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Cat City

Under Construction

Thread Index
I - Welcome / Index
II - Shop News
III - Rules
V - Roleplaying
VI - Clans ( territory, history)
VII - Stages
VIII - Sales
IX - Customs
X - Breeding
XI- Plot of the Month/ IC Updates
XII - Owner's Lists
XIII - Staff Members
XIV - Credits
XV - Affiliates

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Old Tom Rufus

Welcome! To Cat City! A city of cats of all colors. More on the way!

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Shop Rules

I- Do not borrow or steal any of the shop lineart, graphics, or other staff created content.

II- ITW Pets may be displayed on Gaia in journals and signatures. They may also be displayed on personal websites with a link to Gaia and the shop.

III- You may not resell or trade an Cat City pet on Gaia or any other site without SilverPelt's permission. If you do not want your pet any longer please contact Starclan to give it to a friend or raffle it off.

IV- Cat City pets are not roleplay required, but there are perks if you do roleplay your cat.

V- Do not slander or flame staff, owners or nonowners in this thread. If there is a problem please PM staff and hopefully we will be able to settle any problem civilly.

VI- Messages should be directed to Starclan, with the exception of problems with a staff member which may be sent to Caffeinecraving. Please do not PM SilverPelt unless she is currently active and accepting customs. If you havean issue with Caffe, please send her a pm as she would like to know about it.

VII- Please be kind to everyone in the thread, new and old. Do not PM other owners asking for their pet or their pets' offspring.

VIII- There are no refunds. If your pet is taken away due to breaking any of the rules above or rules of the TOS then you can not ask for your gold or items back.

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I- Can I have one for free?
On occasion if we see a dedicated newbie or owner in the shop who we feel deserves a new cat we may gift one to them, but please don't beg for anything!

II- There's another cat that looks just like mine!
We now have opened all types of coloring so orginal ideas should not be copied but if you are picking comon cat colors or markings then there will be most likely some others like it.

III- I have a kitten, how long does it take to grow?
Our estimated growth timeline is as follows:
Newborn-Kitten: 1 week
Kitten-Adolesent: 2 weeks
Adolesent to Adult: 3 weeks

Colorists may take up to an extra week on each stage, but after that you may inquire as to why your cat is not growing.

You may RP at earlier stages if you wish, but once you have have them gain their new rank IC you should not go backwards.

IV- Can I RP before I have a cat?
If you wish to RP cats you do not currently own you must do so in the OOC subforum.

V- My pet is too big for the sig limit!
Though some colorists will save your cert as a .jpg for you, others post in .png format because it has better quality. Be sure to check and resave your pet in another format if you want it in your signature!

VI- How old does my cat have to be to breed?
Your cat may begin to develop romantic relationships at the adolesent stage, but it should be an adult when it breeds.

VII- One my cat finds a mate do they have to stay together forever?
They're cats, silly! Of course they don't have to, but they are welcome to it.

IX- Where can I RP?
You can RP right here in the thread! Or in our future guild to be

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Coloring Rules

Colors can vary to normal cat colors, to wild extreme cat colors, to wings and glitter or a nightmare. What ever your imagation can come up with.

Now, we have a battle system.
Each cat rank is given a level of Exp points.
Kitten: 10 exp
Adolesent: 20 exp
Adult: 35 exp
Sheriff: 45 exp
Chief: 50 exp
Nurse: 25 exp
Loner: 30 exp
Show Cat: 10 exp
Wise Old Cat: 25 exp

How this will work is with the exp points you will have to try to get the other to run out first. Say we have two warriors facing off.

Adult 1 and Adult 2
Who ever initiates the battle rolls a 1-10 number. What ever comes up is subtracted from the other cat's total exp points. Then the next warrior attacks.
This works on all levels of cat. ie: if a adult attacks a showcat and gets a ten... the showcat loses without getting a turn. So I would pick your battles.

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In a city full of color tucked far away from the rest of the world, is a bright colorful cat community. Humans care for some, while others run free, but it is a place of cat freedom, for the laws here allow no human to hurt any cat or kitten.

