 1,000 gold +easter bunny ears(sold for 1,550) + 1,200 + bunny shirt, bunny tie, bunny tai + 1,000 gold + 1,100 gold + arrow in my head + 1,300 + 1,100 gold + 850 gold= 12,500 gold xd heart heart
Lord MaligSeph ~ 707 gold + Icy Tuna Helmet (sold for 9kish), Frozen Rainbow Helm (4kish), and Blue striper helmet (sold for 25,000 gold) + 5,000 gold + nitemare collar + 7,500 + #FF0000 complex shirt M + 4931 gold + 645 gold + bloody hands wall print + omfg sold for 20,500 gold + 3,333 gold = about 94,789 eek eek gonk gonk crying heart heart heart
Wunko and the Unoriginal Charity ~ 1,000 gold
F l u f f y ~ 1,000 gold
Robynis ~ 50,000 gold eek gonk gonk crying heart
TasmanianTiger ~ red leather belt, flower crown, red guppy cat, brown puffy hat, jolly jacket. pingu feet, prinoners pants, black silk boxers, grey university uniform top, dont ask dont tell shirt, black vest, grey trim work shirt + card shark bands (sold for 13,500 gold) heart heart heart
Moonie ~ 2,000 gold heart
yearofthespider ~ 3,000 gold heart
Keaira.bc ~ 1,000 gold heart
a**l Jesus ~ 17,500 gold heart heart heart heart
Italian-wannabe ~ 75,000 gold eek gonk gonk crying heart
RaddPixieSticQueen ~ 500 gold
[ Newo ] ~ 1,600 gold + 650 gold heart heart heart
Der Tod ~ 1,000 gold
Maiden214 ~ 3,000 gold heart
Raze Hell ~ 200 gold
Samurai_Wolf15 ~ 10,000gold
supRNurse ~ 1,000 gold huggles j00 gonk heart she be questing and still wanted to help.
Aurora Light Charity - 2,000 gold heart
box of bullets - Sold me a nitemare headband for 200k (saving me 140k) donated 2 elegant veils totaly 19k complete donation = 159k

After the rain Charity
~ 1,000 gold (banner below)
Box of Bullets and The 100 Million Charity ~ 1,500 gold + 1,000 gold (banner below)

cans for lord
yearofthespider ~ 2 cans
TwiztedLette ~ 11 cans
jessiekitten ~ 15 cans
Keaira.bc ~ 140 cans heart
~A Q U A~D R O P S~ ~ 1 can
AtomicTaco ~ 14 cans
Kyo_x_x ~ 4 cans
Shaylinx ~ 258 cans heart
`Noriko__x ~ 14 cans
Maggie writes ~ 5 cans
thetoXik ~ 3 cans
WallofIllusion ~ 6 cans
Der Tod ~ 110 cans heart
Antioxidizing Voodoo Doll ~ 44 cans
jerzeeboii ~ 53 cans
-c4-cyberlink ~ 5 cans
pretty hate machine ~ 565 cans heart
Aurora Light Charity ~ 2 cans
TasmanianTiger ~ 15 cans
Loves Last Kiss ~ 40 cans
4Cherry2Cola0 ~ 2 cans
evangeline.dark ~ 21+ cans - thank you!

to many emoticons on this post gonk so ubber billions of hearts to everyone heart xd

More donations from previous quests can be found here at my old quest thread. Thank you all that have helped me out!

I just realized how out of date my donation list is and im very sorry. if you see somthing i missed please tell me. the cans list is prorobly the worst so PLEASE if you donated cans and it is not on the list please pm me and tell me. Also if you donated cans multiple times i may have missed some so contact me. I want to know even if its just one can. Every donation matters. thank you.
If you are a friend of mine and you are not currently on this list please post a few times to remind me to add you.
(other then newo who IS MY BEST FIREND...BEST OF ALL BEST FRIENDS...DO YOU HAVE A BEST FRIEND TOO! and would woop me if she was not at the top, important people are in no particular order)^^

