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Hello and welcome to my charity.
I've been on Gaia a short time, but have helped many people.
I wanted to open this charity so that I can help MORE!!!!!

We were formerly know as *Geez* Another charity. We are back under a new name. Same great person. So lets get the party started!!!

Please read the entire first page before you ask for anything.
It has vital information on how to get a donation from me.
If your form isn't filled out correctly then you won't get a donation.
Simple, follow the rules, get a donation!

A word to the wise -

Mom does random donations from wish lists.
If you don't have a wish list, guess what?
You won't get one.....

Table of contents:
Post 1: You are reading it silly!
Post 2: Rules
Post 3: News & Updates
Post 4: Meet Mom
Post 5: How To Get A Donation
Post 6: My Mule
Post 7: Who We Have Donated To
Post 8: Thank you for Donating to the Charity!
Post 9: Black List
Post10: Contests
Post11: Momz Quest
Post12: Link To Us?
Post13: My Staff
Post14: Birthdays
Post15: Raffle Ticket Holders
Post16: Reserved for later use (avi entrys)
Post17: Gaia Garage Sale (mule post)
Post18: Opening of quest thread! (mule post)
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I've got just a few rules. Hey, if I'm going to be giving you FREE things, I want a little something in return..... Yes, that means your stuff isn't completely free, but hey.... there is a reason they call me Mom.... you have to ask for what you want from me....!

Rule 1 - Follow the Gaia TOS. No cybering, attempting to con someone out of their items, hacking, or cheating someone. Just play nice.

Rule 2 - You know how to talk right. If I can't understand what you are trying to say..... then you don't get a donation. Simple.

Rule 3 - No begging. Leave your sob stories ( I got hacked, I want this item so that so and so will like me) off this thread. You have a form to fill out, use it, and use it correctly!

Rule 4 - Bumping. It's allowed if you are the only one here at the time.... someone shows up, quit bumping and attempt to have human conversation..... It's polite, ya know.

Rule 5 - NO DRAMA! I hate drama and we are not in the sixth grade here. Well maybe some of you are, but I am not! Keep it out or you will be black listed!

Rule 6 - If your first post in here is begging for a donation... You will be placed on the black list and will NOT be donated to. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Rule 8 - HAVE FUN

Rule 9 - Your first post in the thread MUST be "Twilight Rules!" This way I know you have read the rules. Go do this now.

Rule 10 -I reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE. I also reserve the right to change these rules at ANY TIME. So if you don't want to get left in the cold, check back here once in a while.
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May 21, 2011
I have returned after a year on hiatus. I now have a 3 month old baby girl! Things were difficult for a while. But we struggled threw them. I'm back and hopefully to stay for a long while! Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to get people coming and going again?

February 14, 2010
I've updated the pending apps.
Added someone to the black list. (do I have ask me for a donation on my forehead?)

November 15, 2009
Please check page 2012 and see prize list. If you have info that needs to be sent to me please be sure to send it in by the time limit or you may lose your prize!

November 15, 2009
The oldest birthday is over. The anniversary events are over. Now what?!?! Anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to keep up our activity? Thanksgiving event? Christmas event? Suggestions? PM me and let me know!

September 21, 2009
The baby's birthday party is over. Time to focus on the October's events. If any one is interested in helping out please let me know.

September 08, 2009
Sold the house items for a donation of almost 50,000!

August 23, 2008
Added a new rule. Be sure if you are a new comer to check it out.

August 21, 2009
Prizes sent for Bump contest. Thank you all for all your hard work and time!
Keep your eyes open for new contests coming soon!

July 22, 2009

Do you guys realize we have been open almost TWO YEARS?!?!

Mom is going to have a month long celebration!!!!

Prizes galore!!!!! Contests and riddles and so much more fun!!! Want in on the action? (Meaning want to help out with ideas) PM THE MULE with what ya got!!! Any and all ideas welcome!

