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                                                                Welcome to the Crystal Teahouse, the finest tea establishment that Gaia has to offer.
                                                                We invite you to sample in a fragrent cup of tea brewed from only the highest quality
                                                                ingredients available. Our teahouse features a wide variety of teas to please any
                                                                discerning palate. With the changing seasons we offer a collection of exquisite, special
                                                                teas. Limited as the season they appear in, these teas are only offered for a short peroid,
                                                                and are reccommended with the highest regard.

                                                                Our tea masters are highly trained in the art of tea preparation, and tea ceremony. They
                                                                will see to your every need as they should arise. It is our goal at the Crystal Teahouse
                                                                to endeavour so that you should want for nothing upon your departure from our establishment.

                                                                Come, enjoy the serene atmosphere offered by our teahouse. Let our tea and tranquil
                                                                location soothe away the day's troubles.
                    User Image
                    User Image

                                                                2010 11 18 : The teahouse is established.

                                                                2011 08 03 : Quest completed: Zodiacal.

                                                                2012 08 28 : The teahouse receives minor renovations.

                                                                2012 10 23 : Quest completed: Sainte Ciel Agape

                                                                2013 04 13 : Quest Completed: Modus Operandi

                                                                2013 05 19 : The teahouse receives major renovations

                                                                XX year
                                                                XX month
                                                                XX day

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                                                                Dear patrons and honoured guests,

                                                                For the comfort of all a collection of teahouse policies have been put into place. We ask
                                                                that you please observe these policies to maintain the tranquil atmosphere offered by our

                                                                The management.

                                                                All teahouse rules must be followed, in addition to the Gaia tos
                                                                The teahouse premises is a place of tranquility, please respect all patrons.
                                                                Please do not steal graphics or coding from the teahouse for personal use or profit.
                                                                Do not quote the teahouse front page.
                                                                Do not vandalize the teahouse with page stretching.
                                                                Please leave a comment if you take one of the complimentary teas.

                                                                Please note, teahouse rules may be added or changed at any time.
                    User Image
                    User Image

                                                                May we present to you Crystal Teahouse's esteemed management. Behind the scenes
                                                                they strive to keep the teahouse operating like a well oiled machine, keeping the tea flowing
                                                                daily. The duties required for operation of this establishment is their responsibility, and
                                                                one they preform gladly with care.

                                                                Hello, my name is Reality Fallacy. You may call me Reality. I'm a university student,
                                                                studying computer science. In my spare time, I enjoy a large variety of things including
                                                                music, technology, art, and literature. This thread is inspired by a love for tea, the Chinese
                                                                language [Mandarin], Chinese tea culture, and a dear friend [you know who you are].
                    User Image
                    User Image

                                                                On behalf of the teahouse management, please accept this complimentary tea and
                                                                handcrafted dessert. Enjoy! Please don't forget to leave a comment for the management
                                                                if you take one of the complimentary teas or desserts.

                                                                In the future, more teas and Chinese desserts will become available.

                                                                User Image XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX User Image
                                                                XXXXXXXX绿茶 - Green Tea XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXxxx普洱茶 - Pu'er Tea
                                                                User Image XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX User Image
                                                                XXXXXXx乌龙茶 - Oolong Tea XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXx白茶 - White Tea

                                                                User Image XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX User Image
                                                                XXXXXXXXXXXX绿茶冰皮月饼 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX芝麻冰皮月饼
                                                                XXXXGreen Tea Snow Skin Mooncake XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXSesame Snow Skin Mooncake
                                                                User Image XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX User Image
                                                                XXXXXXXXXXX巧克力冰皮月饼 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX芋头冰皮月饼
                                                                XXXXXChocolate Snow Skin Mooncake XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXTaro Snow Skin Mooncake

                    User Image
                    User Image

                                                                These exquisite teas are the current seasonal offerings presented by the teahouse.
                                                                Their fragrance is unlike any other, their taste incomparable. It is like a waking dream
                                                                for the senses. Behind the exquisite flavour there are bittersweet notes, for soon they
                                                                will be gone with the passing season.

                                                                xWHITE BODY DYE User Image
                                                                    xA full-body dye-job.
                                                                    x38 / 500 ink

                                                                xPALE MARIONETTE RESTRUNGUser Image
                                                                    xIn all appearances, there are two figures but no strings attached.
                                                                    xThe question then becomes, who is controlling who?
                                                                    x10,000,000,000 / 60,000,000,000

                                                                    xUpdated every 10 billion.

                    User Image

                                                                These fragrant teas will one day be the seasonal feature in the teahouse. Until that
                                                                time comes, one can only imagine the treat to come.

                                                                xZODIACAL: EQUINOXUser Image
                                                                    xThis ancient colorful astrolabe points at a different constellation in the sky each month…

                                                                xDEVIL TAILUser Image
                                                                    xA classically styled devil tail, long associated with shady tricksters.

