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I don't like how not even 5 seconds after her defeat, she's replaced. . .

And how two episodes later her bending is restored, and we don't even get to see what happened to her afterward. . .
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Lin is not a b***h a** bender. Well not 100%. More sympathy towards non benders would make her more endearing.
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Lin was my hero this season... It was really admirable for her to go and put herself in harm's way in order to give Korra a better fighting chance...
She pretty much gave up her identity- being known as the chief of the police force, one of the strongest metalbenders in history, and being a dual-element master like Toph.
It showed a lot of dimension to her character... she knows how to take care of herself, and she knows what is right and what is wrong in terms of the law, but she also has a strong sense of her own personal ethics. She can be tough at times but she does also have a compassionate side.
She's just a confident person and is very sure of herself and very determined.

The perfect role model if you ask me! haha.
Definitely my favorite character this season.
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Well said! I completely agree.
And to help Tenzin AND his family after he broke her heart, that's admirable.
She could have easily turned away many times.
But as you said, she has a strong sense of her personal ethics and in no way could do that.
I was so happy she got her bending back.
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I was seriously about to cry when she went to sacrifice herself </3 At least she got her bending back ^__^

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