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What would the avatar above you bend?

Fire 0.27465467394796 27.5% [ 855 ]
Water 0.30677802762608 30.7% [ 955 ]
Air 0.22229360745262 22.2% [ 692 ]
Earth 0.19627369097334 19.6% [ 611 ]
Total Votes:[ 3113 ]
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Hiizumi's avatar

4,550 Points
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An air bender. You have the wings and light appearance.
` ll [ E d w a r d ]'s avatar

Tan Shoujo

            lol Bayonetta
            Earth/ Metal bender maybe

            Gotta have bullets for a gun?
Kibarashi's avatar

Hilarious Entrepreneur

my avi would probably be a non bender.

But if she DID have to bend, it probably would be water.

Reason? Her eyes are blue, and the eye color usually indicates what element they could bend.
Either that or she would be an earth bender.

However, I still stick to the fact that she probably wouldn't bend at all.
ZakuroOneeChan6's avatar

Invisible Informer

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probably a waterbender because of the eyes. xD
I want to say water bender because of the blue, but something about your avatar makes me think of an air bender.
` ll [ E d w a r d ]'s avatar

Tan Shoujo

            was totally ignored

            Fire bender for sure C:
waterbender, because all the white reminds me of yui biggrin
NecroticG's avatar

Beloved Explorer

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Hmm.... Probably an Air or water bender?
deli rosa's avatar

Devoted Explorer

Fire bender..
char fashionable's avatar

Handsome Hero

I get this fire bender vibe, blue fire like Azula, ahuhuhu. ~
GuineaPiggleh's avatar

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  • Contributor 150
I'm thinking that unless its a farm is an earth/metal bender? neutral
Fire because you naturally look fierce but yet have a divine elegance
janaki810's avatar

6,050 Points
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  • Wall Street 200
^ Either Earth or fire. You got the tan skin and muscles.

*as for my avi, I kinda think I'd be some new spin-off of bending. Or even just mainly an electricity bender razz
Brevisvita's avatar

Ruthless Entrepreneur

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^ Either Earth or fire. You got the tan skin and muscles.

Unsure, but maybe fire bending or water.

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