[ Newo ] [x]
My best friend in real life and queen of the anti-social. Feel ultra special if she responds to you

Vilith Stend [x]
One of the most awesome people around. He is majorly generous and a just an over all great guy. He is also a major art whore so draw him and get your art in his random sig

Sgt.Frosty [X]
HOMG its Frosty fairy <-- i have no idea where that came from but i heard it from others and thought it was funny, but anyway it is impossible not to love Sarge. Its just impossible. Hes one of those people you can talk to and not worry about anything.

m00nlight shad0w [x]
The creator of the soon to be beloved gaia without the icks and uggs guild. She has a kind heart and a wonderful personality. Remember the imaginary friends love you!


..E.r.o.t.i.c.. [x]
Just...The Awesomeness. Talk with her and you're bound to love her, its just unhelpable <--and yes i know thats not a word lol

Jerzeeboii [x]

maggie writes [x]

supRNurse [x]

Versipellis [x]
A charity owner who helped me get my first large item (my penguin slippers). Without her help i may never have turned into the questing machine i am today

DarethTsume [x]

Valadhiel Decos [x]

Lord Maligseph [x]
Lordy lord, as i end up calling him half the time, is the newest to our domain of friends. He one day just randomly stopped in and started talkingand well.... we kidnapped him and you cant have him back scream Anywho he is a random donator and super generous, he is also a comment whore so comment in his profile please.
ALSO WE ARE CURRENTLY COLLECTING CANS FOR HIM SO PLEASE DONATE SO ME AND THE OTHER MEMBERS HERE CAN REPAY HIM FOR HIS KINDNESS^^ we wuff you lordy lord! You make us complete *holds hands together <dear god im delerous right now> huggles*

TasmanianTiger [X]

ArianaAngel [x]
She has been bumping my quests for a very long time and is a great person to chat with.

playful_lil_devil [x]

User Image__
^Anji made this 4laugh ^

wanna be on this list? Stick around here in this thread and become a regular and you might be added. xd

Havn't decided on any yet... sweatdrop

scream scream scream SIGN THIS scream scream scream
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Guild I VC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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^HOMG I'm Anji's number one fan! if you buy me artsies from there ill love you forever heart heart heart heart heart

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Charities for newbies/places I help out at~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yes, there were banners here, but i dont attend threads where people are rude to other people. sorry.


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Links out
(if you would like to make me a banner i would wuv you forever^^)

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This is a random Image viewer so to see the rest of the images either refresh the page or click the [x]'s in the post below
Avi art and other things Friends and random people have given me and or i have bought. Thank you!
Dont be offended that your avi art is an [x] jake will change that VERY soon!
Avi's Jake likes Drawn
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
and of course whatever my avi looks like at the time you look at it
^m00nlight Shad0w heart

^..E.r.o.t.i.c.. heart

^STaRLeSS_NiGHtS_13 heart

^ moonie made me yet another picture off a new computer program she has. It's very funny heart

^ Moonie made this new banner for me heart

^ Jerzeeboii made this for me. It's sexy time lol heart

^ anji heart

^Shay on ms paint heart

^homg im anji's number one fan lol heart

^ more by anji @.@ xd heart

^Kazie-chan: random drawing from her. Freaking awesome in my opinion heart

^shay drew this of us and our friends. @.@ perdy heart

^anji...again lol if you dont already know click the one that says im anji's number one fan but anyway peeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrdddddddddyyyyy

^anji. I'm nakie xd and HAWT

^Erotic: omg its so freaking cute
ART IVE DONE - ask me about them xd
vilith done in marker cause i was too lazy to break out the colored pencils or paints lol
not bad for my very first attempt at avi art^^

again lazy and in marker
attempt to
still not THAT bad

in pastels...god i hate pastels they smudge and go everywhere. This one still needs to be cleaned up some but heres a looksy

erotic redone in paint
Gold [ newo ] owes me
this only matters to me and her
2,732 remaining

sent 6-26-06
sent7 -5-06
Bump biggrin

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