There are clans in this city, some are political, high society, and can range from alley cat to show cat groups. This is open for a period of time for those wanting to create a group, until a few are established it is open to those with a creative mind.

Clan opening status: OPEN
You may apply through pm to this account, you must have an astablished group of cats willing to role play with something simular drawing them together.

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Newborns are kept in the nursery at all times unless the medicine cat takes the kitten to cure it. Otherwise the mother is constantly with the newborn and only leaves to relieve herself; food and water is brought to her. Water is brought by soaking moss.

Kittens spend almost all of their time near or in the nursery. They do not stray from their mothers and are constantly on watch. They love to play outside the nursery and are learning to eat real food.

Once the kitten reaches six months they have to leave the nursery and join the other training apprentices in the apprentice dens. The mother is then able to go back to the warrior den and resume her duties. This is when they are given the last part of their name paw instead of kit and are trained to become a warrior. They spend their time training with their mentor and taking care of the elders.

Once named a warrior, the clan leader gives the apprentice the last part of their name. It can be anything that is recognized by cats, such as pelt, fur and claw are popular ones.
As a warrior they spend their time patrolling the borders, marking their territory, catching prey for the clan and attending to important tasks.

Once an elder you spend most of your time telling stories, resting and eating. They stay mostly in the camp and barely leave to go anywhere. This is the time for cats to relax and wait to join StarClan. By no means does this mean they lose status! Elders are well looked after and are remembered as warriors and well respected by all warriors; maybe not as much by apprentices because they usually are hard on 'em, but they learn.

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RP Stages

Deputy: This is a Second in command type thing. If you are here then it means you are leader material and are now being groomed to takeover... Yes you still have things to do like monitoring patrols and normal warrior duties... but one day you will be the leader.

Medicine Cat/Apprentice: These cats are the ones who will take care of you when you get a boo-boo. They are smart, they do know a bit about fighting but they are meant to put the cats back together not take them apart. These are rp required. It takes 3 rp's with another medicine cat of the same clan's permission.

Leader: Being leader means being at the top. You 'run the clan'. You have the responsibility of your clan's actions and you get to deal with more...'paperwork' then when you were deputy. Being here means you are strong and wise. But don't let it give you a big head. A clan wont follow an evil ruler.

Loner: A loner is a cat that doesn't live with a Clan or Twolegs. They sometimes, however, live in pairs or small groups. There are many many loners and rogues in this thread.... To decrease the number the only way to get one now... is to rp it... 3 Roleplays. These can be heading toward a loner life... or simply toward life in general. Say you have a cat you have rp'd a lot and then something happens and you say..hey! I want my cat to be a loner.... You can post a request... all you need is 3 completed rps.

KittyPet: Ah...the life of a kittypet. So soft... so... well taken care of. However... since we were supposed to be getting lines for it... There currently are none... We have changed this to make it easier on the artist... If you achieve a rank of kitty pet... then you will get a collar added to your pet... However, since i want to keep this rare... you need 5 rps... all designated toward getting the cat in question to kittypetdom

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I - Please make clear which pet you are interested in getting. By number or description.
II - Please do not edit posts. If found out, you will be Grey listed.
III - Please be kind to everyone, no fighting or sulking over the results.
IV - The cost of flatsales are 5K per pet.
V - You may only receive one pet per flatsale.
VI - You may proxy for another person but this will void your own chance to try at the flatsale.
VII - Flatsales will consist of speed sales and flaffles.
VIII - Flatsale kits may have parents who are RPed cats in existence within the clan. Owners of the cats having the kittens for flatsale may try out for one of the kittens that goes for flatsale.

I - Tickets are unlimited
II - Tickets are 100g each
III - You may not choose your ticket numbers.
IV - Please only buy tickets you can afford.
V - If you purchase tickets you must pay for them even if you have not won the raffle prize.
VI - Please be kind to everyone, no fighting or sulking over results. Results will be posted in a random number Gaia post.

