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I read them all i cant wait for the fourth one XD
so has anyone read it?
if not go read it!
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wow I'm behind.
I just finished the first one.

But thats only cause I couldn't find the second book to "Fallen", so I picked "Hush Hush" up.

It was a little to cliche at the beginning, but it had some pretty legit moments. : )
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Oh stop

i know i like it so far
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Ihave only read hush hush so far but I like it a lot can't wait to read cresendo
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it only gets better! biggrin
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i LOVED Hush Hush but didn't really like Crescendo but so far i'm liking the third one
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it only gets better! biggrin

I hope so
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I was writing an extremely detailed report on the book and decided to share the information from my hour long investigation with the world! So here's a fun fact.

“My eyes brushed over the name ‘Cipriano’”(pg 71). While Nora is trying to find out more about her counterpart Patch, the only thing she can find about him is his last name Cipriano. Cipriano also can mean Cyprian. Cyprian is an island south of Turkey where the main religion is Greek Orthodox. In the Greek Orthodox religion, located in the bible (in the New Testament) is the Book Of Revelation. Revelation 12:3-4 refers to The Dragon and his angels battle against Michael the Archangel in a War in Heaven. Losing the battle, they are “cast out” of heaven to the earth. Since Patch is a fallen angel, the connection can be made; despite it being a long one it is suggested that the author hinted at this.
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It's not a saga. OK anyhow, that being said, the books are meh. Even rating them on a standard of typical YA romance fiction, it was merely "meh". Nora had about as much character depth as Bella Swan, and even then, I prefer Twilight.
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ehh.. i could care less about the books. honestly Nora is so naive and annoying, the only reason i read the first 3 books was because of Marcie...
Yes I read all three of them!
I liked the first one. loved the second one.
but i thought the third one was just okay.
Can't wait to read the fourth one too!
I have read all four books
so far, not a bad bunch
of books. I do like
the twist with the
fallen angles
and humans and also at times Nora did
get on my nerves but the girl did hold her own in a
lot of those fights and didn't run away. Patch was
the basic bad boy with a good heart and gets the girl.
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Read a bit of the first one, couldn't finish it...
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I thought that book was laughably bad. Have you ever read the Zelda Queen's spork of Hush, Hush? The link contains her entire spork chamber, Hush, Hush a little ways down.
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I have read the first two and still in the process of hunting down the third one. Haha ^_^

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