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Oh I understand, I always pick the picture first so I can use it for inspiration for the rest of the profile~ I just thought you said you already had one in mind when we were talking about starting the roleplay ^-^

I did, sort of.
But, then my brain was like 'hey, what about this', and I got derailed rather quickly.
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Reality, I'm going to be a very shitty friend right now.
These past two days have been incredibly hectic for me with this accumulation of assignments, difficult readings, kissing my boss' and new professor's a**, writing this stupid petition letter, and dealing with the people for my youth program.

I have literally just finished everything and I have a headache and stomach ache, and I've wanted to go to bed for three hours now.
I really don't want to post right now... I don't even want to look at Jakob's picture or talk to anyone.
I am spent.
I tried treating everything as a joke and having fun today, but I am so stressed and tomorrow will be even busier.

I'm sorry I couldn't make time for Gaia tonight. I really tried, trust me, but I need to sleep or I will ******** up my first impression with my new prof tomorrow, who's a** I need to continue kissing tomorrow.


Night, Mistress
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Original Millionaire

awh poor Terr, poor Reality, and poor me. Lately we've all had migraines and just felt like crap! What's with January 2015 anyway?

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