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I think I would be from the Earth nation, even though I'd probably play with my bending I would definitely be more spiritual. mrgreen
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I'd be more intouch with my spiritual side. Like Aang, I would never fight unless I needed to, and never kill anyone. But I'm not sure what nation I'd be from.

And what do you mean by Korra mastering the elements quickly? If I'm not mistaken, Aang mastered all four elements in less than a year and he was only 12. Korra is 17 and it took her the WHOLE season to airbend, her hardest element, while Aang who had trouble with earthbending only took an episode?

I think what he means by saying, that Korra mastered the elements quickly is by the way that she's more rough around the edges compared to Aang who is an Air temple monk. An Avatar's hardest element is the one that is opposite of their personality. Air to Earth; Water to Air. Since Korra is more rough; she couldn't get in touch with her Spiritual side/senses compared to Aang who was raised and taught in those ways. I hope that I was able to help understand, or at least understood what he meant by Korra learning the elements more quickly. ^___^
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I would be a Fire bender from the Fire Nation. I would be impatient to be Spiritual yet try to be but it won't be easy knowing just how much power you have as a bender~
I wouldn't use my bending for 'evil' or anything bad, I would use it only for defense, work, and survival.
If it were possible to have both traits from different element bending parents - I would definitely want to Blood bend. I find it to be a very interesting and unique bending like Fire that can be turned into Lighting.
If I were a Fire bender during the time when the Fire Nation was taking over, I would probably be a secret traitor and help out those who I've crossed path with instead of trying to overrule them. If I were a Fire bender during the peace time in Republic City; Awesome! I wouldn't have to worry about people hating/disliking me for what my people have done - Just gotta watch out for those Equalist!

Just wanted to share the discussion I had with my brother.
If you were born in the world of Avatar, and you were the Avatar, first off, in what nation would you be born ?

Also, would you consider yourself as a more "spiritual" kind of Avatar (like Aang), or a physical one (like Korra, who masters the elements really quickly) ?

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If I was the avatar I would be spiritual and use my bending wisely and water and air would be easy for me to master so would earth and fire will be hard to master.
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If I was the avatar, I would be born in the Northern Water tribe. I probably be more physical then spiritural. Since I'm more head strong.
FIre nation
and I would be a bit of both
though I would be better at the physical than spiritual
I'm a very spiritual person, but I love to spar way to much.
my friends and I were talking about this last night. He said I could only be fire, I'm to agressive. I make all of my hits count, while expending only needed energy, the problem is I don't know how to hold back.
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Earth kingdom and maybe a mix of spirituality and hasty nature. I feel like fire and water would be easy for me, but not earth and air for some reason. xD
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spiritual for sure, and I'd be an air bender
I Would be an air bender and be more physical like Kora. biggrin
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I would most likely be born in the Fire Nation or the Earth Kingdom. I'd be more in touch with the physical side than the spiritualness of being the Avatar. I just... can't seem to figure it out.
Preferably I'd be born in the Earth Kingdom. I'd be a horrible Avatar though since I'd probably go on rampages and open the earth below many a town.
I would be born into the Earth Kingdom. And to be honest I'm not sure whether I'd be more spiritual or physical. I can be quite volatile and physical, but I am also very thoughtful and not very impulsive person.
Rather than compare to either Aang or Korra, I see a lot of Zuko within myself. Someone who has to work harder than most to succeed, but with great potential.
Ok fine, I guess more physical, but open to the spiritual aspects.

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