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Lupine Guildsman

Can't remember what they're called, but do you have one of those thin sheets under your blanket? They're super helpful.

As for when you're not in your bed, maybe wear a pair of fuzzy socks? That always helps me. Or maybe you should invest in a tiny heater for your room.

It sucks that all these cost money, but we don't want you being uncomfortable the entire time that you're living there.

No, I don't have a flat sheet. Just the fitted sheet over the mattress.
But, I sleep with two blankets.

There isn't exactly anywhere to put a small heater.
When I'm not in my bed I've usually got my slippers on [now that I've finally got them with me].
And sometimes two pairs of socks as well.
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Lupine Guildsman

Right, a flat sheet. But maybe two blankets are as good. I don't know.
I generally prefer flat sheets since the second blanket usually falls off for me, but whatever you're comfortable with.

Are you sure about that? I'm talking about a really small heater, about the size of your forearm.
You'd only need one for the two of you, and you could easily walk around or over it.

That's the problem that I have with a flat sheet. It gets all bunched up at the bottom from me moving around too much.
But, for some reason not so much with a second blanket.
Though, if I get even slightly too warm while I'm asleep I do push the top blanket off to the side a bit.

All the plugs are on walls with furniture against them.
I don't really feel comfortable having something like that under my desk.
And the only other place would be right beside my chair under the window, but there is the issue of potentially not being able to plug it in, as the cord would have to go around my desk to prevent tripping [I would trip over the cord all the time].
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Lupine Guildsman

Oh boy. This heater is sounding like more of a headache.
At least you have your bed situation worked out nicely.
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Lupine Guildsman

Perhaps someday, when questing is no longer the impossible, this thread will reopen.
Until then, so long dear friend.

-stares into the sunset-

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