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Welcome to Aerithe, the forgotten lands. A breedables shop based around the deer-like Kirin and beautiful home of Aerithe.
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04/02/11: The Closing Event is now open. Featuring Chinese Zodiac Pets and more.

28.01.11 Closing Event for Aerithe to start Feb. 4th and go to the 25th
08.11.2010. FREE EGG RAFFLE!! link
05.08.2010. - Kita's breedings can be found here
26.07.2010. - Snow will be opening custom slots at 7pm PST here!
01.02.10 - Grand REopening!

13.01.09 - Shop's Birthday.

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Obey the Gaia ToS.
No art theft.
Do not steal any of the artwork used in this shop. The images are not to be edited in any way, the copyright removed, the images traced or any other form of redistribution by unauthorised parties.
Read the front page.
Most questions can be answered by doing so.
Be polite and respectful of other users.
Do not fight/flame/whine/harass. We would like to keep the thread peaceful. If absolutely necessary, take it to PM.
Be literate.
We request and expect literacy. We have a very low tolerance for AOLspeak, l33tspeak, and all associated abbreviations.
Do not beg or ask for a pet.
Keep an eye out for Customs, Events and by being regular you can be gifted pets!
No advertising.
Do not advertise for other shops, threads, quests, or anything like that in your posts. That's what sigs and profiles are for. Along the same lines, please do not advertise for this shop in any of your posts anywhere else. Again, that's what sigs and profiles are for.
Be patient.
We all have lives outside of Gaia and are often busy. We do the best we can. Pushing or harassing any of us could result in your name being placed on the graylist.
Roleplaying is not mandatory.
But seeing you around the thread would be nice.
Keep bumping to a minimum.
Especially if there is a conversation going on. If you must bump, post fun facts like "Did you know... blah blah blah" about something interesting!
When RPing, if something is unclear or not mentioned that you need to know in writing for your pet, do not make assumptions.
Please check with Goddess Aerithe to clarify. However, please do check the FAQ and descriptions before doing so.

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How can I get a pet?
Through flatsales, raffles, auctions, events, customs and pet trades. Don't worry these will usually be announced a week or so before hand.

How many can I have?
There is currently NO limit on your pet herds/packs. However look to breeding, customs and event rules to see if there is a restriction in place.

Can I sell my pet?
No. You may give them away, just make sure you let us know so we can change the cert for you. Name changing fee is 1k. This also applies if you change your username. This does not include pets from breedings. Please see the Breeding post for more information on that.

How much do they cost?
Flatsale pets are 5-10k. Auctions, Raffles and customs vary. Some pets are even free!

Are they RP required?

No, but if you decide to RP on a regular basis you will most likely get a free gift. See "RP Perks" post for more info.

Can I co-own one?
Certain raffle and auction pets can be co-owned, but not flatsale pets.

How long does it take for them to grow?

Egg stage lasts 2 weeks.
Foal stage lasts 4 weeks.
Adults are permanent unless you're a regular or serious RPer, in which case you might get an Elder stage. See the "Perks" post for more info on the Elder stage.

Can they breed?
Yes they can. But this is restricted to RPers and regulars.

Can there be male/male and female/female breedings?
They are restricted to the natural breeding of male/female breedings.

What if I'm an RPer and I need to take a hiatus/cannot post for an extended period of time?
Let us know and if you have an Elder or any other Perks we will not take them away from you.

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The world of Aerithe carries many wonders and dangers. Head over to the Goddess Guide to learn more about the land and its creatures, including information on the Kirin and Soul Stealers, and the familiars which may accompany them. May the goddess be with you on your tour of this harsh environment.

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Once there was a dark, stormy night in spring. The tall trees rustled, as rain fell into the muddy mess of grass and earth. A small herd of Kirin wander through the fog and storm. A handful of mares urge their foals onward to follow the guard stallions, each one alert for danger. The largest Kirin walked in the lead guiding them through the maze. Their coats drenched and dirty. "Mother?" A young foalcried "are we there yet?" Hid mother gave him a quick n** on the withers "be quiet child, this land is not ours to claim, we must tread quietly if we want to be safe" she whispered, beckoning him to walk faster she ignored his complaint.