July 16, 2009
Send mom your unwanted tokenz! Mom is going to enter a contest to winz a scarf!!!!! Which will then become a prize in here!!!!!! And I know a few of my resident ninjas who would love to have it...... so if you have some laying around I'd greatly appreciate it!

July 10, 2009
Banners sold! Gold made for charity! Thanks MCL!

June 30, 2009
Mom has revamped the charity.
New name, new beginnings.
New contests.
Let's all have fun!


Charity Funds:
352,000 gold
355 Avi items
57 game items
including doubled items
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Hello. I am Mom. I am 32. Married. I have two sons and 1 daughter. My favorite color is purple. My favorite cartoon is Garfield. I am an Aries. Between my job, my husband, my kids, and Gaia, I work a total of 37 hours a day. Don't mess with me, I put up with enough in one day. I don't want to come here and deal with more. I also do banners for 1000 gold. I know it's not that much, but it will help out the charity. If you are interested please send me a PM with what you want on it. Threw my time here people have come to call me mom so that's a name I've come to adopt to myself. Not to mention I find myself to be older than most on here. I'm a fairly laid back person and fairly easy to get along with. But if you do cross me, don't think twice because you'll not get that second chance you were hoping for. Yes, I am one of those twilight geeks. Think twice, no think long and hard before you say something bad about the series if you want a donation from me. I have respect for stephenie meyer and her work. If you would like to keep in contact on facebook, let me know.
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This is important.... please pay attention or you may miss out on your donation!

1 - Begging is not allowed so if you start with this you will be black listed and will NEVER get a donation from us.

2 - Post your form only once. I will see it. If you constantly pester myself of my staff, again, you will not get a donation. If it has been a week and you do not see your name on the pending list, PM me with the page number of your form. ONCE!

3 - If you do not post a form CORRECTLY you will not get a donation. With number 2, if you pm me with your page number and you still are not on the pending list, I will tell you ONCE that your form is incorrect. It will be up to you to repost a new form.

4 - Use spell check please. I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old and it's hard enough trying to figure out their drawings etc that I don't want to do it here:
User ImageUser Image

5 - You may get more than one donation. You MUST wait 1 MONTH from the time you are donated to in order to post another form. If you fail to do this you will be placed on the black list. At that time you will use Form 2.

Here are your forms: the first one is to apply for your FIRST donation ONLY.

Form 1:

Your Gaia Name:
Date You Joined Gaia: its on your profile. I dont care if you've been hacked. Put the date of the account you are applying from. It's not on your profile? Click on MY GAIA go down to ACCOUNT. Under profile click PREFERENCES. Look to the left. Make sure where it says Registered it says SHOW. Click SUBMIT. NOW go look at your profile.
Why do you DESERVE a donation?: be creative. If you leave this blank I will assume that you do not deserve one therefor will not get one.
What is Geez favorite color?: You should know this. It is important!
How long does Geez work in one day?: This is every parents problem!
How many kids does mom have? Hubby doesn't count this time
Does mom like twilight? Stephenie wrote this series.
Are you on a quest? Post link here.: I don't care if it is in your sig, I want it here.

Form 2:
Your Gaia Name:
Date of last donation:
Why do you want another donation?:
be creative! This may have an effect on the amount you get
Who is in charge of approving your application?:

Fill out the form and post it in the thread. Hang out, chat, make a few friends..... or enemies, whatever the case may be. If you post your form and then disappear, then no donation for you!
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All donations IN and OUT of this charity will be coming/going from GEEZ CHARITY MULE.

If you want to donate to us please send your donations there so that it will not mix with my personal items.
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Our First donation was November 4, 2007 to Jago1125.

Donation List: Our list is starting over!!!!

