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I get like all 10's but then pick up lvl 3 I get a 2 T____T! I'm so bad at those ones! And the crunch ones where you almost always get a 8.6 or something crying ;
Finally got to 9.79 at least... SOB crying ! It was all good until the last 2 games were crunches in a row. At least lvl 2 crunches isn't bad :3
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I'm supporting Barton...

... HEY KIX o 3o


... shouldn't you too?
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They anger me too ;-;! My arms almost give way I'm mashing buttons so hard XD But still a low score ;-;
Okies XD Dish washing and some tv watching and also drawing *_* NEED TO DRAW~
Okies XD Dish washing and some tv watching and also drawing *_* NEED TO DRAW~
That is your top priority :3
Am I next? <.<

I guess I'm eligible for the "10 & 9.75+!" category now...
I can't tell you how much I screwed up on the easy ones (ex. a 4.35 on a usual 10).
So.... did we win? o_O
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Fortenra Askasa
So.... did we win? o_O

Well, according to the sticky in the main event forum, the scorings at midnight last night was the ending results.
And I'm pretty sure Barton was in the lead at that time.
So I'd say yes. We won. :3
If the admins go by the scores we see, that is. XD

Although people are rambling about stuff with the admins having to re-calculate the scores due to mules and glitches. I dunno. x_X
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Hey, I'm Gabby...

Yeah, they are doing that.

Hopefully Barton will keep their lead, though D:

... send me random PMs?
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ahhh the excitement :3
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Romantic Humorist

Barton won Gold!
Finally all the hard work paid off. whee

Barton ftw~! XD
I was laughing my a** off when I saw Durem came in third XD
Until they fixed it D;
It was funny while it lasted :3

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