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Edit to add: Apparently some people are incapable of individual thought, and click on any link they find. I suppose for their own safety I should say DO NOT blame me if you click on a link reported in the "Bugs" forum when the title specifically says that the person is being redirected. Most people would see that as a sign that the website in question was NOT a good place to go, especially since it is in fact in quotations, and not a hyperlink and therefore not clickable at all. So by all means, do not go through the effort of reading this link, selecting it, copying it, pasting it into your URL bar, and then hitting "enter" or "go".

Completely blank. Tried with my account, mule, and my bf tried too. Tried in firefox, cometbird, and internet explorer.

I have tried with pms (reading them redirects me, not even replying just looking) replying to forums redirects me, some other post said something about pressing stop which I honestly hadn't thought of until i saw it so now i can FINALLY post about this (3 hours later, I might add), and I decided i could just vend instead of posting but the marketplace redirects me as well.
Other parts may and I just haven't noticed yet.

***I have AVG antivirus, and no virus warnings are popping up unlike the errors many others are getting***

The main part of that website shows an error 403 must log in, and any other part is just blank white page, if that helps anyone.

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Mea teh Kitty

Funnily enough I think your problem is actually connected with the antivirus malware one.

For some reason when I get redirected to the antispywareliveproscannerv4.com site, it goes VIA jessicasimpsonblog.com as well as another one I haven't managed to grasp right now internetnetworkads.com I believe. I think yours is doing the same but something you have on your computer is stopping it making that last jump to the antispyware site.

In the meantime a script blocker like the one suggested will help.
For FireFox it's recommended you use NoScript

That NoScript suggestion is a definitely helpful thing learnt. I don't seem to be getting redirected at all anymore. (though I did have to change the settings to allow booty grab to be seen!)
Yay, I can move around however I want now. Hopefully anyone having this problem can use the firefox add on as it really fixes it completely. Not that that means Gaia shouldn't fix the issue, just that people won't be left helpless while it is resolved.
ok so apparently this happens for "my gaia" as well.
So far it seems exactly like the "virus scanner" problem but without a popup, and with a different site.

If anyone else is having this problem from somewhere other than canada, can you post here so I know it's not just me? (I know it says something about not doing that in a sticky but I would like to know if others are having the same problem, so that my chances of having it fixed are higher!)
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I honestly wouldn't try that link on my computer, even if I have a good anti-virus running. rolleyes

That sounds real nasty. Does that only happen when you're in Gaiaonline?

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