I- Please be kind to each other, no fighting or bragging about bids or how much one has.
II - Please do not discourage anyone from bidding.
III - Please do not bid what you do not have.
IV - Starting bids are 10K.
V - Snipe guards may vary.
VI - You must send payment within 24 hours.

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Base Prices
Cats xxxxxxxxxx Horse
100k- non growing -100k
500k- Growing - 200k
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Minor Edits, a torn ear a scar or two, are 50k per stage
Larger Edits are 100k per stage (Collars, bows etc...)
Anything larger then that are consider cosplay edits and are Bribe only.

Medicine cats are currently not available through customs. The position is still available through a substantial amount of roleplay of an apprentice arranged with an existing medicine cat. Free RP contests will also be held for custom medicine cats if a clan begins to run low on actively roleplayed ones.

If you are ordering a Thunderclan cat, please specify which pose you would like for the adult, standing or sitting.

Please send the form directly to the colorist you are ordering from (after checking if their customs are open!), since the mule may not be checked regularly.

exclaim Semi-customs are now available! You can choose up to three colors and the clan of the cat and the colorist decides the markings with those colors. You can also give the colorist a name and a gender with the order, so they *might* make a cat that fits the name and gender. Otherwise, give that info when the colorist shows you the finished product. The prices are as follows:

50k for naturally colored adult semi-custom
100k for naturally colored growing semi-custom
300k for unnaturally colored adult semi-custom
500k for unnaturally colored growing semi-custom

Semi-customs can be edited, but it's 100k+ per stage, whether or not the edits are up to the colorist or not. When filling out the form, the order of the colors convey its dominance in terms of markings. For example, if your colors are black, grey, and white, then your cat would have a black base with large grey markings and small white markings.

Custom Status

Silverpelt: Closed
Caffeinecraving: Closed
Mewrose: Closed

All Pokemon Cosplays, All Lion King Cosplays, All CATS (the Musical) Cosplays are reserved

Order Form:

Starting Stage:

Semi-custom Order Form:

Starting Stage:

For Pet Trade, Art Trade, and RL Commissions Information please check Colorist's Workshops

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General Breeding Rules

I - You must complete at least 3 roleplays between the couple. You should include meeting, falling in love, and simply hanging out together, if you are applying for a role play breeding slot. There are no requirements for a non roleplay breeding slot.

II - You may do many things with your kits. You may keep them, give them away, or sell them in your own auctions. You are responsible for your own auctions, the shop will not hold them for you. You also may trade your kits for other pets in other shops, for their customs, or offer a flat rate for your kits to others. 100% of the earnings is yours, like how breedables once worked.

Ill - Non roleplay are now offered, this is up to the breeder on if they wish to open non roleplay slots. Non roleplayers will have to pay a much higher price for breedings.

lV - No fighting or arguing over breedings. Know how you will split the kits and who will pick first before you request a breeding.

V - Same sex couples are not able to breed.

VI - Full time colorists will have 3 breeding slots a month, if they wish to open all. Part time colorists will have 1 breeding slot a month and may choose to open it or not. Prices will vary depending on the colorist.

VII - Random rolls are held for breedings, number from 1 to 5. If you are a roleplayer you will receive a extra kit after all rolls have been taken.

VIII- If your cats are apprentices and breeding they will have a 50% mortality rate.

Raffle Breedings

I - You do not need roleplay for these slots. It is free to enter but if you win you must pay 10k to claim your breeding.

II - For this breeding slot type you may not sell any extra kits, you must give them away. Only one kit per owner may be kept.

III - You can enter two cats that you own, but you only get one kit from the breeding.

VI - You may enter as many pairs as you want.

Cross Clan Kits

From now on cross clan kits will have a 50% mortality rate. We'll attribute it to stress and the lack of Starclan's blessing. First kits will be randomized as usual. Secondly, a number will be randomized for each kit, one means they are perfectly healthy, a two means they are either stillborn or they join Starclan a few days after they are born. A cat may end up with the whole litter, or none. We don't want to forbid cross clan relationships entirely, but we felt this was a fair consequence.

Medicine cats (whether one or two are involved) will have an even harsher consequence, with a 75% mortality rate, same type of randomizing as last time.