Once I have gotten your application posted to the pending list, you must post to the thread 20 times. Once you have done so you will get your donation. BUMPS DO NOT COUNT. If you can not make your 20 posts in 2 months time you will be removed from the pending list and you must resubmit your application and restart your process again. If you do not have time to make your posts, then we do not have time to give you a donation....
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If you have donated to us you will be listed here and remembered forever!
Please also keep in mind that I will be sending things to the mule from my own personal account...
therefore I will not list myself every time I send something smile

Since I'm revamping the charity This area is starting over as well. Your names will still be listed but the items will be removed. If you donate again, then items will be added.


x ___F r i t o r e

Mighty chicken lady


LadyWillow -

laytonb -

Nanooni -

Captain Crystal -

Lizuri -

Vampiress_Dae -

Froggie_Stomp -

Grummage -

Batsu666 -

kid_icarus_22 -

scratz -

shanir16 -

BlueFluff_Alchemist -

Kalstolyn -

TequilaStarlight -

Eno Hlaalo -

mimi1708 -

Angelic_Grimm -

KShade -

Glitchy_D-Alien -

Armada3040 -

PrincessMayet -

Random Donation Fairy -
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Mind your P's and Q's and stay off the black list.

This was wiped clean when I redid the charity...

GeezMom rolled 10 6-sided dice: 6, 2, 2, 3, 1, 4, 4, 4, 1, 2 Total: 29 (10-60)

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Page Contest: you must pm mom to get your prize. BUMPS DON'T COUNT
Page 73 post number 4 - 1 cash shop item Jago1125
Page 124 post number 6 - 1 cash shop item Vampiress_Dae
Page 207 post number 3 - 1 cash shop item Idranil The Great
Page 543 post number 2 - 1000 gold Batsu666
Page 666 post number 6 - 6666 gold Laytonb
Page 758 post number 8 - 1500 gold Peach Sundae
Page 897 post number 5 - 1000 gold
Page 957 post number 7 - 1000 gold
Page 1000 post number 1 - 5000 gold Batsu666
Page 1197 post number 6 - 1000 gold
Page 1234 post number 5 - 1000 gold
Page 1354 post number 2 - 1000 gold
Page 1480 post number 9 - 1000 gold
Page 1542 post number 3 - 1000 gold
Page 1643 post number 10 - 1000 gold
Page 1759 post number 3 - 1000 gold
Page 1890 post number 6 - 1000 gold - jago1125
Page 1974 post number 8 - 1000 gold - Mighty chicken lady
Page 2000 all posters will get - 2000 gold - Mighty chicken lady has claimed hers!
Page 2097 post number 7 - 1000 gold
Page 2194 post number 3 - 1000 gold
Page 2284 post number 5 - 1000 gold
Page 2345 post number 6 - 1000 gold
Page 2468 post number 8 - 1000 gold
Page 2574 post number 4 - 1000 gold
Page 2653 post number 10 - 1000 gold
Page 2739 post number 9 -1000 gold
Page 2850 post number 2 - 1000 gold
Page 2936 post number 4 - 1000 gold
Page 3000 all posters will get 3000 gold

Prizes: You will have 10 days to complete your trade with your prize or it will return to the prize cabinet! You MUST PM the mule to get your prize.
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This is the spot where I will update you on MY quest.
I'm usually giving out my things to others and handing out random things in the charity.
For once I've found something that I want for myself and it's a rather expensive item.
So I've got to quest for it.
Here you will see my progress smile

Any and all donators loved forever!


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User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image


I will be getting more banners made. You may get a surprise if I catch you advertising for us!

Want your banner here? PM Me your info and I'll put it up if you'll put mine up in your thread!
I will check every so often to see if you have mine up in yours. If it's not I will take yours out of here.

User Image
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iPotent - In charge... of doing all my dirty work lol Does random things for the charity

Jago1125 - Helps with aps and other dirty work as well

laytonb - more dirty work helper and great person
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If you want your info here let me know.... PM Me or the Mule with your info! You may be the subject of birthday presies from Geez!


2 - Kennett

21- Jessk

1- GeezMom

4 - Batsu666




2 - laytonb
6 - Nanooni


25 - Jago1125

5 - iPotent
29 - Vampiress_Dae
30 - Mighty chicken lady

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