"Do not fear" The dark stallion nickered. Gold markings highlighting his mane and fur. Hid golden crown dulled with age like bronze. "The border is nearby, we won't be troubled." He continued to walk on.

As he walked the snow mare knew he too was uncertain. She caught up to him "The Kirin race is aggressive now..." she cried "Why has this happened?" The stallion remained silent for a moment before finally speaking.

"I don't know..."

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Breedings are mostly done through raffles. These will be announced at least 1 week before starting.

Beedings cost 10k.
20k if you want edits to pass on to the offspring.

If there are no raffles planned or you don't win a slot in one you can always PM a colorist and bribe them for a slot.

Both Pets must be adults.
They can only breed once previous young are adults.
Owners must be active in the thread.
If someone owns two pets and would like them to breed that is fine.
You may not resell the offspring, however you can give them away.
You must keep at least 1 of the offspring for yourselves.
Line-edited and Cosplay breedings will take on some of the line-edits, but not necessarily all of them. These edits could also mutate.
Kirin births generally contain 2-6 offspring.
Line-edited birthings only contain 2-3 offspring.
The number of offspring you get will be determined by Gaia's random number generator.
Genders will be determined by another randomiser which show's multiple numbers. The gender ratio is 3:2 F:M.


Here in Aerithe our pets respond to the seasons like many other animals. These seasons can have benefits or cons depending on conditions.

All seasons grant a special seasonal cert <3

Spring (Jan-Mar)
- Fertility Rise! (Extra foaling roll)
- Can Breed once eggs hatch.

Summer (Apr-Jun)
- Higher male birth (3:2 M:F)
- Faster Egg growth (half a week)

Autumn (Jul-Sept)
- Even gender birth (3:3)
- Slower Growth (1.5 weeks)

Winter (Oct-Dec)
- Line edited pets can have a normal breeding roll (2-6)
- Possible loss of a foal (rolled even outcome)

* Please note, Soul Stealers can only breed in Autumn and Spring.

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Customs will be run through the CUSTOMS forum within the main guild.

Customs can be co-owned with a maximum of 2 owners.
We have the right to refuse any custom orders.

The form below can be filled out and submitted into a colourists customs thread when slots are available.

For more information on prices and to download a colouring plush go to the CUSTOMS INFORMATION thread.

Package #:

Kirin name:

Eye colour/s:
Main body colour/s:
Hair colour/s:
Reference images: (if any)
Edits: (if any)
Other details:


Pet trades are welcomed in Aerithe, however there are a few 'rules' that must be noted.

1. If you want edits, colourists are allowed to ask for edits of equal or lesser value.
2. Same with growing pets, if your pet grows, colourists can ask for a growing pet too.

The arrangement is only up to you and the colourist, for more information on trading slots check the PET TRADES post in the guild.
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Elders are the final stage of pet growth granted to RPers and Regulars. Elders cannot be obtained through Events or Customs. However elders will be awarded every 6 months to those deserving of these special lines. Elders recieve special breeding bonuses including a higher birth rate and can participate in elder only events.


Familiars are fancy little companions for your Kirin or Stealer. They can be won in events and customs. They are RPable and possibly breedable(being discussed). Below is a list of current familiars, for more information look at the Goddess Guide.

To be listed.

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The item shop includes a small range of accessories, and rare hair styles that are NOT genetic and will rarely show up for purchase. Below you can see items, their cost and their availability.


Hair Styles

to request any of the above you must PM the mule with your order using the form located below. Send a trade straight after your order is approved.






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Here is the list of Awards Aerithe has won, also the winners of our own Awards. The Goddess's Grace.

~Winner for February~
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(click for bigger size)

Aerithe is our February THU award winner. This shop has lovely kirins that were drawn by the very talented Thalion. Each piece of the line art is heavily detailed with outstanding coloring. There are events currently going on so why not have a look! There is even an affiliation contest to bring in new people. Sirenz and her soquili rate this shop TWO HOOVES UP! heart

'congrats!! heart


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The Adorable Panda

Guest Colorists
Etherial Requiem

Lolita Lily Chi
*Edited by Felmino and Agneza

Lolita Lily Chi

Felmino and Agneza
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Please send 'goddess aerithe' an affiliate offer. If you do not have a banner around 200x40px we will happily edit one for you!

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