Parents will have to decide who gets first choice before asking for a breeding, in case only one kit is born healthy.

Mortality Rates

There is a new system in place. Below are the reasons that a mortality rate would take place.

Cross-Clan breeding: 50%, random number 1-4 per kit.
1. Still born, 2. Healthy, 3. Alive, but must have something wrong with it. 4. Born alive, dies a few days later.(Kit will not be colored.)
If a three is rolled. Another number will be rolled. 1-10
1. Blind, 2. Owner Choice, 3. Deaf, 4. Owner Choice, 5. Dumb, 6. Owner Choice, 7. Mental issues, 8. Owners choice, 9. Deformity, 10. Owner Choice

Apprentice Breeding: 50%, random number 1-4 per kit.
Same as above

Medicine Cat breeding: 75% random number 1-6 per kit
1. Still Born, 2. Healthy, 3. Still Born, 4. Alive, but something is wrong. 5. Still Born , 6. Born alive but dies later.
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Season: LeafBare

Food: Scarce but not horribly low.

In the clan there is unrest, Warriors want to get out and some of the more zealous think ithas been quiet too long. The medicine cats are getting worried as the warriors aren't getting enough to eat and the herbs are running low. The trees are making the ground remain warm so the ground is always damp and good for hunting but the prey refuse to come out.

Food: Rabbits still run. But their large paws verses the cat's smaller ones makes catching them hard.

Windclan has taken a lot of stuff from other clans. But stealing prey they will not take. It seems that shadowclan has been stepping int their land once more. So its only fair that they would take back, but there isn't anything to take. You may wanna think about bringing it up at the next gathering?

Food: Running.

The river never froze. It has been a warm winter. The fish keep moving. They are closer to the bottom settling into the mud, but they are there. Many of the warriors are chosing to chase squirrels and water voles instead of brave the river. Thankfully the medicine cats have enough herbs to fix an army and they may just have to when the small game run out and the cats have to go into the water.

Food: Gone.

Things are not looking good. Cats have been hanging around the carrionplace for a scrap or too, even though it sometimes means fighting off rats. At first there was enough food for the elders and kits, but now everyone is at the end of their ropes. The catmint is gone. Illness will come, the only question is when.

Food: Only from hand outs and Rats

There is nothing much to report most the cats stay inside or even in boxes to stay off the cold concrete. The forest is looking loads better.

Food: They have found barn mice are pretty tasty

They mostly stay inside their home. Nothing much else. Their rift with Bloodclan has been put on hold.

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Plot of the Month
This is a new idea, each month this post will be updated to show what is going on. Each month we are going to try and put forth a new Plot. This could be anything from an ORP to get the clans together. Or maybe a large meta plot that will Take up most of the month and or going into the next.

Currently: Working on the Epidemic Rp plot.

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User Image

This is the link to the owner list.

User Image
User Image

SilverPelt: Shop Owner
About: I am a mother, a worker, a wife, and an artist. (Currently: Everything)

Caffeinecraving: Manager, Colorist (Events Cats and Breedings)
About: Hey I am currently the manager and college student. Soooo We are gonna see what we can juggle.

Mewrose: Colorist (Events Cats and Breedings)
About: Hey there! I'm mew, sometimes called Rose, and I'm a breeder Colorist here. Which makes me happy; I've been a colorist at another shop for a long time and I love doing breedings. :3 I'm a full-time graduate student at the moment, so sometimes work swamps me and I'm scarcer online than others, but I generally still manage to live on Gaia. XD


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User Image

Warrior Cats Books and Ideas (C) Erin Hunter

Creator/ Lineartist/ Templatest: SilverPelt
Shorthaired Windclan Adult Lineart/Template: Chinchillie

Thread Graphics: Caffeinecraving

Color: To their respective colorists.
Rp: To the respective writer.

Text's used throughout the Shop
Morpheus, Cat Csp, Cats vs Dogs

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If you want to affiliate with us, pm the mule... do not post in this thread! And we expect to see our banner up first ^^

Links in:
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Links Out:
None yet... how sad

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