                    User Image

                                                                With the parting of seasons, these special teas are no longer offered by the teahouse.
                                                                Their presence and fragrance will be missed with much sorrow.

                                                                xZODIACALUser Image
                                                                    xThe ancient astrolabe points at a different constellation in the sky each month...
                                                                    xObtained : August 3, 2011

                                                                xSAINTE CIEL: AGAPEUser Image
                                                                    xSainte Ciel was a beautiful young novice, with a pure and devoted spirit...
                                                                    xObtained : October 23, 2012

                                                                xMODUS OPERANDIUser Image
                                                                    xOnce upon a crime...
                                                                    xObtained : April 13, 2013

                                                                xNITEMARE SCARFUser Image
                                                                    xIn your dream, a shadowy form crept up behind you and strangled you. The next morning,
                                                                    xwhen you woke up... this scarf was around your neck. OMG!!! O_O
                                                                    xObtained : July 8, 2013

                                                                xROSAMUND'S REDEMPTIONUser Image
                                                                    xOnce upon a time, a courageous knight and a beautiful princess fought against a dark
                                                                    xand mysterious entity...
                                                                    xObtained : December 25, 2013

                                                                xMINI NITEMARE WINGSUser Image
                                                                    xTiny nitemare wings playfully compliment the outfit of a troublemaker ^w^
                                                                    xObtained : June 2, 2014

                                                                xROSAMUND'S RAGEUser Image
                                                                    xOnce upon a time, a courageous knight and a beautiful princess fought against a dark
                                                                    xand mysterious entity...
                                                                    xObtained : July 22, 2014

                    User Image
                    User Image

                                                                These guests have gone above and beyond, gaining them a place of honour in the
                                                                Crystal Teahouse. For their contributions to the teahouse's continued sucess, these
                                                                guests shall be treated with their choice of tea on the house any time they should
                                                                happen to visit.

                                                                Vintage Lingo Nightmare Headband
                                                                S0UNDWAV3S 11, 000g
                                                                Emo Punk Mistress 200,000g
                                                                Coragunks 25,000g
                                                                Emo Punk Mistress Ink
                                                                deoase2 Ink
                                                                xXRotOFwillXx 5,000g
                                                                Aubergine Amphetamine Ink
                                                                Hyoz Ink
                                                                I Poetgieter I Ink
                                                                fond pharisaic 140,000g
                                                                The Khaos and Candy Charity 15,000g
                                                                Anime Kayumi Ink
                                                                princess Emi-chan Sainte Ciel: Agape
                                                                Darakon. Ancient Katana
                                                                Terrowva Gear Mood Bubble
                                                                caII it luck March 2013 Sealed Envelope
                                                                Killz1st 10,000g , Ace Meow, Angel Imp Plushie, Loyal Jay
                                                                Innocent Roses 50,000g, Ink
                                                                BlackPhoenixFox 1,000,000g
                                                                basilous Pink Links, 7,500g
                                                                Maori Sharpshooter 50,000g
                                                                PkRs 20,000g
                                                                LaLa` Nitemare Scarf
                                                                Infiniti Avian 85,000g
                                                                Serethielle 20,000g
                                                                j a y t d e e 10,000g
                                                                Gemenice 542,000g
                                                                Gemini Genesis 10th Anniversary Mini Nitemare Halo & Winglets
                                                                anatroccolo Antique Shop & Dark Ice
                                                                Anonymous Rosamund's Redemption
                                                                SantaEngi Ink
                                                                basilous 500,000g
                                                                Agent Blue Winter Rose
                                                                Great Destroyer Apollymi 500,000g
                                                                Al D Hyde 1,000,000g
                                                                [B]lue[B]ird 750,000g
                                                                DreamBigDreamMagic Charity 2,000,000g
                                                                Violet-Shay 20,000,000g, Charming Glint, Pink Frosting Cop, Cavalier King Charles, Sheriff Law, SDPlus #300 Dref Der Devils
                                                                sugarsaga 1,000,000g
                                                                BACKDROPsilhouette Nitemare Mini Wings
                                                                Rea Nez Bit 3,000,000,000g
                                                                heaven x ace ZOMG Rings, Spirit of the Summer Winners Leaf, Xmas 2k13 Shimmering Laurels
                                                                TGWF CFO 10,000,000,000g, Final Line
                                                                Hitomi Evermore Dark Bloody Mary Hair, L's Sketchbook x2, Day Dreamer Alyx's Hair,
                                                                Hitomi Evermore Sweetheart Maid x2, Demonic Pendant, Medium Doe Eyes
                    User Image
                    User Image

                                                                User Image


                                                                User Image


                                                                These establishments come highly recommended by the teahouse's patrons, honoured
                                                                guests and staff. Do be sure to stop by these establishments. To become a suggested
                                                                establishment, please send a private message. Only 200 x 40 and 88 x 31 banners will
                                                                be accepted.

                                                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image
                                                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                                                User Image
                                                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                                                                User Image User Image

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